GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi – Which Is Best In 2024?

Are you interested in knowing which is better when you compare GoHighLevel vs Kajabi?

If yes, don’t worry; you are in the right place!

In essence, GoHighLevel offers an all-in-one marketing platform, while Kajabi specializes in marketing and course creation.

For a deeper understanding of GoHighLevel vs Kajabi, let’s delve further.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi – User Experience


Kajabi, one of the top GoHighLevel alternatives, has an elegant, classy, and easy-to-use interface that requires no extra knowledge.

You will start getting help and steps to accomplish a task even once you sign up for the platform. 

For instance, you will get quick help signing up for Kajabi to create something on a funnel builder on Kajabi.

Hence, learning to use or create content on the platform will not be challenging. Thus, Kajabi provides a more fabulous user experience and time-to-time assistance.


There are several features and tools in GoHighLevel, so it can be hard to learn where a feature is located or how to use it.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi - Which Is Best In 2024? 1

Simply put, it requires a deep learning curve to understand or efficiently work with GoHighLevel.

Added that there are no pop-ups or guides to help you when you first sign up to GoHighLevel

Instead, you must head towards the Help or Customer support center to learn about a feature.

In our experience, the platform is less user-friendly, as it may require you to switch between an agency view and a sub-account view to access some features.

So, we could indeed say that Kajabi is the winner regarding user experience. You will feel the same, especially if you are a beginner in these marketing tools.

The main reason is you will get immediate pop-ups or help when you try to use a feature in Kajabi, and most importantly, it is more handy than GoHighLevel.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi – CRM And Email Marketing


GoHighLevel and Kajabi allow us to create email broadcasts and sequences with email marketing automation using a block editor.

But GoHighLevel emerges as the top one between the two for the following reasons,

First, the email sequence builder is slightly more advanced than Kajabi. For example, you can pause the email sequence in GoHighLevel.

Above all, while working, we noticed that we could have many emails attached within a single sequence scheduled to be sent in a day.

However, the only thing we found where GoHighLevel lags is that we must go for a dedicated SMTP service in GoHighLevel.

Moving to CRM,

GoHighLevel was mainly designed with agencies in mind.

Hence, it comes with an efficient CRM and covers all the essential tools required to generate leads in a digital marketing agency.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi - Which Is Best In 2024? 2

Further, you can organize your contacts in a specific section called “Smart Lists” and manage your contacts and appointments.

GoHighLevel’s unique feature is that it enables you to send SMS, email, call, and start a conversation directly from the platform.

Again, CRM in GoHighLevel allows you to automate tasks, resulting in higher lead generation.

To know more about its CRM and functions, read our detailed GoHighLevel review.


Kajabi’s email builder works almost similarly to GoHighLevel, only with a few differences.

For example, the email sequence builder is too simple, and you cannot pause an ongoing email sequence in Kajabi.

Kajabi is a course creation platform, not a dedicated CRM platform, so it has some limitations.

However, you can effectively manage your contacts, subscribers, or leads and arrange them in groups to send emails for marketing purposes.

Hence, when it comes to CRM, GoHighLevel is the better option.

So, if you want a comprehensive CRM with a large number of automation capabilities, you must choose GoHighLevel!

Also, one such reason why GoHighLevel CRM sparkles a bit more than Kajabi is the number of contacts.

That is, 

Subscribing to GoHighLevel’s starter plan allows you to include unlimited contacts, but there are some restrictions even on the top-tier Kajabi pricing plan.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi – Automation


One such area where GoHighLevel shines prettier than Kajabi is automation.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi - Which Is Best In 2024? 3

The automation tools and techniques in GoHighLevel are highly efficient, and we can witness many ways to automate a task.

To explain an example, GoHighLevel lets you design a marketing campaign workflow with the desired number of triggers and actions.

Additionally, you can integrate third-party apps and set them to run on autopilot.

Furthermore, using GoHighLevel, you can automate pipeline management, generate leads, schedule appointments, and many more.

The significant difference between GoHighLevel and the Kajabi is that GoHighLevel helps you create an AI-powered bot for booking appointments.


Honestly, from our working experience on the platform, the automation choices in Kajabi are not as detailed as those in GoHighLevel.

Because Kajabi mainly focuses on automating the “when and then” sequence of actions,

But you can set any number of these, and there are no limitations.

One good thing about Kajabi and also what we ensure is,

Beginners can quickly learn how to automate things in Kajabi in less time than they used to spend on GoHighLevel.

There is no denying that GoHighLevel is the winner regarding automation.

And the main reason is,

GoHighLevel enables us to craft engaging multichannel marketing campaigns, create several trigger events, do SMS marketing, and automate most of our company’s administrative tasks.

Conversely, Kajabi needs to improve in providing more comfortable automation.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi – Page Building


GoHighLevel has a dedicated feature for creating a website, landing page, and sales funnel.

Added that the websites, sales funnels, and landing pages come with their own set of templates so that you can quickly create one.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi - Which Is Best In 2024? 4

GoHighLevel uses a drag-and-drop tool to customize the template, and what is remarkable is the tools help you do anything in much more detail.

For example, if you are a GoHighLevel expert,

You can create a landing page or sales funnel within the platform in just a few minutes.


Like GoHighLevel, Kajabi lets you create websites, funnels, and landing pages using dedicated tools.

However, in Kajabi, its templates are more modern and match today’s current trend!

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi - Which Is Best In 2024? 5

You can quickly edit and customize the design of a template using the elements in the sidebar, as it is a user-friendly interface.

Moreover, funnels and emails come with built-in automation in Kajabi, so you don’t have to create them manually.

Comparing GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi in terms of page building,

Both these platforms are good, but we felt that Kajabi dominates a little bit more as its templates give a fresh look and are especially simple to customize.

Also, what we consider an added advantage here is that Kajabi guides us in every single step while building a page or funnel, which is ultimately helpful for newcomers. 

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi – Integration


It integrates with popular platforms like Stripe, PayPal, Mailgun, WordPress, Quickbooks, Shopify, Zoom, Google Analytics, and more!

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi - Which Is Best In 2024? 6

However, if you cannot find your desired third-party app, GoHighLevel lets you integrate with it using Zapier.

According to our online business type, we are satisfied enough with GoHighLevel as it includes all our essential integrations.


Similar to GoHighLevel, Kajabi integration covers Stripe and PayPal.

It also includes native integrations with 

  • Meta Pixel
  • Creator.io
  • Drip
  • Aweber
  • Segment
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit and others.

Again, if your business needs more than this, you can use Zapier and get integration capabilities.

Coming to this integration,

GoHighLevel and Kajabi offer the same platforms and let you use Zapier to integrate with other apps.

So, choosing the winner here is challenging. Hence, this round is a BIG TIE!

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi – Online Courses And Membership


Creating and selling online courses is one section where Kajabi stands high on the floor.

Kajabi is an impressive and sole course-building platform online.

You will benefit more from Kajabi than GoHighLevel, especially if you are an online course creator.

The first benefit we could attach here is that we have noticed several inspiring themes and designs for building an online course.

Next, to top it up, we can customize every one of the designs using the editor in the back end.

The last, Kajabi also allows us to create 

  • Membership site
  • Digital product
  • Test
  • Community
  • Podcast and
  • Assessment for students using the available tools in the platform. 


Though GoHighLevel enables us to create courses unlimitedly, their tools for building courses are not up to Kajabi’s level.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi - Which Is Best In 2024? 7

Moreover, at present, we can only find two templates for crafting courses, and those, too, have few customization options.

Remember that, unlike Kajabi, you cannot create a podcast on GoHighLevel.

From this, you can determine that you can only extract a little from GoHighLevel if you are an instructor or a coach.

Last but not the least,

GoHighLevel grabs inspiration from Kajabi for creating courses, and we noticed this even from our first look at the course-creating platform of GoHighLevel.

It’s time to reveal the scorer here, and there is no doubt that it is Kajabi!

So, if your business is focused more on creating interactive courses and membership sites, close your eyes and dive into Kajabi, as it will provide whatever you want.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi – Training


The platform brings you a particular Kajabi university, providing you with many tutorials, articles, and guides to help you navigate the platform.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi - Which Is Best In 2024? 8

What is pretty here is everything is well organized so that you can quickly find what you are searching for.

Moreover, you can make a 30-minute call with a team member of Kajabi for help when you first sign up on the platform.


We are in a section where GoHighLevel is a slow runner.

First of all, 

GoHighLevel consists of a Help portal, but it is not organized, so you cannot find help articles for a particular feature. 

Unfortunately, there are no help articles for some features.

Secondly, GoHighLevel keeps updating its platform and introduces new features more often,

As a result, the team could not update the training materials and guides to match them. Hence, most of the time, the resources will be outdated.

Further, GoHighLevel also has an active YouTube channel, and the team regularly conducts live training events for the users.

Kajabi won the competition in terms of training. 

Because their learning resources are simple to follow and the information provided is error-free.

Adding to the crown, the free 30-minute call is an added advantage for Kajabi users.

In contrast, GoHighLevel must focus on spending an enormous amount of time updating their guides and articles.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi – Pricing


It allows you to choose from three pricing plans, and they are,

  • Basic plan starting at $149 per month
  • Growth plan starting at $199 per month
  • Pro plan starting at $399 per month
GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi - Which Is Best In 2024? 9

However, you will save 20 percent by subscribing to any of these plans annually.

Let us look deep into the basic plan of Kajabi; it offers,

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi - Which Is Best In 2024? 10

Therefore, subscribing to a basic plan in Kajabi will cost you $149 monthly (more than GoHighLevel’s starter plan of $97).

Moreover, there are limitations in the number of funnels, contacts, websites, and users.

Again, even if you consider the Kajabi Pro plan,

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi - Which Is Best In 2024? 11

It has limitations in the number of funnels, websites, and products and costs you $399 monthly.

But the biggest deal here is you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee, which GoHighLevel does not offer.


Before starting to compare, let us see what GoHighLevel features.

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi - Which Is Best In 2024? 12

HighLevel pricing plans include three options, namely,

  • Starter starting at $97 per month
  • Unlimited starting at $297 per month
  • Pro starting at $497 per month

When you consider this starter plan in High Level, it costs $97 per month and is lower than Kajabi’s basic plan ($149).

GoHighLevel Vs Kajabi - Which Is Best In 2024? 13

Besides, there are no restrictions on the number of users, websites, sales funnels, and contacts.

Moreover, you can save 17 percent in cost when you subscribe to a GoHighLevel plan annually.

We conclude that GoHighLevel is the topper in terms of pricing!

It is affordable, and you can enjoy unlimited access to users, funnels, websites, and contacts.

However, both GoHighLevel and Kajabi come with a 14-day free trial.

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