Astra Vs GeneratePress

Astra Vs GeneratePress

Astra vs GeneratePress Overview

Astra is a WordPress theme with more than 600,000 users and is exceptionally light weight. The theme comes with excellent features comprising  Starter templates, page builders compatibility, SEO Friendly Markup, seamless integration with WooCommerce, Hooks & Filters, and much more to design a 100% perfect WordPress sites on the go.

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With 200,000+ active websites, GeneratePress is another brilliant WordPress theme which is pretty light in weight and puts a lot of emphasis on performance, security, and usability. The WordPress theme is available in both free and premium versions. 

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Tom Usborne developed the WordPress theme to tackle almost every website project. The theme is search engine optimized and has the most secure as well as stable code.

Astra vs GeneratePress Features

1. Pre-Built Templates

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Astra offers users a wide range of conversion-optimized templates for different website categories. This helps the users build their websites with the greatest ease and in less time.  Most importantly, a user would not need to start from scratch as long as one uses one of these templates. Users have lots of Starter templates to choose from in free as well as premium plans.

Importing and using these templates is pretty simple. For that, all you have to do is activate the Starter Templates plugin and then, head over to Appearance. Next, you could select Starter Templates and preferred page builders. You could then browse through the various templates and choose the right template for your website. 

After one finds a good template for your website,  one can click on the “Import Complete Site” to import it and use it.

Astra starter sites is developed with web development companies in priority. Since, most of their themes are focused on businesses while GeneratePress themes are mostly blog based one.

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GeneratePress also has a huge site library with demo sites of varying categories that users could import and use for their projects. 

Using one such template from the Site Library, users can have an unimaginably fast web design process. On top of that, this will help you build the most fascinating designs with very little effort since these demos come with every important element that you would need for your website. 

However, all you need to do is choose a suitable template and tweak a little to make it completely yours. For that, you would first have to install the GeneratePress theme on your WordPress from the theme tab under Appearance. 

For using the Site Library, you must buy the GP Premium membership and download the zipped plugin file. Next, you could upload the plugin by going to the install plugin tab on your WordPress dashboard. 

After the plugin is activated, you must head over to the GP Premium plugin, click configure and check all the modules and activate. Next, you must choose a template from the Site Library. You then can go to details, backup the JSON file. After that, you can import the template by clicking on the Import Options first and then Import Content.

2. Loading Time

Astra is just 50KB in size and is not based on render blocking jQuery. This largely helps in improving speed. On top of that, Astra claims to have a loading time of less than half a second.

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GeneratePress, on the other hand, is less than 30KB in size. In addition to this, GeneratePress does not use jQuery and replaced it with Vanilla javascript. This ensures that there is no render-blocking in the way of your site's performance. This is the reason that there is a lot of expectation on GeneratePress too when it comes to performance.

However, just as every time, performance is something that needs to be well tested and this is the reason that I tested both the themes on my live websites and mentioned more on this comparison post

While the Astra site recorded a speed of 740ms which is slightly more than half a second, the GeneratePress site recorded a loading time of 820ms. This makes Astra the clear winner in terms of performance. However, GeneratePress has decent speed as well.

3. WooCommerce Compatibility

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If you have an online store in mind, there is nothing like using the WooCommerce solution.  Astra allows you to easily integrate your site with WooCommerce and build amazing online stores with its brilliant customization options.  Further, with Astra, you have the advantage of mobile-friendly designs, code-free designing, and Zero plugin conflicts.

Chris Lema from Liquid Web recognized the Astra theme with the following message, just shows how good the theme when compared to others.

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GeneratePress offers WooCommerce integration with GP Premium. Using GP Premium WooCommerce add-on, WC, users can easily tweak the layout, color, and typography options as per their requirements.  However, before you activate the WC plugin, you must first activate the WooCommerce Plugin.

Out of two, Astra is the clear winner when it comes to WooCommerce integration since Astra offers a lot of customization not only compared to GeneratePress but also better than OceanWP.

4. Page Builder Support

WordPress Page Builder plugins have made web designing pretty convenient for the users.  Page Builders have completely eliminated the need for coding in designing brilliant websites by drag and drop grid-based editing. This is the reason that Page Builder plugins have got so popular among the users over the years.  

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As long as one uses Astra, one can always use your favorite Page Builder as the WordPress theme works seamlessly with all the popular page builders like Beaver Builder, Elementor, SiteOrigin, Visual Composer, Divi.

GeneratePress supports Page Builders too. However, the theme offers comparatively fewer options to choose from than Astra does.  If you are a Beaver Builder or Elementor user, you don’t need to worry much as GeneratePress supports both the Page Builders.

It's a tie between when it comes to Page Builder support. However, If you're an agency owner, Astra suits better since the presence of Business niche specific templates + Page builder support makes your job easier.

Astra vs GeneratePress Pricing

Astra offers 3 paid packages to choose from. Astra Pro is available for $59 and comes with over 20 Free Starter templates alongside no limit on website usage.

Users can have Essential Bundle for $169 which includes all the important features of Astra Pro plus over 60 Free Starter templates alongside WP Portfolio Plugin.

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Last but not least, the Growth Bundle for $249 is ideal for agencies and comprises all the features of Essential Bundle plus Addons for Beaver Builder, Addons for Elementor, Schema Pro Plugin, Convert Pro Plugin, SkillJet Academy, and new plugins in future.

Apart from the annual billing, customers can also opt for a Lifetime subscription by paying a one-time price.

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Even though GeneratePress free version is pretty powerful, you can have much more freedom of customization with GP Premium.  GP Premium is available for $49.95 and comprises powerful features such as all premium modules, complete access to the site-library, unlimited websites support, updates and support for 1 year, 40% OFF on renewal, and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Renewals are never automatic in GeneratePress and you would have to do it manually every time.

Again, it's a tie. However, GeneratePress offers 40% renewal discount which Astra doesn't provide during renewals and also costs $10 cheaper than Astra.

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