Vs GoHighLevel Vs GoHighLevel – Which Is Best In 2024? and GoHighLevel are both crucial all-in-one marketing platforms. 

But when choosing between and GoHighLevel for your business, which is better? 

So, in this article, let’s compare vs GoHighLevel to help you decide which platform to sign up for. Vs GoHighLevel – User Interface And Experience


We all know that GoHighLevel is a gigantic platform with limitless features. Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 1

While this makes us happy to choose the platform, what fears us is the deep learning curve to get the most benefits out of it.

Let me give you an example,

GoHighLevel comprises both the sub-account view and the agency view. Each has its own set of tools and functions.

You can only find options for sending emails or scheduling posts in the sub-account view, while you can change the user permission only in the agency dashboard.

Even finding this requires some time for us at the beginning stage. 

But now we are a PRO in handling GoHighLevel, and that’s why we can now give you an answer for vs GoHighLevel.

Added that the materials and guides are outdated sometimes, so it becomes challenging to understand how the functionality works in GoHighLevel.

But remember, once you learn to use GoHighLevel and get used to it, you will feel worthy and amazed by the results.

Undoubtedly, everyone will find it easy to use, one of the top GoHighLevel alternatives. Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 2

But what’s unfair with is that a few elements make it challenging to work on.

For instance, consider the page-building tool, which is not user-friendly and is sometimes highly confusing.

In addition, the designs are not so flashy in some areas.

Hence, at some point in time, users may feel unsatisfied, leave, and look for the best alternative.

There is a surprising DRAW in the Vs GoHighLevel match regarding user interface and experience.

GoHighLevel is suitable if you need a broader set of features and are ready for your learning journey.

But trust me, you won’t regret learning GoHighLevel.

Suppose simplicity is your choice, and you are overburdened with the features of GoHighLevel. Consider, which is one of the best GoHighLevel alternatives. Vs GoHighLevel – Websites, Funnels, And Page Builders

Creating funnels is like eating a piece of cake in 

With the help of the drag-and-drop editor, you can smoothly make a professional look. You can include audio, videos, and pop-ups in a funnel to make the viewers take action. Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 3

Besides, you will find basic template designs for sales and webinars funnels. Thus, users who look for more stylish designs will be unsatisfied.

Also, enables you to check which funnel is working or what is not working by testing out different strategies with the help of A/B testing.

What needs to be improved in is that it only allows you to create blogs and funnels.

Unfortunately, there is no website or landing page builder in Therefore, if you wish to create a website, you only have to choose from either tool.

To tell you about blog builder, it works like the sales funnel builder, and here you create blog posts instead of funnel steps.


The CRM in GoHighLevel provides an extensive collection of templates for both funnels and pages. Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 4

However, a few users still find that these templates are not elegant or modern compared to others.

Thanks to the drag-and-drop editor for editing, which lets you unchallengingly position the blocks or elements like videos and buttons on the page.

Though these operations are user-friendly, more configuration options might be necessary for some beginners.

The options for automating the funnels are available within the workflow section, so you will get a dedicated space for managing all your automation.

Beyond this, GoHighLevel offers a dedicated set of tools for creating blogs and websites, along with a wide variety of templates for each.

What makes the most significant difference is that GoHighLevel offers templates even for landing pages (which are not in

All of these can be customized using the drag-and-drop function.

While both platforms stand straight in the comparison of funnel builders without considering an automation tool,

GoHighLevel stands a few feet extra by bringing you tools for different types of web pages, resulting in a satisfactory user experience.

In contrast, page building in is slightly complicated, especially when creating a website. Vs GoHighLevel – CRM

The platform comes with a set of tools to help Systemeio users manage their contact list properly.

Say you can add a contact individually or in a batch-wise productively. Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 5

Further, you can also access activities, payments, subscriptions, and history with a single click.

But the biggest deal is that lets you add additional contact fields. For example, you can add a person’s address or affiliate details with a company.

You can choose whatever field type you want, depending on the needs of your business.

Coming to segmentation, lets you filter any contacts easily, as there are many filters and tags.

However, there is a limited scope if you are looking for additional actions or functionalities in CRM beyond the contacts and tag lists, as their main focus is accessing the leads and sales in the dashboard.


Once again, GoHighLevel proves that it stands to be the best in customer relationship management.

For example, in-depth contact insights will be highly beneficial for marketing campaigns, and you can reach out to your clients effortlessly using the communication channels.

The reputation management tool also helps you know what others think about your company. Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 6

Again, in High Level CRM, you can enjoy features like,

  • The comfort to call, SMS, email, and send a social media message from GoHighLevel.
  • Tools for automating administrative tasks
  • Manage booking, calendars, and contact lists with smart tools
  • An extensive look at the conversation threads of your customers

Unquestionably, GoHighLevel offers a pleasant experience for users and agencies looking for in-depth client management with streamlined communication channels.

This round has no competition;

GoHighLevel painlessly wins over with its unique features, from contact lists to reputation management. Vs GoHighLevel – Email Marketing

We could ensure that the platform gives you a decent email campaign builder but is suitable for simple email campaigns and small digital marketing purposes.

Regarding templates, there are only two from which you have to choose, and this isn’t good about Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 7

Though lets you add elements like text, pictures, and buttons, space restrictions exist.

Here, you only have the option to create a one-time newsletter or a sequence of emails for a campaign. You can add tags, names, cities, addresses, and more in this email sequence!

Moreover, you can schedule emails for a specific time or include an email in the workflow.

However, you cannot dispatch emails directly from the contacts tab (which GoHighLevel offers).


The first thing that impressed us about GoHighLevel’s email marketing tool, compared to, is its drag-and-drop editor. Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 8

It is nice to curate emails, easy to use, and grabs attention with the widgets and customization options.

On top of that, you can scroll through various templates, which might be a significant difference between and GoHighLevel. Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 9

Like, you can create a sequence of emails and marketing campaigns in GoHighLevel.

But the advantage here is that you can also send individual or bulk emails to leads.

You can use marketing automation tools to curate advanced workflows to enhance marketing campaigns.

For example, you can utilize SMS marketing campaigns or even add voicemails to your leads and clients.

Hence, regarding email marketing, GoHighLevel stands to be the runner!

Though is adequate, it is too simple, and there are more chances that you will get bored of it quickly.

But with GoHighLevel, you can do a lot: Get a fruitful collection of templates and a group of elements to add to your emails and make them functional. Vs GoHighLevel – Automation


While digging in more about GoHighLevel’s automation, what impressed us was the extensive collection of workflows and triggers. Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 10

You can get over 100 triggers and actions in workflows, helping you curate your automation according to marketing techniques.

Above all, GoHighLevel allows you to do both internal and external automation.

For instance, if a user completes filling out your form, you can automate responses to the user and simultaneously set an action to notify your team.

You could even set an action enabling a team member to call the user or send an SMS. To know more about automation in GoHighLevel, read our GoHighLevel review here! offers a simple, clean, and easy-to-learn automation. Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 11

For instance, with the help of, you can make a visitor who fills out a form in a blog post a visitor whom you can add to your email campaign.

Similarly, you can craft a workflow that includes waiting times, delays, or other conditions.

Consider another example where the user signs up for your webinar. 

Here, you can send them a reminder email, delay time, and set your actions based on their response. Thus, you can conclude how user-friendly is!

But wait, there are a few limitations. Their automation concentrates more on email campaigns, sales, and course sign-ups.

While some are okay with it, some marketers want more automation.

When it comes to automation, GoHighLevel is always the KING.

While is an ideal choice for people who do not have sufficient technical knowledge or those who need limited automation,

GoHighLevel becomes a go-to choice as it helps you

  • Automate multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Automate sales funnels
  • Automate email, SMS, social media
  • Automate bookings, pipelines, course sign-ups, and even more!

And most importantly, GoHighLevel’s automation features are highly advanced, with cutting-edge features, triggers, and workflows. Vs GoHighLevel – Affiliate Feature

The Systemeio affiliate management system enables you to create an affiliate program, track commissions, and make payouts.

Also, you can customize the affiliate pages and have the right to include different products and commission structures. Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 12

What we found as advantageous here is that several payout methods are available, like PayPal, Wise, and many more.

The affiliate program of lies within the “sales” section in the dashboard. But the affiliate settings are somewhere around the general settings tab. 

So, locating this might be unclear, especially if you are new to this platform.


The affiliate dashboard of GoHighLevel is nice and structured. You can create campaigns, track affiliate referrals, and make payouts without issues.

Moreover, this organized dashboard helps in the effective management of affiliate programs for beginners.

A limitation we found here is that GoHighLevel largely depends on Stripe for payments, hindering people who still need to reach Stripe.

Luckily, both platforms offer affiliate management features, and each has its ups and downs.

So again, there is a DRAW between the two regarding affiliate management!

GoHighLevel is known for its organization and easy navigation, while offers different payout options. Vs GoHighLevel – Online Course And Community


Having GoHighLevel by your side, you are not required to depend on other platforms like Thinkific, Kajabi, or Teachable to build courses. Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 13

You can craft engaging and fantastic courses even on GoHighLevel by adding them as modules, videos, audio, quizzes, assessments, and more!

Similarly, you can bundle courses together or offer them as single to provide value for the students. Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 14

You can set a one-time enrollment fee, establish subscription tiers, or provide complimentary access to your clients for a course.

GoHighLevel is on its way to creating a full-fledged community that will allow you to engage in social media-like community space and participate in chat threads.

Nonetheless, the course builder of consists of all the elements needed to create a learning product.

To be precise, you can add lessons, modules, videos, documents, images, and more to the course! Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 15

But what is to be noted here is that does not let you add quizzes and assessments.

Sharing about the community feature, the functions are somewhat standard, and you could not find anything interesting other than commenting and posting.

However, it is considered a helpful add-on, particularly when paired with your online courses.

You can bundle and sell courses and communities and charge a one-time fee or offer subscription plans.

Although GoHighLevel lacks a community feature (which is in the pipeline, and the team promises to release it soon),

The scorer in this category is GoHighLevel!

It offers a fruitful collection of tools and features to help build online courses quickly, surpassing the collection of tools provided by in this category. Vs GoHighLevel – Customer Support


One such area where GoHighLevel lags is customer support and help resources.

While GoHighLevel gets improvements like updates and technical changes, its resources are not updated similarly.

They are not sufficient, outdated, and unorganized, which might frustrate users. Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 16

Speaking about Live support via SMS, sometimes they are ultimately responsive, while sometimes you must wait two or more days.

When you get support through an agent, they will move forward with a Zoom call for assistance, so you have to urge to your Zoom account.

In contrast, you will feel delighted with the answers to your doubts and issues in

You can quickly refer to ideas and how to type articles to excel in your business using

You will also find well-organized resources like videos, guides, and YouTube channels for gaining knowledge. Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 17

Unlike GoHighLevel, you cannot find live chat in, which might be a significant disadvantage.

But true to our knowledge, you will get a reply within two to three hours when you raise an email ticket in

Thus, considering’s faster response times and up-to-date materials, we claim to be the topper in this round!

On the other hand, GoHighLevel needs to update its materials and reduce response times. Vs GoHighLevel – Pricing comes with a more affordable plan than GoHighLevel. Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 18

Let me explain to you why we mean this here,

First of all, Systeme io brings you four plans that include

  • A Free plan
  • A Startup plan at $27 per month
  • A Webinar plan at $47 per month
  • An Unlimited plan at $97 per month

By looking into these plans, you can see that even the expensive Unlimited plan costs only $97 per month (the price of a starter plan in GoHighLevel).


There is a free plan in, but it has some limitations in the number of contacts, sales, blogs, and courses.

To be more specific, a starter plan covers

  • 2000 contacts
  • 3 sales funnels
  • 15 sales funnel steps
  • 1 blog
  • 1 course
  • 1 community
  • 1 email campaign
  • 3 sales funnels

However, this is a comfortable option if you are starting your marketing journey or a marketer who needs minimal features.

If you need to use some advanced features or the number of blogs needs to be increased, upgrade to one of’s paid plans.

Thirdly, What is more important is,

Opting for for the long haul, such as committing to an annual plan, offers a notable advantage: you can enjoy a 30% savings.


It comes with three pricing structures, and notably, there are no hidden costs in GoHighLevel.

  • A Starter plan at $97 per month
  • An Unlimited plan at $297 per month
  • A Pro plan at $497 per month Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 19

The Starter plan or agency starter account may be expensive for a small business owner and marketer compared to

Unlike, there is no free plan in GoHighLevel, but you can use the 14-day free trial if you are new to this platform. Vs GoHighLevel - Which Is Best In 2024? 20

By subscribing to any of the GoHighLevel plans annually, you can save 17 percent. However, this number is less than (30 percent).

In this round, we could clearly state that is the winner as it allows you to sign up for a free plan and access its features.

Conversely, there are no free plans in GoHighLevel, and you have to pay $97 a month to access even a starter plan.

Who Is For?

It is constructive for

  • Marketers who only require simple automation and campaign management systems
  • Small businesses who need not want to depend on more tools
  • Affiliate people who like to use an easy-to-use tool for their affiliate marketing program
  • Educators and instructors willing to market their digital products online

Pros Of

  • Availability of free plan
  • Pricing plans are highly affordable
  • Intuitive interface
  • Suitable for newcomers

Cons Of

  • Advanced users may face some limitations
  • Restrictions on website builder like lack of web page builder
  • Less potential for scalability
  • Template designs are fundamental

Who Is GoHighLevel For?

GoHighLevel is highly beneficial for

  • Agencies who like to extend and upgrade their operations and business
  • Freelancers or an online business who need a vital CRM and robust automation techniques
  • Creators, consultants, and coaches who need an engaging platform to manage students or clients and create online courses

Pros Of GoHighLevel

  • A complete website builder with the option to create a landing page, membership site, and funnel-building tools
  • All-in-one marketing platform
  • Advanced CRM and automation features
  • Highly suitable for scaling and managing multiple clients
  • Presence of the white label feature

Cons Of GoHighLevel

  • An extensive learning curve is needed to understand the vast number of features.
  • Training materials may be outdated
  • Customer support might be late at times.

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