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I'm Mohan Raj, the person behind this blog bloggingio.com. I originate from the city Gingee, Tamilnadu. Now I'm living in Chennai for the past six years where I did my engineering and right now I'm a Full-Time Internet Marketer.

When I was doing my engineering, I got an opportunity to design a website for an event, and I have no idea about how to design it. Somehow I managed to learn it and developed a free website.

There started my blogging journey where I bookmarked some websites to learn about web design. When I started looking into it, slowly I came know about blogging.

Same as like most bloggers, I started blogging with blogger platform with local education niche site which was a huge hit with 80000 page views within a short span of 2 months.

I never thought of making money with my above site, but things changed.

At the same time, I completed my engineering in mid of 2013 and later continued to do my Masters in VLSI design.

It was September 4th, 2013; I started this site.Originally started to showcase “How to Make Money Online” tutorials but later emerged as an Independent Internet Marketing Blog which shares awesome contents with all people over the world.

I started this blog to showcase my ideas on Money Blogging. I will post real-time case studies, reverse engineering money making guides and I'm trying to make my blog different from regular blogging blogs.

Once I completed my studies, I Started working on this blog vigorously and at the same time, I got a job in well reputed IT Company.

Right Now – 2016 and beyond

Even though I was in the blogging field for over 3 + years, I never thought of doing it as my full-time work or business whatever you consider.

But later things changed and now I'm working as a full-time blogger.

Mohanraj - Mycyberincome

It was me roaming around beach backed East Coast Road in Chennai.

You can contact me for any help regarding blogging and digital marketing stuff and I'm ready to assist you at any time.

I will be easily contacted via Facebook or else you can contact me via this form.

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Eva – Manager and Outreach specialist reached over eva[at]bloggingio.com