5 Best All In One SEO Alternatives 2023 – Which is Right for You?

5 Best All In One SEO Alternatives 2023 - Which is Right for You? 1

All in One SEO is a tool that sounds highly promising for digital and SEO needs. However, that’s not the only tool available at your disposal. There are many All in One SEO Alternatives that you could use to achieve equally good SEO and rankings or probably even better.

This article aims to acquaint you with five good alternatives and the best among those alternatives too.

The Best All in One SEO Alternative in 2023 are

1. RankMath

In my opinion, I would suggest RankMath as the overall best All in One SEO Alternative. A WordPress SEO plugin just like All in One SEO, RankMath comes with highly advanced SEO features and functionalities.

5 Best All In One SEO Alternatives 2023 - Which is Right for You? 2

Considering how advanced this tool is, it has every basic feature that you’d ever get in All in One SEO. Besides that, this plugin never fails to surprise you with its functionalities.

It has a built-in auto-setup wizard for SEO. So, while you’ll have to figure out things by yourself with other tools, achieving the best SEO with RankMath is as easy as just running the auto-setup wizard. You need not audit your website or the errors and redirects; you need not do these manual, routine SEO tasks. All you need to do is check what improvements to apply and what to leave out for good.

Besides that, whatever other things you need for your website SEO, be it analytics, tracking, site mapping, content optimization, social media management, or anything else, RankMath does it all.

With that, it’s a pretty awesome alternative to the All in One SEO, and this will be clearer by having a quick glance at the features of RankMath and a further comparison of pricing.


  1. Auto set-up wizard
  2. Google Analytics Integration
  3. Social Media Integration
  4. Schema Markup and Customization
  5. Site Mapping
  6. Local and Technical SEO
  7. Automated website audits


When comparing All in One SEO and RankMath, the latter has leverage because it’s free to start with instead of the minimum $49 that you’d have to pay to get even the basic plan on AIOSEO.

An additional benefit is that you get access to unlimited websites, whatever plan your purchases. With that, even if the premium plans of RankMath are slightly costlier than AIOSEO, it doesn’t matter as you get more features and, most importantly, more number websites than any other tool would ever provide.

2. SEOPress

Another overall best All In One SEO alternative plugin, SEOPress, could be the most affordable tool you’d ever get. It helps you to achieve the best of your SEO needs and requirements. It’s an all-in-one plugin you could use to perform end-to-end SEO for the top rankings on the SERPs.

5 Best All In One SEO Alternatives 2023 - Which is Right for You? 3

Just like All in One SEO, even SEOPress has a highly user-friendly interface for easily performing all the SEO processes. The quick installation wizard eases out your tasks much as it automatically syncs and configures your websites, and you can get started within no time at all.

More ease of use comes from other in-built features like enabling and disabling options, automated modifications for meta titles, meta tags, and meta description, and a lot more. With such features, the tool significantly saves your time.

Besides that, you can easily integrate your social media handles and icons and build a strong social media presence to back your SEO strategies.

You also get other features for creating sitemaps, analytics and tracking, crawling, indexing, content and image optimization, e-commerce SEO, and the list goes on.

With all of that, SEOPress has everything available in AIOSEO, which makes it a fair alternative.


  1. Pre-designed, automated installation wizard.
  2. Automated checks for meta descriptions along with making necessary edits wherever required.
  3. Site mapping, crawling, and indexing.
  4. Analytics and tracking.
  5. Seamless integration with social media platforms and tools as well as other necessary tools and APIs.


SEOPress takes a deep edge at AIOSEO when it comes to pricing plans. SEOPress is free to start with, and the premium plan costs just $39 a year, and this is a lock-in price. Once you purchase at this price and lock it in, you never need to pay a penny more than this, even if the price escalates in the future.

Even the basic plan of AIOSEO is costlier than this, coming at $49 a year. Additionally, there’s no lock-in pricing whatsoever.

With that, SEOPress seems like a promising and affordable AIOSEO alternative to try.

3. Yoast SEO

After my usage, Yoast SEO is undeniable the powerful AIOSEO alternative. Who hasn’t heard the name of Yoast SEO? This amazing WordPress SEO plugin is there to help you with end-to-end optimization for higher rankings on the search engines.

5 Best All In One SEO Alternatives 2023 - Which is Right for You? 4

Be it on-page SEO, technical SEO, local SEO, e-commerce SEO, or any other SEO need, Yoast SEO is the plugin to cover it all for you. 

It’s mostly used for content and keyword optimization; however, that’s not it. The plugin has evolved into one of the most robust SEO tools ever with timer. Not only can it optimize your content, but it seamlessly extends the functionalities for SEO by integrating with multiple tools and APIs.

From checking and optimizing your content to working on breadcrumbs, metadata and descriptions, internal linking, backlink creation, analytics and tracking, and every other aspect of SEO, Yoast SEO has it all. With that, it definitely comes as a good alternative to AIOSEO.


  1. Separate plugins for all kinds of SEO.
  2. Content, image, keyword, metadata, and all other forms of optimization.
  3. Seamless integration with other tools and APIs.
  4. Excellent features for internal linking, backlinking, analytics, tracking, and other SEO requirements.


HOWEVER, the Yoast SEO plugin is free with limited features and functionalities. But it still takes an edge at AIOSEO with this free offering. When you go premium, you can get it for $89, and that’s the only option.

With AIOSEO, there are more options, the lowest at $49. However, with that, you’re only going to get basic features that are pretty much available in Yoast SEO free plugin version. Other plans cost more than the Yoast SEO Premium plugin.

With that, Yoast SEO definitely seems more affordable than AIOSEO and is a must-try alternative.

4. The SEO Framework

Next, I would like to add The SEO Framework tool as the highly advanced All in One SEO alternative. The SEO Framework, being true to its name, has the entire search engine optimization framework built deep within its core.

5 Best All In One SEO Alternatives 2023 - Which is Right for You? 5

It’s a highly advanced plugin that works on artificial intelligence. Being an AI-based plugin, there’s not much that you’d ever have to do with it.

With the artificial intelligence features, the plugin is automated for conducting website audits, creating reports, and suggesting the best course of action for carrying out the SEO for top rankings. This automation is not really available with All in One SEO. 

Not only does it automatically audit your website, but it even manages and configures your SEO settings by itself. You don’t need to work for hours on your metadata and meta descriptions, as the plugin will write them for you.

Besides that, you never need to worry about crawling and indexing as the plugin takes care to index the best page versions.

In addition to all this automation, the plugin is great with other SEO needs and requirements and supports local SEO, analytics, tracking, and other integrations.

With all such capabilities available, this is an amazing AIOSEO alternative, especially when you don’t want to do many things by yourself and just leave it to the tool.


  1. End-to-end automation for all SEO requirements with excellent AI features and functionalities.
  2. Local SEO Support.
  3. Support for analytics, tracking, and other integration.


This is again a free plugin, and even if you go to the premium packages, you need to pay just $7 a month, which is much less than the yearly cost of $99 for AIOSEO for the plan offering features like what The SEO Framework offers.

With that, it’s a highly feature-rich and affordable AIOSEO alternative to give a shot.

5. Slim SEO

Next, I would suggest Slim SEO as the beginner-friendly All in One SEO Alternative. For starters, this plugin is automated and can meet most of your SEO requirements without requiring any manual inputs on your end.

5 Best All In One SEO Alternatives 2023 - Which is Right for You? 6

Being very much equal to AIOSEO, Slim SEO is equipped for everything you need to get your website rank on the top of the SERPs, be it on-page optimization, schema markup, site mapping, analytics, tracking, creating breadcrumbs, redirections, or any other thing at all.

With those capabilities, it’s a good competition for AIOSEO and can even come out as better than it.


  1. End-to-end optimization for content, metadata, images, and other media.
  2. Excellent schema markup.
  3. Site mapping.
  4. Redirection and breadcrumbs.
  5. RSS feed


Slim SEO is an absolutely free plugin. It is, however, coming with premium features that are still under development.

However, considering that its free version offers such amazing features, the pro version is going to be great for sure. Also, having such amazing SEO features, in an almost equal standing at AIOSEO, makes this plugin a brilliant alternative, especially when you’re just experimenting and not planning on loosing out your pockets as yet.

What is All in One SEO Tool?

All in One SEO is an amazing SEO tool at your disposal. This user-friendly WordPress plugin has rich snippets, sitemaps, SEO audit checklist, social media integration, e-commerce SEO, on-page analysis, RSS content, and a lot more. 

Basically, it has everything you’ll ever need to meet your needs and requirements for optimizing your websites for the top rankings on the search engine results pages.

However, it never hurts to look for alternatives, especially when you know that you could find something better, something more worthy.

The five All in One SEO Alternatives are equally good for meeting your needs and requirements. 

Which is the best All in One SEO Alternative For You?

If you really want to pick the best AIOSEO alternative, you can pick RankMathYoast SEO and SEOPress is also a wise choice. And, The SEO Framework is an AIOSEO alternative with highly advanced features and Slim SEO is a beginner-friendly AIOSEO Alternative.

Its feature set is the richest of discussed alternatives and meets closest to what you get with AIOSEO. With that, it’s the perfect All in One SEO Alternative, and you won’t regret taking its subscription.

All the aforementioned All in One SEO alternatives are free plugins, and even the premium versions don’t cost much. With that, they’re all great to use.

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