What’s the story behind this site BloggingIO?

This will not be a usual about us page.

Hi. I’m Mohanraj, an Internet Marketer, who loves experimenting with various SEO techniques I learned through forums, competitors, and my own SEO tactics. Some fail while others will succeed; I’ve enjoyed this ride for the last few years.

I started the site as Mycyberincome.com in 2013 with the sole aim of writing quality articles on How to Make Money Online, but with the type of audience received over our blog, I thought I needed to write more apart from the core content.

Later I rebranded the site as BloggingIO (read as Blogging IO) in 2016, where I post content related to Blogging, WordPress, Hosting, and SEO.

About This Blog 1

I started writing content with different industry standards without caring much about income. While 99% of blogs promote the same products in Hosting, SEO, and WordPress category, I spent time and find the next generation of products that outclasses current products in the industry.

Likewise, I was one of the very few marketers to find & promote many startup companies through this blog at the very earliest period. Today many marketers promote those products, but I take pride in myself for finding & promoting them at their early stages.

It’s 2018; BloggingIO was not a one-man site; it was powered by a group of enthusiastic writers who can read my mind’s thoughts, fetch them and write excellent content for visitors.

The site traffic is low even after 5 years, social media followers are low in number, and income is low. However, still, I keep on finding products that are interesting and actually deliver some value to users.

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Last Updated: November 2022