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WPForms Black Friday has gone live which means it’s an incredible chance for you to enjoy the huge discount on the purchase of WPForms. Now, you can purchase WPForms at a price much lower than its actual price.

Running a website takes a great deal of emphasis on several aspects and it is not just limited to only publishing amazing contents. It certainly requires more than that to make a website increasingly successful among the people. Contact forms certainly play a very significant role in it.

There are, of course, numerous contact forms plugins in the market but WPForms developed by Syed Balkhi has been able to produce a huge impact on the various websites’ owners over the years. So let’s try to see what so exceptional about the WPForms.

Bloggingio.com uses WPForms since 2016.

What is the WPForms Black Friday?

WPForms Black Friday Deal offers 25% off on the purchase of WPForms pro version which is like buying it at a much cheaper price than the actual price. This is such an offer which you can’t afford to miss and it’s undoubtedly the best plugin for your website. The offer starts on 22nd November 2017 and ends on 30th November 2017.

How to grab WPForms Black Friday Offer? 

  • Click here to activate the offer
  • After you reach the page, look for the coupon code at the top of the page
  • Click on Get WPForms and this will take you to the pricing page
  • Select the WPForms Black Friday plans of your choice
  • Enter the coupon code
  • Complete the checkout process by filling in every important detail and submit

wpforms black friday

WPForms Features

  1. Amazing Form Templates

Creating a form from the scratch can be pretty complex especially if you are a newbie. WPForms offers you a wide range of pre-built form templates which can ease things to a large extent as well as save you a lot of time

  1. Drag and Drop Form Builder

The drag and drop form builder feature helps you create contact form within minutes by simply adding or removing form fields and arranging them according as you want.

WPForms Black Friday deals comes with 25% OFF, so if you're running more than one sites, you can go with Pro or agency plan to save more money.

  1. Responsive and mobile friendly

WPForms, being highly responsive and mobile friendly offers incredible user experience and a lot of SEO benefits by its exceptional speed. Page loading speed is a very vital aspect of SEO. SEO techniques will just not work without a fast page loading.

You can check our contact us page form is mobile responsive – https://bloggingio.com/contact-us/

  1. Smart Conditional Logic

Smart Conditional Logic add-on helps you edit much innovatively with its advanced options which subsequently helps you obtain the most relevant information.

  1. WordPress Form Notifications

It has never been so advanced before. With WPForms, you receive notifications instantly every time a user fills in a contact form and submits. The notifications can be either sent to a single person or multiple people in an organization. Is that unbelievably amazing?

  1. Multi-Page Forms

Filling up a long form can be pretty boring and may drive away the visitors which is WPForms allows to create multi-page forms to improve user experience to a massive extent as well as collect important information.

  1. Entry Management

With WPForms you can have all the leads at one place, stored in the WordPress database to easily access from your WordPress dashboard and streamline your workflow.

WPForms Black Friday: Get 25% off on all plans and the offer is valid for new users only.

  1. PayPal Standard Addon

With the WPForms PayPal Standard Addon feature, you can transfer the details filled in a form automatically to PayPal for payments, donations or online orders.

  1. File Uploads for WordPress Forms

Apart from collecting user data, the WPForms can also help you collect various text and media files. However, in order to ensure security and save storage space.

  1. Easy to Embed

Most importantly, WPForms can be embedded anywhere on your website like posts, pages, sidebar, footer area, etc. For example, here is our contact form on a separate page.


WPForms Black Friday deals will be live for certain period of time and so get started with WPForms and enjoy hassle-free WordPress sites.

WPForms Black Friday

WPForms Black Friday

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