8 Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins For WordPress in 2022

8 Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins For WordPress in 2022 1

Are you in a desperate search for the best Gutenberg blocks plugins for your WordPress website? Almost every WordPress website owner is!

Gutenberg blocks plugins help you create the most attractive content layouts for your WordPress website. Gutenberg can simply be called a WordPress block editor, which was introduced from WordPress 5.0 version. 

Now, a massive list of plugin suites is available for the WordPress website owners to integrate custom content layouts with Gutenberg. 

Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins

1. Genesis Pro

Genesis Pro Blocks

Genesis Pro has the best site-building tools for your WordPress website at just $360 per year. You get complete access to all features of Genesis. Not only that, but you also get access to StudioPress themes. There is no mandatory need to host on WP Engine for using Genesis Pro. 

It allows you to create compelling content at a faster pace. You can enhance and use the Gutenberg editor. It consists of optimized blocks and layouts to help you build full-page layouts. Genesis Pro consists of 35 StudioPress themes for building unique content layouts and websites.  

Genesis Pro can help you build better websites that are highly responsive. They have fantastic customer support for handling the client’s questions and queries 24×7. 

Genesis Pro comes with an incredible 60 days money-back guarantee to give you a complete refund if you did not like the services. 

2. Ultimate Addons For Gutenberg

Ultimate Addons For Gutenberg

Ultimate Addons For Gutenberg helps you supercharge the Gutenberg editor that consists of a fantastic block for designing attractive websites. It consists of an all-in-one library with Gutenberg blocks for giving you the ability to represent your brand through a presentable website.

The best part is you do not need any type of coding for this. All you need is some clicks for customizing the available options for designing your website as per your needs. You do not need to be tech-savvy for carrying forward with this feature.

Gutenberg blocks available here are going to help you customize your particular web pages as well. It is a complete makeover tool for WordPress websites. Some of the features they have for adding onto your website are info box, post layout, multi buttons, advanced heading, price list, team, testimonial, social share, etc.

You can type out your question over the support section, and their team will reach out to you within a short response time with a definite solution. Developed by the Astra & Cartflows team, these blocks come with a similar design pattern to their products.

3. Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks allow you with powerful page building attributes within the WordPress editor. It consists of several custom blocks to help you design respective pages over your website. Now, you can create meaningful content for your web pages and custom layouts available within the Gutenberg editor.

Not just that, but you can also add responsive controls onto your websites to make it perform seamlessly over mobile phones as well. You can tweak the designs as per your needs to make your content look amazing, even on smaller devices.

They have a pre-built library with many templates for you to choose for adding to your websites. Change the content, customize the styles, and you are all set to add it to your brand website.

Along with all other features, the users get background controls, 1500+ SVG icons, a typography framework with 800+ Google fonts available, and some configurable default integrations.

For any type of support, you can always turn up to the support forums available over the website for posting your query. The team will respond to you within a short span of time.

4. Responsive Gutenberg Blocks

8 Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins For WordPress in 2022 2

With the advanced Responsive Gutenberg Blocks by CyberChimps, you can create modern responsive designs compatible with all devices. Use reusable block page templates to kickstart your website in no time.

Free Gutenberg Blocks plugin that enhances the default WordPress Gutenberg Editor with 25+ powerful blocks. Designed for flexibility and speed, these blocks help you save time and effort.

5. Advanced Gutenberg by PublishPress


Advanced Gutenberg is the gap-filling plugin that helps you use the missing blocks for building professional websites. It consists of over 20 new blocks that give you intuitive options for making your WordPress website look professional.

It consists of a column manager and predefined layouts. Moreover, they have post sliders to integrate onto the website. You can add buttons onto the website with diverse styles and add contact forms to interact more with the website visitors.

There is a map block that allows you to add a zoomed icon highlighting your office address over the Google map among all the blocks. You get the privilege to select block activation for every profile over your business website.

Along with the new blocks, there are now over 27 blocks in this plugin to help the WordPress website owners get the best designing blocks to present the website to the visitors with an attractive appeal. 

6. Otter by ThemeIsle

Otter WordPress Blocks

Gutenberg blocks by Otter is a collection of page building blocks for the WordPress websites. Otter consists of many blocks for the WordPress website owners to customize the look of their website over the Gutenberg editor with the integration of this plugin.

Some of Otter’s standard blocks are Google Maps, Fonts, Progress bar, Sharing icons, plugin card, service, post-grid, button group, advanced heading, section, about the author Lottie animation, and others.

It is embedded with drag and drop page builder for easy customization. You can personalize almost everything from blogs to your web store. The layouts available with Otter are highly expressive to make the website look professional to attract your clients and consumers.

You get over 50 templates for designing and carrying forward a professional-looking WordPress website without much hassle in the template library. All the templates cover all the essential areas that include testimonials, pricing tables, headers, etc.

Otter is developed by the team behind the popular Neve WordPress theme which is the fastest theme ever designed in recent times. So, I bet a big on Otter for better value for money.

7. Stackable


Stackable is another intuitive plugin for the WordPress Gutenberg editor with powerful page builders and customizable blocks for designing an attractive website. There is an extensive range of blocks available over Stackable to meet all your diverse needs.

There are many different types of page-building tools embedded within Stackable for Gutenberg that are pretty easy to use. You do not need to be a professional for using these page builders. Along with that, you also get unique designs to integrate onto your website with just one click.

Some of the fantastic blocks available with Stackable are container block, column block, grid block, feature block, and many more. You just need to pick the ones that you think are quite essential and appealing to your website.

Stackable is planning to add many more blocks onto the plugin to make it accessible onto the Gutenberg builder to enhance the appeal of WordPress websites. The pricing for Stackable starts at $35 per year. You can join their respective community to get usability support.                            

8. Ultimate Blocks                        

Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks allow you to integrate some of the best essential blocks onto the website through the Gutenberg editor to make it look attractive for your brand visitors. In total, you get around 18 blocks on the Ultimate Blocks plugin for Gutenberg editor.

Some of the standard blocks highly preferred over Ultimate Blocks are Review blocks, tabbed content blocks, content table blocks, call to action blocks, and many more. Not just that, but you also get to enable or disable the blocks to keep your site less occupied at times.

The plugin is ready for integration onto your WordPress website and Gutenberg editor without hampering the website speed. They have optimized the website for enhancing its speed even when integrated onto the website.

Moreover, the Ultimate Blocks are highly optimized with SEO aspects. For any kind of support, you can tally their knowledge base with your question for relevant answers.


These are some of the best Gutenberg Blocks plugins for WordPress websites. Just download and integrate it onto your WordPress website to open up your window for implementing the best blocks. 

Thus, get ready to avail of the best professional website in a matter of a few clicks.