Blocksy Theme Review – How Good is this WordPress Theme?

Blocksy Theme Review

Blocksy is one of the premium Gutenberg WordPress themes that is making enough noises now. 

Through this Blocksy review, I will tell you about Blocksy in detail and whether you should invest your money in this new WordPress theme.

In fact, I got my Blocksy lifetime agency plan upon looking into their incredible features for WordPress site-building.

In a word, Blocksy helps you build a sleek and elegant website that loads at a lightning-fast speed. You can perform a lot of customization to create a head-turning and super responsive website on all devices.

Blocksy Theme Review – Overview

Blocksy is a Gutenberg based WordPress theme. Sergiu and Andrei are the two people behind the Blocksy theme. 

The idea originated from the lack of features in existing WordPress themes. They wanted a theme that suits the needs of all types of websites found on the internet. Thus, the theme was launched and growing steadily in the last few months.

As with most, I have a subscription to most sensational themes like Neve, GeneratePress, and Astra. All the above themes gave me the utmost freedom to design great sites, and I asked myself, do I need one more theme in my arsenal? 

But I was wrong. Some of the features I would like to highlight are:

Design freedom:

If you want to edit any element, you just need to click on the text and start typing your stuff. After you have successfully installed Blocksy, it provides you with four site designs you can incorporate on your website.

Blocksy gives the user the most updated topography options. It gives five different layout options to choose from and post your content. The more attractive your layout is, the higher is your chance to attract good readers.

SEO Friendly

The theme provided by Blocksy is fully SEO optimized and will help you rank higher on the Google search list.

Blocksy is very easy to use; you can perform one-click import by clicking on the pages, widget, post, and many more.

There are options like displaying related/trending posts and advanced-sided bars to reduce the bounce rate. With a one-click, you can enable or disable Schema markups based on your need.


Blocksy can easily integrate with some of the most popular page builders: Gutenberg, Elementor, Brizy, and Beaver Builder.


Blocksy offers a lot of extensions to supercharge your sites on the go. Since these modules are available as extensions, you only need to install them if required. Thus, you can see a more significant reduction in page size. 

Blocksy Free vs. Pro

Blocksy provides both free and pro versions to its users. If you are a beginner or just want to try before committing to it, you can go for the free version of this WordPress theme.

The Blocksy free and pro versions contain some basic features like 

  • Global color palette
  • Related post module
  • Trending post module
  • Mail chimp subscribe module
  • Cookies notice module
  • Custom widgets (customizing infobox, popular posts, social icons, and user profile) and so on. 

Blocksy Pro got advanced features:

The Pro version contains all the advanced features. The pro version is extensively made for users who want to customize even the slightest detail along with the free version attributes.

You get custom code snippets, custom fonts, Adobe Type Kit fonts, and create a mega menu for your website. The advanced mega menu contains multiple drop-down menus that you can customize easily. 

This WordPress theme offers the best header and footer customization and the capability to integrate with Woocommerce. 

In the pro, you get multiple conditional header options to create on your website. You can also customize the search box, language switches, contacts, and divider on your website using this theme.

You will also create an advanced blog module, access to premium starter sites, and portfolio extension.

Blocksy Pros

Here is a list of some of the best features that Blocksy provides to its users:

1. Great Performance

Blocksy accelerates your website’s loading speed, and the theme is very lightweight compared to another WordPress theme.

It has shown better speed than many WordPress themes, including Google PageSpeed, GTmetrix PageSpeed, and Pingdom Performance Grade. 

I have installed a demo Theme on my Cloudways hosting, and here are the speed reports from various tools.

Google PageSpeed insights recorded 99 on mobile and 100 on the desktop, which is pretty good compared to fast loading themes in the market. More than the overall score, we need to focus on Core Web Vitals metrics like LCP, TBT, and CLS.

Here is the breakdown of the metrics:

PSI – Desktop1000.7s0ms0
PSI – Mobile992.0s50ms0

The GtMetrix web vitals: LCP – 600ms, TBT – 0ms, CLS – 0.

2. Premium Starter sites 

All you need is just one-click to import your starter sites carefully crafted while paying attention to even the minute details according to the current trends. 

Each of their starter sites is crisply designed with ready to use. Moreover, the team has promised in their Facebook group that many premium starter sites will be added in the coming months.

3. Content Blocks

Blocksy provides you with content blocks or hooks on any page of your website guided by intelligent visuals. You can insert them using display conditions.

The user can also set a timer for the expiration of the content block. Blocksy allows you to create a customized website that matches your website’s design and font by creating a custom header and footer, 404 pages, and more. 

4. Custom sidebars 

To make your website a little more updated and sleek, you can add slide bars on your page. Blocksy provides its users with the option to create unlimited slide bars using the advanced UI of this WordPress theme.

You can also put conditional sidebars and define the condition on which you want your website to display a sidebar. Blocksy provides a very responsive sidebar that enhances the user’s experience on your website.

5. Advanced menu 

You can create advanced menus and beautiful dropdowns to put content there. You can control everything right from column layouts to overlay width along with the displayed designs. Also, you can set menu item styles and add icons to those menus. 

6. Woocommerce attributes 

You can easily integrate your Woocommerce website with Blocksy. It provides a variety of advanced features that will improve the conversion rate of your website.

Blocksy will provide a quick view of your products to customers by displaying the items in a popup manner that grabs customer attention.

If you have multiple products on your woo commerce website, then you can add filters. It also has a wide variety of product layouts to choose from.

7. Header Builder

The header of a page is the element that needs to be attractive and responsive. With Blocksy, you can customize and add new header items in your websites like the page divider, language switches, widgets search box, contacts, and personalities desktop menu.

The pro version allows you to create as many conditional headers as you want and pin down your conditions on your portal.

8. Improved footer builder 

Your website’s footer should display all the necessary details to your views to help them know more about your brand and how they can contact you. You can create a customized footer that will include social icons, contact information about your box, and other important information that you want to place.

The users can create an unlimited account footer and insert conditions of their display, keeping in mind the user’s role or any critical information you want to convey.

9. Custom fonts and Local Google Fonts

Blocksy allows you to use all kinds of fonts you like on your website. You just have to upload that font on your Blocksy’s interface, and it is ready to work.

You can set a separate font for desktop, tablet, or phone, and the fonts are user friendly and highly responsive, and the user can select from more than 900 google fonts.

The users can also customize your uploaded font, and Blocksy is pre-installed with all types of variable fonts. Stay GDPR compliant by offloading Google fonts out of your server, and pick the ones you need. 

Upcoming features of Blocksy

1. Updated blogging extension

It will give you a full analysis of your website, from the average time a reader spends to new share button options, encouraging people to share your posts on different platforms.

2. Portfolio extension: 

You will be able to make a professional portfolio website with the help of Blocksy. It will provide the user with various themes to create an attractive website.

3. New color palette

You can install a global color palette to your Blocksy to create beautiful fonts and enhance the reader’s readability.

4. Premium starter sites:

Using this, you can create multiple fields and customization options, all designed carefully using Blocksy’s free and paid options. 

Blocksy Pricing

The free version includes many prominent features, and the user has lifetime access to them. Although you are looking forward to a theme to be catchy and easy to use, you must go for the premium version. 

Blocksy broadly offers two types of payment plans, one is annually, and the other is for a lifetime. Both the plans narrow down to the kinds of users.

If you want to go for an annual or lifetime plan, you must be characteristic of personal, professional, or agency. 

Annual Plan Pricing

  • Personal: $34 per year for 1 license
  • Professional: $48 per year for 5 license
  • Agency: $69 per year for unlimited licenses


Lifetime Plan Pricing

This is a one-time payment plan, and you will become a forever member of Blocksy.

  • Personal: $149 for only one site license
  • Professional: $199 for five sites license
  • Agency: $299 for unlimited licenses


Blocksy also provides you with a 14-days money-back service if you are not satisfied with the WordPress theme’s functionality.


In short, Blocksy is worth using either as a free or premium theme based on your need. In our performance test, Blocksy got better scores and loads in seconds. With great compatibility with page builders, Blocksy should be your ultimate option for building WordPress sites.

Blocksy has learned from the drawbacks of other WordPress themes and came out with a solution that caters to every type of business or profession’s needs. You can start with the free version to test your website capability and then upgrade it to the paid plan.

Overall, I recommend them as their prices are affordable. You might know most themes like GeneratePress, Astra, etc., started selling at low prices and increased prices when there is a demand.

Likewise, you can acquire Blocksy for the lowest possible price at lifetime pricing for greater savings in the coming years.

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