Cloudways vs Bluehost: Which Host Should You Use?

Cloudways vs Bluehost

Choosing between Cloudways vs Bluehost, the two popular hosting companies is something that people find a lot difficult to figure out as apparently, both the services seem to be great. In fact, both the providers have done exceptionally well over the years.

To comprehend the exact differences, one would have to get deeper into all the aspects of these two services. It includes various important aspects like performance, security, support, pricing.

Cloudways vs Bluehost Overview

Cloudways started in 2009 and is a Company that is well known for their world-class managed cloud web hosting. The platform empowers individuals and teams to build amazing websites with no complexities at all.

Deploying and managing web applications is exceptionally simple with this service. The provider also provides customers with reliable performance and security.

Over the years, the web host has largely pleased its customers from all over the world with its exceptional service.

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Bluehost has been around since 2003 and had an outstanding track record so far. Even since its inception, the provider has been striving hard to make hosting unimaginably simple for the customers.

Further, the company provides powerful performance and security features. The Company has also been a recommended company by WordPress since 2005 for its managed WordPress service.

Cloudways vs Bluehost Features

Cloudways comes with managed security which comprises real-time monitoring, OS-level firewalls to filter out bad traffic, HTTPS encryption with Let's Encrypt SSL, Regular OS Patching to minimize vulnerabilities, and two-factor authentication.

The cloud hosting company provides customers with a lot of developer-friendly & team collaboration features such as Git auto-deployment, SSH and SFTP Access, Application & Server Cloning, dedicated Staging environment, Server Transfer.

Migrating a website from other hosting providers to this platform is a pretty simple and quick process with Cloudways WP Migrator Plugin. Further, there is no risk of facing any downtime during the process.

The cloud hosting provider also has an extremely dedicated Customer Support which includes 24/7 Chat, Online Ticketing, Phone, and, Private Slack channel.

The service comes with over 60 data center locations to choose from and some are New York, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Canada, France, Japan, Singapore, India and 40 more centers.

Bluehost also has many developer-friendly features such as SSH access, log file access, cron jobs. The Company also provides users with an excellent ease of management with an extremely easy-to-use control panel.

The service comes with many advanced features to ensure a robust security. The service offers Free SSL to encrypt your traffic. SiteLock is a feature that can protect sites against malware attacks in real-time as well as fix many vulnerabilities in time.

Domain Privacy masks and protects your personal information from being stolen. Apart from this, the service has its team of experts constantly monitoring the server and network.

The Company allows customers to migrate their websites from their old hosting platform to Bluehost hosting through Bluehost FTP for FREE. However, if one finds it difficult to do it on one's own, one can hire professional assistance for $149.99 and they will transfer the website for you.

The Company has a customer support service that offers a 24×7 dedicated assistance no long waiting time and fast response through phone, Live Chat, and email.

The web host has comparatively lesser number of data centers in US as there are no clear information on global data center locations.

Cloudways vs Bluehost Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Cloudways plans are a bit pricey compared to Bluehost. While the lowest tier plan starts at $10/mo with 25GB Storage, and 1TB Bandwidth. With our Bloggingio Cloudways coupon, you can get Cloudways for as less as $8/month

However, lowest tier plan in Bluehost costs only $3.95 per month with 1 website support, 50GB SSD Storage and Unmetered Bandwidth. Besides, the provider also allows you to register a free domain for the first year and that makes it more affordable.

Having said that, there are a few aspects in Bluehost wherein you would need to spend some additional money to make your hosting environment reliable and some of them are SiteLock, Domain Privacy, CodeGuard, etc. On the contrary, Cloudways offers all these features for FREE.

Cloudways vs Bluehost Performance

Cloudways offers extremely fast loading time backed by 3x faster SSD drives, Optimized stack including Memcached, Varnish, Nginx, and Redis, PHP 7 Ready Servers, CloudwaysCDN, HTTP/2 Enabled Servers, and Free WordPress Cache Plugin called Breeze.

The company offers a very reliable uptime and the company makes it possible with the help of a dedicated environment and auto-healing managed cloud servers.

Bluehost offers a brilliant performance with a decent speed of around 450ms and 99.99% uptime. The company uses Cloudflare CDN, Resource Protection, SSD Drives, and constant server monitoring to ensure a reliable performance for your website.


Cloudways vs Bluehost difference is not really that difficult to understand, isn't it? Cloudways, without a doubt has more features to offer than Bluehost. Cloudways, allows customers to choose from 5 different cloud providers including, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Linode, DigitalOcean, and Vultr.

Cloudways offers many useful features for developers and team. Cloudways has an advantage of having 60 data center locations while Bluehost has just 6 locations.

Performance wise, both the services are equally reliable. However, Cloudways service is comparatively costlier than Bluehost. The company also offers a free trial. A lot actually depends on your purpose.