ChemiCloud Vs SiteGround 2022: Best of Two?

How is it like when you have to choose between two hosting companies that are equally popular? This holds true for ChemiCloud Vs. SiteGround.

Both ChemiCloud and SiteGround had an amazing track record so far and have their customers from all across the world. After publishing our ChemiCloud Reviews, there are few comments regarding comparison with top companies. Apart from this post, do check us for more comparison with other hosts.

ChemiCloud Vs SiteGround
ChemiCloud Vs SiteGroundChemiCloudSiteGround
Free DomainLifetimeNo
Free Site MigrationUnlimitedLimited
Data Center85
Discount60% Off60% Off

ChemiCloud Vs SiteGround

ChemiCloud Vs SiteGround 2022: Best of Two? 1

Advantages of Choosing ChemiCloud Over SiteGround

Even though ChemiCloud is not as old as SiteGround, they have many advantages too. If these advantages are what you have been looking for continue reading further.

  • With ChemiCloud, users can have maximum global coverage with 8 global data centers across the US, Europe, and Asia. This means customers can deliver your content to any global audience with the same speed.
  • One biggest advantage of choosing ChemiCloud is that the Company offers a domain Free for a lifetime and this means customers can cut down on the cost of maintaining your website to some extent as there is no question of buying and renewing domain with the domain Free for a lifetime.
  • When it comes to Site Migration, ChemiCloud offers unlimited Site Migration. However, SiteGround offers only limited Site Migration.
  • ChemiCloud also offers you the advantage of a FREE Cloudflare Railgun optimized server for better performance. However, SiteGround does not have this feature.
  • ChemiCloud charges comparatively lower renewal prices compared to SiteGround thus makes it a clear winner when it comes to the aspect of renewal price.
  • If you choose ChemiCloud now, customers can have any plan 60℅ cheaper than the actual price thus making the perfect time to capitalize on.

Advantages of Choosing SiteGround Over ChemiCloud

ChemiCloud Vs SiteGround 2022: Best of Two? 2

Despite being a pretty old company in the industry, SiteGround persistently kept up with the advanced technologies and in fact, SiteGround has many advantages too.

  • SiteGround has the advantage of being a pretty old hosting company and on top of that, it maintained a consistently good track record since 2004 and highly recommended by WordPress and this makes it a reliable hosting company to choose.
  • The starter ChemiCloud plan requires signup for 24 or 36 months only while the SiteGround Startup starter plan allows signup for 12 months too.
  • SiteGround provides users with a very intuitive dashboard that helps customers with excellent site management and it's like one point of control to manage every important aspect of your site.
  • SiteGround Cloud hosting makes things more convenient for the customers as it's automatically scalable. This also makes it pretty secure during traffic spikes.
  • Also, get an exclusive offer of 60% OFF on all its plans and that means it is a perfect time to buy plans.

Uptime & Speed

We are all pretty much aware as to how important it is for a site to have a decent uptime and speed. I tested both the services by actually having hosted a demo site with both ChemiCloud and SiteGround. 

ChemiCloud Vs SiteGround 2022: Best of Two? 3

However, I didn't find any huge difference between the two services in terms of performance. To be precise, I found both with an uptime of 99.99% and a speed of 250ms.

ChemiCloud Vs SiteGround 2022: Best of Two? 4

Wrapping Up

In this post, I tried to present the “ChemiCloud Vs. SiteGround” in a very clear and comprehensive way. This should give you a very clear picture and the choice should not be difficult for you anymore. 

As I tested both the services, I found both to be equally good in terms of the important aspects such as uptime, speed, security, and more. However, both SiteGround and ChemiCloud have some advantages over each other too.

A lot depends on your purpose and the best way you can go about this is to choose the plan that will help largely fulfill your purpose and it can be a plan from either hosting companies.

However, if you are looking forward to saving more, choosing ChemiCloud will be the best thing to do as it comes with cheap renewals and a FREE domain forever. 

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