vs vs – A detailed Comparison 2022

Many people are wondering which is the best between Bluehost. In and, and this post should completely address this question. In this post, I will make you aware of some of the important differences between the two. vs - A detailed Comparison 2022 1

The vs difference is

Bluehost. is solely dedicated to Indian customers, while focuses on global customers.

Bluehost. in and were largely different in the past in terms of pricing, features, and resources. However, there has been an ongoing initiative by the company over the years to bring them closer in all aspects by diminishing the differences. By now, they are a lot similar. vs - A detailed Comparison 2022 2

For Indian customers with targeted audiences in India itself, Bluehost offers the advantage of having an India-based data center located in Mumbai. Besides, choosing can help you with India-based payment methods and support. Even if you want to host your site on the USA data center location, you can have it with

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Another significant difference that you have to understand before you go ahead with buying a Bluehost plan is that buying Bluehost plans on is actually cheaper than buying the same on For example, the Basic plan starts at Rs 199 per month on bluehost. On, the same plan costs $3.95 per month, around Rs 290 per month. 

With that being said, has a significant advantage over bluehost. In terms of support, since it is backed by high-quality 100% USA-based support. With USA-based backing, you can rest assured of the fastest and friendliest assistance through live chat, phone, and tickets. I have always found USA-based support extremely helpful and knowledgeable in resolving even highly technical issues.

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