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CartFlows Review 2023 – Complete Guide

This is my updated Review of CartFlows. I talked about its features, use cases, pricing and more in this Cartflows Review.

Opening an online store with WordPress or WooCommerce has now become just a matter of a few clicks.

But this is just the beginning; to keep running your business, you need a solid sales funnel. It is because a sales funnel involves lots of complexities.

With the right tools available at the right time, you can achieve maximum conversions from your sales funnel.

This is where CartFlows comes into the picture!

CartFlows Review Overview

CartFlows is one of the best WordPress plugins for sales funnel that comes with a long list of features to empower anyone with even little skill sets to create different types of sales funnels in no time.

Optimizing sales funnels is effortless with the features CartFlows provides. Enabling this plugin, you can use a wide collection of different pre-built pages by importing them with 1-click. 

It is capable of integrating seamlessly with WooCommerce along with other page builders like Divi. You can also customize each step included in your sales funnel for a frictionless check-out process and minimize distractions.

As a result, visitors can quickly checkout without any hassles and become your loyal customers.

CartFlows Features

As mentioned earlier, the features of CartFlows stand out in creating a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

So, let’s find out what all features CartFlows hides under its sleeves. Setting up Cartflows is easier. This is how the setup works at first step.

CartFlows Review 2023 - Complete Guide 1

Now choose your suitable page builder type. Based on your selection, CartFlows will add the landing page templates on your sites. You can also skip now and add it later.

CartFlows Review 2023 - Complete Guide 2

WooCommerce is the heart of CartFlows and requires for optimal performance. Please make sure you host the sites on Best WooCommerce Hosting for minimal to zero downtime and host which can handle maximum orders per hour.

CartFlows Review 2023 - Complete Guide 3

If you are good at handling the tool, just skip the step and finish the project setup.

CartFlows Review 2023 - Complete Guide 4
CartFlows Review 2023 - Complete Guide 5

Multiple funnel types

With CartFlows, you can create various types of funnels in addition to just sales funnels consisting of a checkout page. Some of these funnels might require 3rd-party plugins as well.

So, CartFlows includes funnels for:

  • Live demo
  • Free product, service, quote, or consultation
  • Lead magnet
  • Webinar list
  • Membership
  • Purchase cancellation
  • 2-step tripwire
  • Product launch, and
  • client application

Ready-to-import templates

High-converting templates of different varieties are available in CartFlows to choose from. In its free version, there are 4 templates and 6 for the paid version. Now you got more templates

CartFlows Review 2023 - Complete Guide 6

Using these templates, you can create your sales funnels quickly. And they work on many page builders like Elementor, Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, Thrive Architect, and Gutenberg.

CartFlows Review 2023 - Complete Guide 7

Even though you are not using premium versions of any of these page builders, you can still use these templates.

To create a sales funnel with these templates, you need to import them from the Flows Library. Now, rearrange the chosen template by using its drag-and-drop feature. Next, you need to link your product to the checkout page and update the changes.

CartFlows Review 2023 - Complete Guide 8

Optimized checkout

With CartFlows, you don’t have to go through the old ways anymore involving complex checkout processes. The optimized checkouts can increase conversions momentarily to scale your revenue up.

For this, CartFlows provides laser-focused checkouts that include things that really are needed. It also gives you reassurances and guarantees in every step.

Consequently, there are no distractions to stop your customers from buying products/services from your store.

1-click order bumps

Include additional offers on your checkout page for better conversion chances. Add order bumps like complimentary products, training programs, or extended warranties.  

Unlimited upsells or downsells

Add more offers for your customers after they checkout. It works great for one-time offers, cross-selling, selling higher-priced software, selling large quantities of health supplements, and more.

CartFlows Review 2023 - Complete Guide 9

Cart abandonment

In case a buyer does not proceed with the checkout, this feature passes the buyer’s information to your CRM so you can send emails to the buyers and encourage them into making the purchase.

CartFlows Review 2023 - Complete Guide 10

Analytics and tracking

You can use General settings to turnoff search engine indexing and tracking.

CartFlows Review 2023 - Complete Guide 11

Check how your products, services, or offers are working. You can also differentiate between your high-performing deliverables and weaker ones with analytics.

CartFlows Review 2023 - Complete Guide 12

Use this information to take actionable insights and improve your conversions rates.

Dynamic linking

Customize each step in your sales funnel by rearranging or adding steps using the dynamic linking feature.

Support for a custom script 

Empower your sales funnel by adding custom scripts such as bots, a shortcode to live chat, custom pixels, and so on.

Checkout custom fields

CartFlows gives you more flexibility to add fields you need in your checkout page or remove the unnecessary ones; the choice is yours.

CartFlows Review 2023 - Complete Guide 13

Add fields like subscribe to your newsletter, customer age, and more. But, this feature is available only on the Pro version.

Global checkout

Using this feature, you can replace the conventional checkout page of WooCommerce with a custom-made checkout page.

It is available only in the Pro version.

Customer support

CartFlows offers a live chat option to ask questions related to pre-sales. They also have dedicated ticket support. Usually, we found their response in live chat to be really fast and friendly, solving different types of product queries.

In addition, they offer support documentation with so many helpful articles to give you a deep idea about the offerings of CartFlows. 

There’s an official YouTube channel of CartFlows where they put informative tutorial videos that cover their important features.

CartFlows Plan and Pricing

At present, only one plan is included – CartFlow Pro. The price for this plan is just $299/year, not a month.

It includes all the features of the free plan along with paid features, tech support, plugins updates, and a digital user community.  

CartFlows: Free vs. Pro plan

It completely depends upon what your requirements are for an online store. If you just want to have a decent sales funnel consisting of checkout and thank you page; free version can be apt.

However, in case you want a sales funnel with upsells, downsells, order bumps, more customization, and features for added flexibility; the Pro version is better.

It also depends on where your business stands. 

If you are just starting with a limited budget at hand, you can try the free version and slowly upgrade. 

But if you own an established business, you can consider the paid version to increase your conversion rates and profit.  

CartFlows Pros

+ Effortless to create sales funnels

+ Excellent templates

+ Works with multiple page builders

+ They constantly add impressive features

+ Decent support

+ Multiple integrations with different WooCommerce extensions

+ Incredibly affordable

+ 30-day free trial

CartFlows Cons

For affiliate marketing and memberships, you require additional plugins

CartFlows vs. ClickFunnels and ThriveArchitect

If you still have double-minds on why you should choose CartFlows over other funnel builders like ClickFunnels or Thrive Architect, here’s the answer.

  • ClickFunnels is not hosted on your domain that might turn out to be a problem when you switch your page builder.
  • Working with ClickFunnels page builder is complex and has limited offerings.
  • Thrive Architect requires you to build funnels using multiple tools.

CartFlows, on the other hand, is the solution to all these problems. You can build funnels on your domain in the easiest way possible while leveraging the benefits of WordPress and WooCommerce.


Long story short, we found CartFlows as a powerful and easy-to-use WordPress plugin for building your sales funnel. It has all the features necessary to power your funnels and provides convenience to both your customers and your team, resulting in improved conversion rates.

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