7 Best Web Hosting For Beginners 2020

Are you planning to get started with blogging? Thinking where to begin with finding a good web hosting service?  You have reached the right spot.  Here, you will gain insights into some of the best web hosting services for beginners out there that can help you launch your business online. So, let’s get started! Here […]

How To Start a Blog in 2020 From Scratch

If you are looking for a super in-depth guide on How To Start a Blog in 2020 then you are the right place. In this post, you will learn about How to Start a Blog in a Niche that works Establishing your Blogging goals. Getting a blog name with domain and hosting Setting up your […]

Why Shared Web Hosting Still Matters in 2020

Is Shared Hosting an outdated thing in 2020? Whether shared hosting is suitable for high traffic sites? What’s the buzz about shared web hosting in 2020? Let’s discuss something related to it. Everyone site owner looks for the best when it comes to Web Hosting! They look for best in performance, support. Most do stuff […]

7 Best Cheap Premium WordPress Themes For 2020

When you are just starting a website, you certainly want to keep your expenses low and this is indeed a very wise thing to do as a beginner. One way to do it is not buying an expensive Premium WordPress theme but again, that does not mean that you should end up buying just any cheap […]

Fastest WordPress Hosting 2020

There exist a growing trends among WordPress hosting companies to call themselves to be fastest, but how far they’re real? The Fastest WordPress Hosting should offer the speed in real-time performance and not on paper. Being spending over $3000 on hosting every year, I thought of why not writing a blog post when you have a history […]

5 Best Managed Google Cloud WordPress Hosting (2020)

When it comes to website performance and security, there is nothing like Managed Google Cloud Hosting for WordPress. Users from all over the world have realized this and this is the reason that Managed Google Cloud Hosting for WordPress has got a lot more popular over the years.  In this post, we will look into […]

5 Best SEO Tools 2020: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best SEO Tools 2020The title says it all. There are hundreds of free, premium and a mix of both (Freemium tools) available on the market as the Best.When it comes to SEO, it’s hard to manage competitors without using tools.In this post, I list the tools I’m using for the past two years to do […]

How to Improve “Largest Contentful Paint” in WordPress

If you are aware of Core Web Vitals, then you need no introduction for “Largest Contentful Paint” Also termed as: LCP Improving LCP is the first and foremost step to optimize your web pages for global visitors apart from First Input Delay and Cumulative Layout Shift. Here is our web pages tested against new Core […]

5 Fastest WordPress Hosting India

This super guide details you the Fastest WordPress Hosting available in the Indian market. For a growing website in India, you will certainly need the fastest WordPress hosting in India with features and resources better than those of Shared or VPS. Managed WordPress hosting is the right type of hosting to go with for better […]

What is Core Web Vitals? Explained in Simple Terms.

If you are a site owner, then Core Web Vital is the best thing you’ll learn today. Core Web Vital is a set of field metrics which measures your website user experience based on real-world data collected via Chrome User Experience Report (Chrome UX Report) While Google considers Website speed as a ranking factor, it […]