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5 Best WriteSonic Alternative 2023 – Which Is Right For You?

Welcome to this guide, where we explore various WriteSonic alternatives. Throughout this article, I will:

  1. Present you with a compilation of 5 alternative tools that can serve as substitutes for WriteSonic.
  2. Provide a detailed comparison between each of these tools, giving you valuable insights into their features and functionalities.
  3. Share my personal experiences with each tool, offering you firsthand information to help you make an informed decision.

If you feel that WriteSonic doesn't meet your requirements, fret not! Simply refer to the list below to discover the best WriteSonic alternatives available to you.

1. Jasper AI

According to my experience, I would honestly recommend Jasper AI as the overall best Writesonic alternative for you. Not only me, but you can also see many reviewers have been listing Jasper as their personal favorite. 

5 Best WriteSonic Alternative 2023 - Which Is Right For You? 1

Jarvis is one of the most popular tools for creating instructive and professional blog entries with a variety of rich and powerful keywords. It also improves your website's Google search engine ranking. You might have heard about the Jasper AI tool beforehand. But now, you need to try it out to experience its benefits for your content need. But why?  

The application lets you speed up your website's content pipeline and finish your draft five times faster than usual by providing 80 percent writing recommendations and 20% human editing. Your work will be free of plagiarism, and you'll be able to improve sales by seeking more…


  • You may develop material that is both SEO optimized and likely to convert visitors by incorporating SEO Surfer into it. This is why it was given the name at first.
  • Jarvis provides copywriting tools to assist both novices and expert copywriters in their careers.
  • Jarvis includes more than 50 content creation templates. These templates can save you time and help you get more done quickly.
  • Long-form material, such as blog entries, website copy, and other types of content can be created with the software.
  • can presently write in over 21 languages, setting it apart from its competitors.


5 Best WriteSonic Alternative 2023 - Which Is Right For You? 2

Creator, Teams, and Business are the 3 pricing options offered by Jasper AI. The creator plan costs $49 per month and has no word limit.

Finally, the most popular subscription, the Teams plan, costs $125/month and includes all capabilities, including Jasper recipes.


  • Jasper develops 10x speed unique content.
  • Many languages are supported, and there are 53 ready-to-use copywriting templates.
  • Free Grammarly integration with premium subscription
  • Excellent client service


  • Occasionally it delivers irrelevant content
  • Only a five-day free trial is available.

Check out Jasper AI Template here.

2. CopyAI

The next best Writesonic alternative that I have been using for years is CopyAI. Next to Jasper, I would love to use CopyAI as it attracts the users with its user-friendly interface and flexibility. 

5 Best WriteSonic Alternative 2023 - Which Is Right For You? 3

Copy AI is another copywriting tool based on the GPT-3 technological framework.

This AI-powered tool, which is one of the most efficient nowadays, provides marketing and general material for customers in no time. It also includes several creative tools that help content creators overcome writer's block and improve productivity.

When it comes to content production, is highly versatile. Product descriptions, Instagram posts, landing pages, LinkedIn advertising, sales copy, meta descriptions, and other types of content are all created. 


  • is a machine translation platform that supports over 25 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, and Polish.
  • includes over 30+ copy templates across various content genres that you may use as inspiration or alter.
  • The Pain-Agitate-Solution (PAS), Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA), and Before-After-Bridge copywriting frameworks are all used (BAB).
  • Every piece of the text created by is free of plagiarism and will pass the most sophisticated plagiarism checkers.
  • A user interface that is simple, professional, and versatile, making it simple to use and navigate. Users can save, organize, import, and export files using the tool's setup.


The pricing scheme for copy ai is actually relatively appealing. To begin, simply sign up with Copy AI, and you will be able to try the entire system for free for 7 days.

5 Best WriteSonic Alternative 2023 - Which Is Right For You? 4

The free edition also gives you access to excellent customer service. If you want to keep using the system beyond seven days, you will be requested to upgrade to a pro plan ($49/month). This will provide you with more features as well as excellent customer service.


  • The user interface is simple: Anyone may utilize the user interface without prior expertise or training.
  • There are a variety of templates to choose from: For all of your marketing needs, there are over 56 templates to pick from.
  • Multilingual support is provided for a total of 25 languages.
  • The outcomes of AI-generated material can be shared with others via unique URLs. Anyone with access to the URL can look at the copy.
  • There is a free trial available. Before making a purchase choice, you can test out all of's premium features for a 7-day free trial with no credit card necessary.


  • Requires a detailed description of the input.
  • There isn't any integration available.

Check out Jasper AI vs CopyAI here.

3. Scalenut

Coming to my next favorite and the best Writesonic alternative, Scalenut, you can blindfold and pick it.

5 Best WriteSonic Alternative 2023 - Which Is Right For You? 5

Scalenut is a SaaS platform for content intelligence that helps you find and generate the most relevant content for your business. Deep learning and artificial intelligence create the most acceptable possible content.

Scalenut provides appropriate and triggering content for your business. You can also create SEO-focused content outlines. Scalenut generates full-fledged content reports (powered by the best NLP in the market) from a single chosen keyword, serving you the winning SEO formula every time.


  • Use facts rather than guesswork while creating material.
  • Begin with a single phrase and receive comprehensive reports jam-packed with relevant data. SEO Assistant uses its knowledge of appropriate words, h tags, readability, and intent to help you plan content that will rank.
  • AI can help you generate winning content concepts and copy.
  • AI Copywriter will provide you with new and endless content ideas at the stroke of a button. Your clear advantage includes full blogs, email headers, ad copy, social-network updates, and other content types.
  • Ensure everything is in order, from key terms and image density to essential questions and h tags, using the SEO Assistant's intelligent editor, and write winning content every time.


Essential, Growth, and Pro are the three subscription tiers offered by Scalenut. Essential subscriptions are $39 per month, Growth subscriptions are $79 per month, and Pro subscriptions are $149 per month.

5 Best WriteSonic Alternative 2023 - Which Is Right For You? 6

You may purchase the same subscription for a lifetime at a significantly lower price than typical prices because they offer lifetime discounts.


  • Help AI SEO Assistant improve the content by using Google NLP. Jarvis, Rytr, and PeppertypeAI don't have this feature.
  • Content can be exported in HTML or PDF format.
  • SEO helper built-in
  • AI Content Generation with Customizability
  • Complete SEO Content Optimization Tools


  • There isn't a custom template available.
  • There is no plagiarism-detecting technology built in.
  • It takes a long time to produce an SEO report.

Check out Scalenut Review here.

4. Anyword

The next best alternative to Writesonic is Anyword which is not new to many of us here. Compared to other alternatives in the market, you can choose Anyword for its affordability and comfortable usage. You no longer need to be an expert or a writer.

5 Best WriteSonic Alternative 2023 - Which Is Right For You? 7

Anyword can simply write engaging, fascinating, and compelling articles for you. It will provide you with quality content in minutes with only one click of a button.

It generates articles and slideshows using NLP and ML techniques such as deep learning, dialogue engines, and natural language processing.


  • Create compelling and attention-getting ad copy for extensive ad networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Verizon, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Landing/Product pages — Create and optimize headers, subheaders, product descriptions, CTA buttons, and other content elements for lead generation, sales, and brand advocacy/affiliate marketing campaigns to increase conversion rates.
  • Blog posts – Create engaging blog posts using your chosen keywords and content length. Anyword can even help you create blog post outliners so you can produce intriguing material on your own.
  • Email subject lines – According to numerous studies, simply tweaking email subject lines can boost the effectiveness of email marketing initiatives. Anyword can assist you in coming up with better email subject lines that are more likely to get opened.


Anyword's pricing plans are reasonable, and you may use them to help you write amazing content at any time.

5 Best WriteSonic Alternative 2023 - Which Is Right For You? 8

Apart from the free plan, the following price plans are available:

  • Starter – $49 per month,
  • The data-Driven Teams plan costs $99 per month, 
  • The business plan includes custom pricing.


  • Content Score to show the efficacy of content. Best for Content Marketers who want to grow 
  • Easy to Use AI Content Tool
  •  Generate Ready to Publish Content 
  • Best for Content Marketers who want to develop
  • In addition, you can build blog outlines and content.


  • The workflow is a little jumbled.
  • Only a 7-day free trial is available.

5. Rytr

I have a particular opinion about this AI Copywriting tool. Compared to the other four Writesonic alternatives, Rytr is the forever free, cheapest, and best Writesonic alternative. And, Rytr is no less than other best Writesonic alternatives. 

5 Best WriteSonic Alternative 2023 - Which Is Right For You? 9

You'll find it helpful in overcoming writer's block and producing high-quality marketing copy in a short amount of time. Rytr, which is based on the popular GPT-3 model, writes landing page copy, YouTube descriptions, SEO descriptions, Facebook ad copy, Google ad copy, and long-form content, to name a few.

It currently has over 60,000 global users, which is rather astounding for a startup that has only been around for 5 months. It has a user-friendly UI that you will enjoy. It closely resembles the Google Docs user interface, making it easier for new users to adopt and navigate.


  • Rytr, like other popular AI applications, employs the GPT-3 model.
  • It's multilingual, with over 31 languages available for content creation.
  • Landing pages, Facebook headlines, value propositions, Google ad titles, article headlines, Google ad descriptions, and many other types of content can be created.
  • Copyscape is used by Rytr to provide a plagiarism checker.
  • A complex and user-friendly interface that includes all of the content development tools.
  • It has a Magic Command function that lets you give the AI tool orders (quite similar to Jasper Command in Jasper AI)
  • It has a Chrome extension, which is currently in Beta at writing.
  • Rytr recently launched a company plan that allows businesses to grant access to their employees.

Pricing has a simple price system that starts with a free plan that gives you 5000 credits for life. The 5000 credits correspond to a total of 5000 characters (about 1000 words).

Upgrade to its premium plan for extra features and credits, which costs $29 per month and includes unlimited credits (a no-brainer deal)


  • There are more than 30 languages to choose from and 20 different voice tones.
  • Multiple presences in one extension – email, documents, Medium, Slack, and social media posts.
  • All-in-one: Support is provided via SEO and grammar tools.
  • Plugins for WordPress and Shopify.
  • Forever free: You can produce 5,000 characters per month on the free plan.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Support for API integration.
  • For a premium account, a dedicated account manager is available.
  • The ability to join the premium community.
  • With a premium membership, you can create an unlimited number of characters.


  • Sometimes (but not always), the resulting output isn't entirely unique.

Check out Rytr Lifetime Deal here.

What is WriteSonic?

WriteSonic is not new to the marketers and bloggers who have indulged in AI Copywriting with the help of tools. Still, let us give some space to the newbies and the new bloggers out there. 

5 Best WriteSonic Alternative 2023 - Which Is Right For You? 10

Writesonic is artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting tool that allows you to write material tailored to your specific requirements. Writing appealing content for websites or landing pages for marketing campaigns will never be a problem with Writesonic.

Writer's block, time restraints, budget cuts, and lack of inspiration plague almost every internet business. Writesonic developed this tool to assist digital marketers with trouble writing content. All you have to do with Writesonic is submit a topic, and the software will generate one for you using AI.

Why Should you consider WriteSonic Alternatives?

Many of us might have this question in our minds. But, do you need a Writesonic alternative for you? YES! As the AI Copywriting tools have been updated and provide next-level content, why not switch now to stay updated!

WriteSonic is one of the best AI-powered copywriting tools available today, yet customers frequently burn through their WriteSonic credits like butter through a hot knife.

Furthermore, its production can be lacking at times. Some of these solutions address these concerns, so it's good to try them out.

However, you should keep in mind that most of these solutions have drawbacks, so you may wish to utilize them in conjunction with WriteSonic.

Which is the Best Writesonic Alternative For You?

In my opinion, I would recommend you to use Jasper AI as the best WriteSonic alternative. If you are looking for the cheapest and most affordable WriteSonic Alternative, consider using Anyword and Rytr. 

Though there are tons of best Writesonic alternatives, you can ensure that these 5 AI Copywriting tools always stand first on your list. Cheers!

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