WPX Hosting Vs Kinsta: Which WP Host is Best?

WPX Hosting Vs Kinsta: Which WP Host is Best? 1

Are you like, not being able to figure out the differences between WPX Hosting and Kinsta? In this post, I will help you comprehend the important differences between these two services. 

WPX Hosting Vs Kinsta – Overview

WPX Hosting Home

WPX Hosting has been around since 2013 and has been largely able to please its customers by its exceptionally reliable, fast, and stable service.

Kinsta Home

Coincidently, Kinsta began its journey in 2013 either and is known for its cutting edge technology. The provider is undoubtedly an extremely reliable and trusted company in the industry. The service runs on Google Cloud Platform and this ensures better performance and security.

WPX Hosting Vs Kinsta – Performance

Performance-wise WPX Hosting has certainly done a brilliant job over the years by offering decent speed and uptime. WPX Hosting uses its built-in CDN alongside an optimized server to offer a speed that is 3 times better than regular site speed.

However, to conduct a fair test, I disabled WPX CDN and the average response time is 468ms while Kinsta scored 334ms, all tested from 10 monitoring locations in the USA.

You can also notice, WPX got a lot of spikes and doesn't loads consistently. On the other end, Kinsta loads just perfect without any spikes. With no second thoughts, Kinsta is absolute winner in terms of performance.

WPX Hosting Response Time
WPX Hosting Vs Kinsta: Which WP Host is Best? 2

Kinsta tech stacks come with Nginx, PHP 7.4, LXD containers, MariaDB, and compute-optimized VMs. Besides, the company also has complete resource isolation, automatic scalability, and high availability servers.

I also noticed a huge difference in terms of data centers. While Kinsta allows customers to choose from 24 data center locations, WPX Hosting has just 3 data centers.

WPX Hosting Vs Kinsta – Plans & Pricing

As far as the plans and pricing go, WPX Hosting offers comparatively more sites than Kinsta while Kinsta is more focused on Premium setup. This gives it an advantage over Kinsta.

If we consider the lowest tier plan, WPX Hosting allows you to start for as low as $20.83 per month with 5 websites and 10GB Storage. However, Kinsta's starter plan costs $30 per month with 1 WordPress install and 10GB disk space.

The pricing also reflects how good their control panel looks like. Even though WPX comes with custom control panel, its a bit of outdated and moving between options is hassle.

WPX Hosting Vs Kinsta: Which WP Host is Best? 3

On the other hand, Kinsta control panel is simple and productive to use.

Kinsta Dashboard

If you are running an agency or need to host sites with Cheapest Managed WordPress Hosting, then WPX should be your ultimate choice.

Support for WPX Hosting and Kinsta

Both the companies have done a remarkable job in terms of support over the years with experienced executives, no waiting time, and fast resolution to technical issues.

WPX Hosting offers 24×7 through live chat, and tickets. Kinsta too offers 24×7 assistance through live chat and tickets.

So, it's a tie between WPX and Kinsta, as I can't able to differentiate between two, after using them for a months.


If we look at the overall features, I would say Kinsta is better with a more dedicated approach towards performance and support even though WPX Hosting seems to be cheaper and has pretty good features too.

Hence, if you are looking for exceptional dedicated performance, you must go for Kinsta.

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