5 Best WPForms Alternatives 2022 (Free + Premium) – Which is Right For You?

WPForms is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for this purpose. However, that’s not the only option. Many WPForms Alternatives are equally good and can help you with your form-building needs and requirements.

In this article, we will talk about five of the best alternatives you could check out.

The Best WPForms Alternatives are

1. Fluent Forms

In my opinion, I would recommend Fluent Forms as the overall best WPForms Alternative. As much as the name of this form builder sounds similar to the WPForms, it’s very much similar to it too. It’s a WordPress contact form builder that comes with excellent features and functionalities.

5 Best WPForms Alternatives 2022 (Free + Premium) - Which is Right For You? 1

Just like the WPForms, this plugin also has an intuitive and no-code drag and drop builder to create and customize your contact forms within minutes. It even comes with pre-built templates to provide more ease in form creation. However, the template library here is smaller, with just three options. Nonetheless, it’s helpful.

The ease in form creation grows further with simple column layouts and customizable fields. With this amazing plugin, you can add everything in your forms, from text fields to checkboxes.

In addition to this ease of form building, even WP Fluent Forms comes with advanced features like media attachments, conditional logics, spam protection, notifications, and a lot more, just like WPForms.

The best thing yet is the affordability of this tool in comparison with WPForms. You can get WP Fluent Forms at a much lower cost than WPForms, and there’s even a lifetime deal that is not available on WPForms.

With all of that, WP Fluent Forms comes as a brilliant alternative to WPForms and something you must try, especially if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly form builder.

2. Gravity Forms

The next overall affordable WPForms Alternative, Gravity Forms, has feature-rich forms. Gravity Forms is another form builder for WordPress using which you can create beautiful and feature-rich forms that will help get all the necessary information you need from your customers.

5 Best WPForms Alternatives 2022 (Free + Premium) - Which is Right For You? 2

Just like WPForms, this tool also comes with a drag and drop editor for no-code form building. Creating the forms becomes easier further with the beautiful column layout that you can easily customize the forms as per your likings.

Not only that, this form builder even helps you edit your forms in real-time with a visual form editor. Additionally, it has advanced features like conditional logic, media uploading, security patches, etc., exactly as you find in WPForms.

Besides that, it has more capabilities because it can easily integrate with different tools and apps and can even help with payment collection. So, Gravity Forms are great to create all kinds of sales forms, order forms, subscription forms, donation forms, and more. 

Additionally, creating automated workflows is easier with this plugin, and you can easily show or hide the fields in your forms and add up to the customization.

The pricing is also more affordable than WPForms, with the basic plan starting at just $59 a year.

Gravity Forms is a great alternative to add to your list with all such features, functionalities, and pricing.

3. Ninja Forms

Next, I tried the second affordable WPForms Alternative, Ninja Forms. With no code requirements, drag and drop builder, rows and column layout, seamless integration, conditional logic, multi-page forms, payment integration, and other advanced features, Ninja Forms is a complete package that you can take up to easily replace WPForms.

5 Best WPForms Alternatives 2022 (Free + Premium) - Which is Right For You? 3

With the drag and drop builder and rows and column layout, you never have to worry about writing codes for building your forms, making this tool highly friendly and feasible for beginners.

Additionally, you can easily add fields, put conditional logic, and even have advanced features for adding and uploading media files in the forms. Moreover, these forms become great for collecting payments with a simple payment gateway integration.

In addition to payment gateway integration, Ninja Forms even integrate with other tools like MailChimp, Zoho, Salesforce, and more to help you with increased lead generation and conversion through seamless marketing campaigns.

With that, Ninja Forms are much more feature-rich when compared with WPForms. Not only that, the tool has an edge when it comes to pricing too. You can actually get customized pricing based on your requirements, and it starts at as low as $29 a year. The pre-designed plans also cost less, with the basic starting at $49 a year.

With all of that, it’s a must-try WPForms alternative, and who knows, you’ll fall in love with it.

4. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms, my next advanced WPForms Alternative, is a solution-focused form. With a simple drag and drop builder and features like visual styler, integrated views, repeater, dynamic fields, and other customization abilities, Formidable forms can be considered the most advanced WordPress forms builder.

5 Best WPForms Alternatives 2022 (Free + Premium) - Which is Right For You? 4

It has an amazing collection of templates, just like WPForms, and all the other advanced features help use those templates to the best abilities for coming up with the most intuitive and convertible form designs.

Besides that, even Formidable Forms integrates with other tools and APIs to provide extended functionalities for email marketing and other customer management needs and requirements.

Also, if you’re wondering about features like conditional logic, media uploading, column and rows format, and more that you get with WPForms, you need not worry. Formidable Forms have all these features and functionalities.

With that, this advanced form builder is better than WPForms in terms of features and functionalities. 

However, when it comes to pricing, WPForms takes the edge. Formidable Forms is slightly costlier than WPForms. However, since it comes with better features, paying a little more must not affect you, especially when you’re looking to try something better and more advanced and budget is not an issue with you.

5. 10Web

10Web, the beginner-friendly WPForms Alternative, is another intuitive WordPress form builder. Besides that, all other advanced features that WPForms comes with, namely, conditional logic, media upload and submission, payment collection, mobile responsiveness, security, etc., are available in this form builder. 

5 Best WPForms Alternatives 2022 (Free + Premium) - Which is Right For You? 5

With that, even it is beginner-friendly like WPForms and eliminates coding requirements.

Using the drag and drop functionalities becomes easier too with the pre-built templates. However, the template collection is much limited compared to WPForms, with just five templates available for designing and customization. 

Moreover, you can even take your forms up a notch with additional extensions through seamless integrations with other tools and APIs. This kind of extension support helps with email marketing, customer data management, and a lot more.

With all of that, 10Web is an excellent alternative to WPForms. What makes it better is that it’s free to start with, and even the paid plans don’t cost as much as WPForms. So, if you’re tight on budget, don’t plan on paying at all, then this shall be the best form builder that you could put to use without even batting your eyes.

What is WPForms?

WPForms is an amazing WordPress plugin for creating any form you like. It has a simple drag and drop builder using which you can create your forms within minutes without writing even a single line of code. What makes using this drag and drop builder easier are the pre-designed templates. So, you just have to choose a template, pick and place elements, and you’re done.

Additionally, the plugin comes with all other necessary features that you need in your forms, such as customization, responsiveness, workflow creation, security, data management, and a lot more. With all of that, it’s pretty much all you need.

However, you may want to keep your options open, just in case the features become restricting or the price goes out of budget. So, here are some of the best WPForms alternatives to keep on your list.

Which is the best WPForms Alternative For You?

Among the five best WPForms Alternative, I would suggest Fluent Forms as the overall best WPForms Alternative.

So, these are the five best WPForms alternatives. Every alternative has equal standing with WPForms, and the best part is that all of them cost much less.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly form builder, then Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms covered in our list are a bang for a buck. Go for them and have amazing forms built within minutes to help you with better lead generation and conversions.

5 Best WPForms Alternatives 2022 (Free + Premium) - Which is Right For You?
5 Best WPForms Alternatives 2022 (Free + Premium) - Which is Right For You? 6

The list of best WPForms Alternative plugin in 2020. Choose the ideal Alternative to WP Forms based on features, pricing and support.

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