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KWFinder Review – The Best Long Tail Keyword Research Tool

KWFinder Review is probably the first post after rebranding my site from mycyberincome to

The search for new SEO tools never stops, at least for me. While I begin working online in 2012, I depend on Google Keyword tool and later used LongTailPro for over two years. Then I canceled my subscription with LTP and built an own tool to perform basic keyword research with the help of Google auto suggest keywords.

Now I’m using KWFinder for the past six months. Since I found the tool extremely useful, I’m writing this KWFinder Review post with some live Keyword research results.

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SERPWoo Review – Aggressive SERP Checker Tool (20% Bonus)

After using SERPWoo tool, I came to know that rank tracking I did before is an absolute joke. Like all bloggers and SEO professionals, I monitor the website rankings ups and downs through various rank tracker tools.

But I’m confident enough to tell you that, what we are doing is wrong and I will explain it in short. Most people will follow this procedure to track their websites in search engine rankings.

  1. Add the keywords and URL’s which you want to rank.
  2. The tools show you the ranking position and also notifies when you move up or down.

I admit it. SERPWoo does the same. So you might think what’s unique about them, right?

Let’s look into the SERPWoo review which showcases the unique things about them.

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SEnuke TNG Review – The SEO Automation Tool

SEnuke has come up with the most advanced SEO tool in 2016. I always wondered what SEnuke is going to bring in 2016 for SEO since there are no regular updates for SEnuke xcr in 2016.

Now my friends Joe Russell and Areeb Bajwa from SEnuke has come up with the most advanced automated SEO tool – SEnuke TNG.

This post brings you can find the best SEnuke TNG review you will find on the internet right now. I own a copy of SEnuke TNG and look how I use it for my SEO automation.

Welcome SEnuke TNG.

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Yoast SEO Guide – Best Yoast SEO Settings Tutorial

Here comes the most advanced guide to Best Yoast SEO Guide for WordPress SEO.

Since SEO is the heart of any blog, I have taken extra care to write up this blog post to get maximum benefits from the Yoast SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO plugin ( Get list of 27 Plugins I use for my site) was used in more than 50% of WordPress sites over the world, and it’s important for new bloggers as well as experienced bloggers to use Yoast WordPress Plugin in a proper way so that you can get

  • Increased CTR
  • Perfect on-page SEO
  • More affiliate sales
  • Increased blog traffic.

I have used Yoast SEO plugin for more than two years and based on it I have written these guide keeping affiliate marketers in my mind.

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