5 Best Grammar Checker For Mac in 2021

If you are looking for the finest Best Grammar Checker Tools For Mac, you'll love my recommendations.

Proofreading and correcting grammatical errors might be to hustle and time-consuming for you.

It is now easier to search for grammar checkers all over the internet. However, for your best preference, we gathered the most used and best grammar checker for Mac that are fully trusted and serve quality services.

5 Best Grammar Checker Apps For Mac

1. Grammarly Mac

Thousands of users most prefer Grammarly to prepare qualified error-free papers, reports, and emails.

Grammarly is most trusted and always available online whenever you write, as well as doing its job correcting sentences while you are directly writing content and never have to worry about text errors.

Grammarly is also known by “highly-accurate” grammar checkers for Blogging or writing where the tool always asks permission in case there are changes to keep the meaning of your texts you wanted to convey.

Grammarly and its features can automatically detect spelling, grammar punctuation, word choice, and even plagiarism errors in certain texts using the Al algorithm.

For Mac users, you could access Grammarly native Mac desktop apps and polish content information to any level you want. You can also use Grammarly through browser extensions such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and more on MAC OS devices.


  • Detect simple to complex mistakes against 250 grammar rules
  • Avoid plagiarism and errors of punctuation
  • Assist you anytime online
  • Available in mobile devices too


  • Premium version of Grammarly might be expensive for starters
  • The free version is limited thus requires you to avail their product
  • No added features supporting MS Word or Pages for Mac

2. Ginger Software for Mac

Ginger Software is one of the most effective editing tools for reviewing your text for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.

Ginger also offers a large variety of tools such as Sentence Rephraser, Personal Trainer, Text Reader, and more extensive features that would make your writings better. You can easily access Ginger Software just by installing the browser extensions – which are very similar to Grammarly.

The Ginger Software also added features such as word count, number of sentences, synonym suggestions for fixing redundant, overused words, and errors that might lower the credibility of your writings.

Ginger Software has also managed to extend communications for over 65 languages. It is well known for its unique feature “Text Reader” that may enhance your spoken English.


  • It has a Personal Dictionary you may customize for specific words, names, locations and etc.
  • Highly advanced paraphrasing
  • Quick and trusted Grammar Checker as well as fixing text errors
  • Provide a detailed report to track writing progress and improvements


  • It has no native app for Mac users
  • It has no plagiarism checker tool
  • It requires internet connection all the time
  • Not user-friendly compared to some grammar checker app

3. ProwritingAid For Mac

Many users and even specialists have proven ProwritingAid as the best grammar checker and provide great quality as a mentor-writing and style editor.

If you are looking which has the best English tutorial to write great quality of English content, ProwritingAid is the most reliable you could have access. Mac users could access ProwritingAid in multiple ways through a browser extension, google docs add-on, online editor, or by installing native desktop for Mac OS.

ProwritingAid offers thousands of extended features for style improvements, corrects deficiency from your sentence structures, and removes spelling and grammatical errors. It also provides tools such as a dictionary and thesaurus that would be justified and improve the meaning of your texts.


  • ProwritingAid has a great quality of plagiarism checker tool
  • You can also access ProwritingAid via Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, Wordpress and etc.
  • Analytics and Data Visualizations for potential improvements
  • Windows and Mac Desktop Versions unlike any other app


  • No IOS app available
  • No free desktop app for Mac users
  • Some users find it slower to use compared to other grammar checker apps
  • Its plagiarism checker requires premium plans

4. WhiteSmoke For Mac

The WhiteSmoke is known as an “all in one” tool for proofreading and editing for your writing content.

This claims to have artificial intelligence to check any spelling and grammatical errors found in your texts. This can also automatically reviews your sentence structure and provide comprehensive information to correct and develop your writing skills. Also, it has a translator like Ginger that is available in multiple languages.

WhiteSmoke is best designed for Mac users as millions of people are moving to Mac OS every year. It helps writers to correct writings with the availability of mobile phones such as the iPhone by using WhiteSmoke Writing Assistance. You could access WhiteSmoke with all the most popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


  • WhiteSmoke uses latest and unique natural language processing technology
  • It is able to improve writing style using added features
  • WhiteSmoke for Mac enhances writing contents as well as free of plagiarism
  • It has multiple extensions available and provides writing assistance on mobile.


  • Premium plans are required to fully consume WhiteSmoke features on Mac OS.
  • It is not 100% credible for grammar checking
  • It is much expensive and its lowest price offers available only through a browser
  • It needs constant internet connection access

5. Grammarian PRO3 Mac

Grammarian PRO3 claims to have the best grammar checker which uses the most widely used and respected English Writing techniques.

Many Mac users also trusted Grammarian PRO3 for over 32 years as it expanded core technologies each year. Aside from its grammar checker, it also has Writing Assistance whenever you need and offers multiple writing tools that are very essential for you.

The Grammarian PRO3 best features are comprehensive in terms of grammar, spelling, writing structures, and punctuations which could also be available during writing your piece of content.

It also has an auto-correct tool that quickly follows your writing and has a toolkit design that allows you to verify the corrections been made. Grammar PRO3 also provides you the advantages to check all your writings whenever you want. 


  • Grammarian PRO3 has Auto-typed tool to most used words, phrases, and paragraphs that will help you save time
  • It is also designed for professional documents such as school thesis, essays, Ph.D. Doctoral Dissertation and etc.
  • It is very user-friendly and all features can be accessed from the global universal menu


  • It is much expensive compared to other built-in Mac grammar checker
  • Grammar rules are sometimes inaccurate for the meaning of the text
  • Some spelling errors are slipped off the unpolished interface.

Why Grammar Check is Essential?

Grammar Check is essential because we tend to make natural mistakes and be blind by our own errors. These kinds of mistakes make your content inaccurate as technical errors may occur and even the main idea of your content could be misplaced. Whenever I'm working on my Mac for our site bloggingio.com, I always use Grammarly as the inbuilt feature doesn't work out of the box.

Sometimes, having the tool to proofread and check your write-ups, at first sight, are more likely to spot spellings, punctuations, and grammatical errors. Thus, Grammar Check is very important to validate your document into more accurate, correct, and complete structures.

Through built-in software, you can guarantee that your content is much less for mistakes and utilizes your document avoiding possible mistakes from simple to complex changes.

Sometimes, checking for grammatical errors is too time-consuming and you might use an extra hand to verify your errors. For your best preference, our team was able to narrow great quality and most trusted grammar checker for Mac. You could choose according to your best interest and which is suited to your needs.