Fastcomet Review – Solid Uptime & Impressive Performance

This post – FastComet review lets you know about the fastest growing and powerful web hosting company which has got the good reputation in the past few years.

After using it for 17 months, I’m updating this post, and I want everyone to try them since they provide the best value for money both regarding performance and support.

If reading texts are not your cup of tea, you can directly visit https://fastcomet.com/features to know about their features, technical specifications and much more.

P.s: I am using FastComet hosting for over Seventeen months and also managing client’s website which too hosted with this same web hosting. Totally three of my sites (including client’s site) are hosted in three different data centers, two in the USA and one in Asia. So my experience speaks a lot in this long term FastComet review.

FastComet Review

Which things do you consider before choosing a hosting?

I find Fast hard drives, powerful RAM, premium bandwidth, etc. Here, FastComet delivers everything you need.

Be it Processor or Hard drives, it will be the latest Intel E5 Processor and the Be it Hard drives – It will be the fastest SSD drives.

I Proudly say FastComet as the Flagship Hosting Company in 2016. 

*Flagship denotes the best thing in their respective fields.

Being one of the fastest-growing hosting providers, Fastcomet seems to be a new for most of them. But this review reveals about their hosting history and also their hosting performance, uptime, customer support and much more stats exclusive for bloggingio visitors.


Check my Fastcomet review at Bloggingio.

This Fastcomet review post is 2000 words long, and if you are in a hurry, check this post where I compared FastComet with Top 10 Hosting Companies and proved they are better than all other hosting providers.

*FC- FastComet. To reduce repeated usage of the Word FastComet, I used FC in several places below.

FastComet History

Fastcomet, you find this name new and never heard off. But they are in private web hosting business for more than seven years. They are the official hosting for many multinational companies over the world, and now they’re offering their services to the public.

They are serving more than 11,500+ customers from 70 different countries which are the fastest growth by any of the company since they launched their service for public few years back only.

Fastcomet Hosting plans

They offer three distinct Hosting. They are

  • Shared Web Hosting.
  • Cloud VPS Hosting.
  • Dedicated Servers.

All of their servers run on high-end SSD drives and powered by Intel E5 processors along with at least 32 GB of RAM per node. I always talk about SSD drives. SSD drives improve your website speed by more than 300%. Unlike Megabrands which use traditional drives can’t even compete with their super speed SSD drives.

Shared Hosting plans

As said in my A2 Hosting reviews, choose a web hosting plan which allows you to host unlimited or more than one website. Whatever you do online, there will be a need for the second site. If you are on a budget, choose the single website hosting plan else always go for higher plans.

They provide three shared hosting plans.They are

  • Single Website
  • Multiple Websites
  • E-Commerce.

Here comes a quick Comparison of the above three plans. Each plan is designed keeping customers in mind.

  • Single Website Host One website, 35GB SSD Space, free domain for life, unlimited traffic costs $2.95/month.
  • Multiple Websites – Host Multiple Websites, 55GB SSD Space, Free Domain for life, Unlimited traffic costs $5.95/month.
  • E-Commerce – Host multiple websites, Unlimited SSD Space, Free Domain for life, Free SSL, Unlimited traffic costs $6.95/month.

fastcomet pricing

Based on above shared hosting plans, I suggest you choose Multiple websites plans where you can host multiple websites.

Nowadays SSL Certifications play a vital role in ranking websites and if you want to make your site SSL certified, choose E-Commerce plan which comes with a free SSL certificate.

FastComet WordPress

Since WordPress becoming the King of CMS, Fastcomet offering WordPress Managed services at the same price. If you are looking for a low cost, managed WordPress hosting, then choose this cloud hosting provider.

Under Managed WordPress, you can get 1-click WordPress installation, optimized WordPress and plugins installations, advanced WordPress security and automatic upgrades.

FastComet VPS

fastcomet vps plans

Get VPS now

FastComet Dedicated

FastComet dedicated server hosting

Get VPS now

Fastcomet Features

There are hundreds of reasons why you should host with this cloud hosting provider and I’m listing few of them here.

#1 Google & People love fast loading sites

You might know that Google ranks the website based on Page speed, and so hosting plays a significant role in your SERP ranking.

People tell you, website speed can be improved by optimizing images and also by using cache plugins. 

But what’s the use of it?

Every website uses Smush it and W3 total cache plugin. So how can you outrank your competitors?

The only solution is SSD Hard drives in hosting servers. Based on thousands of research, it is found that SSD drives improve website speed by 300%.

Only a few host on the planet using SSD drives and out of it, FastComet is the only hosts which provide SSD hosting for such a low cost.

The screenshot is taken just a few days back, and you can see the site loading up with just 144ms in the USA. I’m pretty sure FastComet provides fastest shared hosting servers.

Want to give a try? It just costs $2.95/month and also comes with 45 days money back guarantee

Give a try

Thus choosing an SSD based Shared Webhosting will be highly beneficial to you and your blog. Along with SSD drives and a content delivery network (Get FastComet CDN for free), no one can beat your site’s speed and rankings.

#2 Most Advanced Caching Mechanism

There is a 5-level caching layer which was developed and used on their serversAll the websites hosted on their servers will be powered by this 5 level Caching layers.

Most of hosting provider use three-layer caching mechanism while FastComet comes with five layer caching mechanism.

The Five layer Caching Mechanism includes

Google Pagespeed

Fastcomet servers come loaded with Google page speed optimization. It’s a tool which improves page load time faster by 21%, and Google develops this technique.

FaceBook FlashCache

How is rapidly Facebook serving almost billion users a day? They use the particular caching mechanism known as FaceBook FlashCache. It automatically caches the most frequently accessed files in your accounts such as your index file and home page images. This way they are preloaded on the file system and delivered faster to your visitors.

P.S: FastComet servers optimized with FaceBook FlashCache.


OptimumCache reduces memory usage, decreases the number of disk operations – all while improving your website’s response time.

CloudFlare CDN Caching

CloudFlare operates out of 30 data centers around the world. The CDN automatically caches your static files at our edge nodes, so these files are stored closer and delivered faster to your visitors while delivering your dynamic content directly from your web server.


Memcached is a memory caching system used by one of the most popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia, which significantly improve your website performance.

When I started looking for its features, I thought to mention this caching feature especially in this review of Fastcomet.

Give it a try for less than $2.50/month

#3 Improves your Site SEO

Wondering how it improves your site SEO? 

Fastcomet has a good policy which is ignored by most web hosts over the world. They don’t allow Websites which has child porn, spam and scam sites to get hosted on their servers. Check this


fastcomet hosting review

First, know how Shared web hosting works. It’s a single server where hundreds of websites hosted with the same IP. Let’s look at this condition. 

If a server contains 200 sites and 100 of them are related to porn, gambling, viruses, etc. as mentioned above, then your website will be considered as spam by Google, since all sites using the same IP.

Many mega brands though say it don’t allow such sites, but they got red handed in recent times.

So what if your shared hosting doesn’t allow such sites, and you are free to rank higher on search engines. While reading this, you can feel this FastComet review will help you to identify the best outcomes of this hosting.

#4 FastComet Pricing

fastcomet review - pricing

They have a Strict fair policy for 100% customer satisfaction. They have no hidden fees and no additional charges for any service.They won’t ask you for any extra cost.

You can renew all your services at the same prices you signed up. For example, if you got a single website plan for $2.95/month, you can pay the same amount for your lifetime.

How awesome, is it? 

There is a 45-day money back guarantee: If you are not happy they will provide a full refund and also there is no contract required, and you are free to cancel your service anytime with no extra charges.

Give it a try for less than $2.50/month

#5 Additional features

Another great stuff from them where they will do all kind of installation stuff for more than 150 open source applications. You can also ask for extra module installation to make your blog better.

Suppose any of your friend planning to start a website, bring them to Fastcomet, and they even help you to install themes on WordPress and all other platforms. Since I host multiple websites ( more than ten sites), I love the automatic upgrade feature. If WordPress gets upgraded, then automatically gets updated without any downtime. Remember there are certain services which ask $25/month for doing such automatic updates. 

#6 Backup & Monitoring

For excellent performance and security, they perform daily and weekly backups of all client files, databases, and emails to an independent storage array. Note the point it’s for free and not for any additional cost.

Suppose anything gets messy, you can always restore from a point-in-time recovery snapshot, completely free of charge. Their proactive monitoring approach prevents 99% of most common web hosting issues and ensures excellent performance and continuous uptime for your website.

You don’t need an additional backup plugin for WordPress when you are with FastComet.

 #7 Security Monitoring

They will do a regular audit on their servers to protect sites from virus scan and malware.That’s what tech people say as Proactive monitoring.

Their Web Application Firewall stops attacks at the network edge, protecting your site from common web threats and attacks before they even reach your website.

Check my FastComet Video review posted on youtube.

#8 Wide data centers locations

They have seven data centers across the globe. They are

  1. Chicago, US North
  2. Dallas, US Central
  3. London, UK Europe
  4. Frankfurt, Germany, Europe
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe
  6. Singapore, Asia-Pacific
  7. Tokyo, Japan, Asia

fastcomet datacenter and locations

While I started hosting with them, there are only four data centers, and while looking back now, they increased it to seven in a short period.

datacenter features

In this section, I will bring Fastcomet review done by real people on forums, social sites, etc. Check some of the lukewarm reviews of FastComet I found on social media sites while writing this post.

fastcomet public review

Top Reasons Why I Recommend FastComet

Reason 1 – Domain Hosting for Life

If you host with them for life, then they will host your domain for life for absolutely free of cost (No first year free, seconds year $15).

Godaddy Charges $15/year for domain renewal, and if you renew your site for five years, then it costs you $60 for five years.

You can save such costs while you host with Fastcomet. Other than it, Siteground offers domain hosting for free till the first year but their hosting costs 4x of FC.

Reason 2 – Same Renewal Price -No higher pricing for the 2nd year.

Most hosts provide promo codes for first-time users and charge higher when compared with previous years. For example, Hostgator provides 25% Off for first billing cycle so that you can buy their buy baby plan (same as multiple websites plan ) for $99 but after the first year, you need to pay $143 to continue.

This renewal strategy is same in the case of most web hosts like Bluehost, Dreamhost, etc.

But FastComet don’t want your money to get wasted, thus making you pay the same amount every year. Check its Pricing for more details.

Reason 3 – SSD Drives

I said much more about SSD drives, and I don’t want to repeat it again. SSD drives improve your site speed by more than 300% and its the only low-cost hosting provider with SSD drives.

Reason 4 – Customer Support

They have a rocket-fast support team which takes 10 minutes or less response time for all ticket inquiries. Apart from it, you can use domain transfer by which you can move your site from your old host for completely free of cost.

They provide fully managed hosting Support for email, FTP, website transfer, and setup. And it also provides support to 150 + Open Source applications.

Reason 5 – Free SSL

While most hosting providers offer free SSL through Let’s Encrypt program, FastComet went one step ahead and started offering Globalsign SSL for free of cost which usually costs $50+ per year.

GlobalSign SSL free under Ecommerce plan.

FastComet Uptime

Few members asked about the uptime of their servers. Check out the screenshot which shows 100% uptime of this site. Check out my past two months uptime and its 100% and not 99.99% (Updated below image on September 2016)


You can also test the site speed below. The performance grade is A+, which is the highest speed given to the fastest site. fastcomet-wordpress-response-time

Note: The server is based in Dallas so that the site will load with 1 sec in farthest location due to latency and this happens will all data centers.

If your visitors are from Asia, then choose Singapore data center.

Update on 17.07.2016 – Based on suggestions from Karlie, I bought uptime robot and started monitoring uptime results of bloggingio.com hosted on their servers.

As usual, the results rocked with response time for less than 100ms and 100% uptime.

fastcomet uptime

While there are many reviews of Fastcomet nowadays, I feel happy to start using them for over a year and never have an idea of moving out from them.

Fastcomet Web Hosting Pricing

In this Fastcomet review, I recommend multiple websites plan by which you can host unlimited websites. The only limitation I found is the Disk Space, which is 55GB. I hope it’s not a big limit. With 55GB, you can Host 100000 posts along with 56000 images (Calculated as 1MB / image).

Many hosts like Hostgator and BlueHost claim unlimited disk space, but after some time they will ask you to move on VPS, and you don’t have such problems with Fastcomet.

Check out Pricing details

Apart from it, you can avail discount on Single website and E-commerce shared hosting plans too.

As Already indicated the price is same all time and doesn’t include any additional charges for renewals.

Steps to buy hosting account

Step 1: Choose your prescribed plan and move to next step.

Step 2: Register the domain for free

fastcomet free domain for life

Step 3: Check the final amount and pay using PayPal or CreditCard. 

 Single Website Hosting


Multiple Website Hosting


Ecommerce Hosting


You can reach me on Facebook or chat support or contact here to get additional info regarding recent months uptime of my sites at FastComet, to discuss the best hosting package based on your need or to discuss anything related to them 🙂

Final verdict on FastComet

You can choose FastComet web Hosting if you need

  • Faster WebHosting
  • 24/7 Support
  • 99.9 Uptime
  • Advanced security features

I Hope My review on Fastcomet will help you to understand more about it.

Any questions regarding this host, please comment below and I am ready to help you.

With same on renewal price, Free Domain Hosting for life, SSD drives, Free daily and weekly backups proves Fastcomet is way better than many hosts on the planet right now.

Give it a try for less than $2.50/month

So, You got the hosting from FatComet; there are some follow-up things which are helpful to you.

I use Thrive Themes (blog post link) for this site, and I know you love the design, check best Thrive Themes products.

I use Fastcomet Hosting for bloggingio, and I use 27 best WordPress plugins to power my site.

I use KWFinder ( review post link ) to find the low competition long tail keywords with a single click.

This post will help you to get millions of traffic from Google, and this post will help you to get social signals.

Then you can track your website ranking with this most powerful SERP tracker tool, SERPWoo.

At last, you can check my blogging resources which show the best blogging tools one need to use and yes, I use it on all my niche sites.

This FastComet review first appeared on bloggingio.com and credits goes to the respective site owner.



SSD Powered Hosting


    Free Domain Forever


      24/7/365 support


        Free CloudFlare CDN


          Daily & Weekly Backups



            • SSD-Only Hosting
            • Fixed Prices on Renewal too
            • Free 24/7/365 Priority Support
            • cPanel Powered Hosting
            • Free Domain Forever


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            Mohan Raj is a Proud Blogger and Internet Marketer. An Avid Nokia Fan Boy and Gadgets lover who Loves to watch Cricket and like to hangout with friends.Personals apart I Love to Rank websites for Competitive Keywords, love to help newbie bloggers and always eager to learn SEO as much as I can :)

            Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 34 comments
            Theodore Nwangene - August 12, 2015

            Great review Mohan,
            This is my first time of hearing about Fastcomet and it seems to be a very good, reliable and affordable hosting provider.

            The price is really off the ground. And yes, most hosting companies I’ve used always increases their price when you want to renew.

            I think I’ll consider this company when I’ll be working on my next project.

            Thanks for sharing

              Mohan Raj - August 12, 2015

              Yeah Fast comet is really good but unknown to most people. Let you try and Share your experience with our readers.

            Jason - August 22, 2015

            If i would have heard about this before, i would have went for it. But sadly i choose Stable host

              Mohan Raj - August 22, 2015

              Stablehost and Fastcomet are same is every aspect rather than price. Most of sites till uses Stablehost and running 3 sites on fastcomet servers. once my stablehost subscription ends , I’m planning to move at fastcomet. but stablehost never created big problems for me

            Bigwas - August 25, 2015

            The best thing about Fastcomet is that it has 5 layer of caching which make your site blazingly fast.

            Michael S Johnathan - August 26, 2015

            All things happened suddenly. With your recommendation I purchased Fastcomet and I will be thank ful to you for life. Faced worst ever situation with my previous hosts lost more Euros with Hosting companies and I never thought Fastcomet will help me in many ways.

            Thank you for finding this product hided by overwhelming Hosting companies promotion and I can’t express my happiness about the product. They deserve more than 100 stars.

            My Top Pick for Fast comet is

            1. Domain Hosting for life – only siteground provides such offer but Hosting costs 4x higher than Fastcomet.

            2. SSD Drives – Really Hats off to the team . I can visibly see the difference of loading time of my SSD hosted websites vs traditional Hosted websites. Page speed Google loves so as Fastcomet delivers it.

            3. Renewal Price – I surrendered.In the Industry for 4-5 years I never know any companies provide same renewal prices. As said by you , I’m trying to find such company.

            4. Support – Support via chat , phone, email at anytime. I can’t ask more than that.

            5. Caching & Backup – 5 layers of caching mechanism 🙂 Very well made by fastcomet team. They are thinking beyond expectation and so as 5 layer caching mechanism.

            Hostgator bluehost ask $20 for monthly backup while fastcomet makes daily weekly monthly backup for free of cost.

            I’m feeling proud than others by using fastcomet. Thanks a lot.

            Akeem Momoh - August 29, 2015

            Great article , this is the very first time i am hearing about this hosting company and I have heard a lot of positive things about them. Well I hope that they will also serve my website very well.

            Ana - November 21, 2015

            A nice detailed review.
            I still have a few lingering doubts, though, because the author is an affiliate – I’ve had bad experiences when I trusted hosts’ affiliates.
            Still, I’ll keep this in mind, as the host seems good.

              Mohan Raj - November 21, 2015

              All the Products promoted with mycyberincome performs better than What you Expect. In that Case, FastComet tops than all other products and You can use it without any confusions.

              Use it and if you don’t like it, no questions asked your money will be refunded to you in 45 days. People like you and me will love fastcomet ever

                Ana - November 21, 2015

                I sure will try FastComet, they look very good.
                Thank you for the review.

            Jason - December 28, 2015

            Thanks for the view on StableHost. I will check FastComet when the subscription ends with StableHost and make a decision.

            Nate - February 3, 2016

            So why you don’t use fastcomet to host this website. Your nameservers are:

            Seemed to be another affiliated page of yours.

              Mohan Raj - February 3, 2016

              Thanks for your hatred comments 🙂

              I want to clarify few things with you.

              1. The above review is for Fastcomet shared hosting and I think you should have at least some brief knowledge about shared hosting.If your site traffic is moderate, you can use Shared hosting and its good for beginners. when your site traffic hitting high visits you need to use VPS on your site since it can handle more visitors at a time. if you’re site traffic is extremely high you need to use a dedicated server.

              My site is getting high visits and so moved to Wiredtree VPS which offered good black friday deal for me. I’m paying $85/month for Wiredtree while FastComet costs around $64/year. As you can see the pricing, beginners cant afford VPS..so I’m suggesting FastComet to all.

              You did a great research and found that I’m using Wiredtree nameservers =D .I’m not hiding anything here and you can check my facebook status https://www.facebook.com/mohanrckn/posts/1136775266334978 where I mentioned that I’m using Wiredtree hosting and even Mycyberincome Homepage shows you that my site is hosted by Wiredtree.

              You’re statement “Seemed to be another affiliated page of yours” shows some hatred towards my site.Well…Its not a matter for me but I want to say few things. I Promoting only fewer products (say 4-5) which are best in class and 9/10 clients are satisfied with my suggestions right from themes,plugins and hosting etc.

              Please feel free to reply once you get time 🙂

            saksham Chauhan - March 1, 2016

            Thought to start a website and searched for a good host so i dropped into mycyberincome and came to know about fastcomet…
            though the host is quite expensive than the other big players in the market but it is worth it!
            the quality of their host as well as after sales support is truly awesome! no issues so far 🙂
            if u want a power packed host without any issues then straightaway switch to fastcomet, i bet u wont be dissappointed!

              Mohan Raj - March 3, 2016

              The Host is quiet Expensive . Do you feel like that Saksham ? about the pricing. So far, it costs lower than Major hosts like Hostgator, Bluehost etc 🙂

            Mohan Raj - March 11, 2016

            Hope you had joy with extra discounts. Thanks for pointing out about missing contact form. I just replaced my old contact plugin with another stunning plugin. 🙂

            Lee T - May 5, 2016

            I recently moved one of my event site from blogger to WordPress through Fastcomet.

            Happy to see that fastcomet keeps my site live even though there is unusual spike in traffic for sometimes.

            I’m using them for exactly 2 months and I will watch their performance and if they are good,I will move my main site to Fastcomet from trafficplanethosting.

              Mohan Raj - May 5, 2016

              Hope you love it. Try Ecommerce plan which handles better traffic than some VPS hosting in the market right now 🙂

            Dinesh - May 21, 2016

            I bought Fastcomet when it came to market and still using it. There was no review on that time but I choosed with brave heart.

            I came to appreciate for promoting them

            Mohan Raj - May 22, 2016

            Shared hosting indicates sharing of resources, and you can utilize maximum resources as per your website need. But when a single website affecting other ten websites on our shared servers, then possibly hosts will indicate that you are using more resources.

            If your site uses more bandwidth, you can opt for VPS hosting where you will get guaranteed bandwidth say 2 or 3 TB which is more than enough for most sites 🙂

            Karlie - June 20, 2016

            I am almost sold to use FastComet, but I come across this review at howshost – here they say pretty much all good things, except about the hosting speed. You can see here:

            “However, it is not the same case as “The more plowing and weeding, the better the crop”. Based on the monitoring outcomes, FastComet performance in speed is not as satisfying as we expected. In the past thirty days, the average server response time of the company is 650ms.

            When compared with many other reputable hosting companies, the hosting speed of FastComet is relatively slow. A real example is InMotion Hosting. The company takes 237ms merely for responding to a server request.”

            Now I am thinking, so should I go with Fast Comet, or should I go back to looking at InMotion again?

            Would value your comments…

              Mohan Raj - June 20, 2016

              Thanks for your valuable comment, Karlie. I don’t know why they got 650ms as response time which is relatively higher than industry standards. I suspect few reasons.

              1. The website they tested for response time might be far away from the data center location. To confirm further I did few tests. I tested my site bloggingio which is hosted in Dallas USA datacenter and the response time I got is 250ms which is best in class. Recent response time

              I checked my old report posted here – http://bloggingio.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/mci-in-fastcomet.png

              The report shows response time from 72ms in nearer location to 1 sec in farthest location.

              To confirm further, I tested my friend site which is hosted on inmotion hosting and the results are similar where the response time is 800ms- 1sec in farthest location. source – http://bloggingio.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/inmotion-hosting-test.png

              This higher response time is due to the network latency and this happens with all datacenters.

              So my idea is to choose the data center nearer to your location. For ex. If your visitors are from Asia pacific then choose Japan or Singapore data center to enjoy 100ms response time in Asian countries.

              Both Fastcomet and inmotion hosting are good in terms of speed but considering other facts like priority support , same renewal price and free domain for life, Fastcomet is ahead of competitors.

              Hope you loved the things I explained.

              For your success

              Mohanraj S

            Mohan Raj - June 20, 2016

            Welcome to the community 🙂

            Srikanth - October 1, 2016


            I am currently using ispaze and I am happy with them with almost all features as fast comet

            But thank you for letting me know , I will use them for next project .

            Its good to have multiple hostings 🙂

            ahmad - October 16, 2016

            i think its gives more resource’s but , its still new on webhost , its mean there is no trusted and truth , what this companies can be beside siteground ?
            i think the lack of more dollars not mean the best

              Mohan Raj - October 17, 2016

              When SiteGround founded in 2004 they don’t have the trust and truth. If no one trusted Siteground at beginning , they won’t be here lasting for 10+ years . The same applies to FastComet. They possess good uptime, knowledgeable support and as you said , more resources. Someone need to pass the trust and truth, so I recommending them.

              There is nothing wrong is promoting a good product right ?

            Nate Cheara - January 5, 2017

            First of all, sorry for my bad English it is not my native language.

            Just one thing that make me dispointed is, their hosting is not supported HTTP/2 at this time. So I’d like to know: How is HTTP2 really important?

            Please reply me back, sir.

            Thank you very much
            Nate Cheara

              Mohan Raj - January 6, 2017

              I first apologize for not making a quick reply. Having HTTP/2 is great to serve web pages faster by reducing page sizes. Yes, Fastcomet won’t provide inbuilt HTTP/2 but still you can make it with the help of CloudFlare.

              Cloudfare, official CDN partner of FastComet offers HTTP/2 optimization (https://www.cloudflare.com/website-optimization/http2/). If you make an account with Fastcomet, raise a ticket regarding Cloudfare installation, they will do it along with HTTP/2 optimization 🙂

              Hope I cleared your queries.

            Toni Laird - January 6, 2017

            We had a terrible experience with FastComet! We signed up for a month and after a few weeks decided to go with their 3 year plan. Just after this we were getting ‘Resource Limit is reached’ issues and contacted them for support. They said everything was fine at their end and this continued until I found a page on FastComet actually relating to the same problem and suggesting to install a plugin. It was caused by WordPress API and their servers!! Our site was then down again and when we contacted FastComet support they said they were having a DOS attack. After a few hours our site came back. Then is was down again and we were told the same again. After 10 hours downtime, 3 outages and uptime of only 93.88% we decided enough. On a positive they were polite, courteous and refunded us in full. I would never use them again though!

              Mohan Raj - January 6, 2017

              Sad to hear, you have bad time with Fastcomet. Unexpected things do happen and I’m using their service for nearly 15 months and still going great.

              Uptime robot stats shows 99.97% uptime for December 2016 and thanks for letting me know about your issues 🙂

              Hope you have great time with your new host 🙂


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