Cloudways Vs Flywheel

Cloudways vs Flywheel: Which is Best of Two? (2022)

Cloudways Vs Flywheel

If you are looking for a managed WordPress hosting, then definitely you might come across Cloudways and Flywheel. If you're confused between Cloudways Vs Flywheel, then continue reading further.

By the end of this review, you should certainly find it easy to choose between these two hosting services.

Cloudways vs Flywheel Overview

Cloudways Review

Started in 2009, Cloudways had a wonderful track record so far, and all along this journey, it has made things unimaginably convenient for its customers in building, deploying applications. In this platform, users are free to choose any of the 5 cloud providers. The cloud hosting service also comes with unlimited application deployment. Most importantly, the platform offers very high security and performance.

The managed WordPress hosting provider, Flywheel started in 2012. Over the years, the hosting company has delivered excellent WordPress solutions to various categories of users which comprise freelancers, agencies, high-traffic sites, and in-house teams.

The platform has an extremely reliable infrastructure based on Google Cloud and this is the reason that the platform offers high scalability and high speed. The platform has many useful features for teams and developers. Most importantly, the service is extremely easy-to-use.

Cloudways vs Flywheel Features

1. Choice of Cloud Hosting Providers

Cloudways vs Flywheel: Which is Best of Two? (2022) 1

Users have the freedom to select from 5 cloud providers in Cloudways and this includes Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Linode, Vultr, and DigitalOcean. Further, upgrading your cloud resources is never a problem, and only a matter of a few clicks.

Cloudways vs Flywheel: Which is Best of Two? (2022) 2

However, with Flywheel, users don’t really get so much to choose from as the platform runs only on Google Cloud.

2. Security

Security is always a very important aspect of hosting and you must always go about it carefully. The security in Cloudways is pretty tight and it includes constant real-time server monitoring, dedicated firewalls, HTTPS Encryption, regular security patching, and more.

Cloudways vs Flywheel: Which is Best of Two? (2022) 3

Flywheel has the right security and the platform being WordPress oriented, it offers the best security arrangements for your WordPress site backed by powerful features such as FREE Malware Removal, Two Factor Authentication, Limited Login Attempts, Intelligent IP Blocking, Managed WordPress hosting Updates, and Nightly Backups.

3. Features for Developers

Cloudways vs Flywheel: Which is Best of Two? (2022) 4

Cloudways has many developer-friendly features such as SSH and SFTP Access,  Git Integration, One Account for Multiple Teams, Server Ownership Transfer, Reliable, and Staging Environment.

Flywheel also has most of the features that are needed by developers and teams such as staging sites, site templates, collaboration on all stages, and more.

4. Site Migration

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The Cloudways WP Migrator Plugin helps you transfer your website from its old hosting account to Cloudways is the most convenient way without any downtime and any extra charge. Further, there is no limit to the number of sites that you can transfer as long as your plan supports.

Cloudways vs Flywheel: Which is Best of Two? (2022) 6

Flywheel allows you to transfer as many sites as you want with expert assistance for free and this is certainly a very helpful feature for those who do not have much technical experience.

5. Control

It would not be wrong to say that Cloudways offers you complete control and it is reflected by features such as 1-Click Backup & Restore, Change Application Webroot, App Settings via UI, WP-CLI Pre-installed, Cron Job Manager, Customize Server Settings and more.

Even though Flywheel does not come with cPanel, it allows you a very intuitive dashboard that offers users a brilliant control to manage the various aspects of their account such as SFTP access and more to speed up the workflow.

6. Customer Support

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Users can certainly experience decent customer support from Cloudways and the company has largely proved it over the years through its 24×7 assistance via phone, Live Chat, Ticket, and Private Slack Channel.

Cloudways vs Flywheel: Which is Best of Two? (2022) 8

Flywheel offers a good support service through phone, email, and chat. Most importantly, all the executives are well versed in every WordPress technicality.

Cloudways vs Flywheel Pricing

Cloudways vs Flywheel: Which is Best of Two? (2022) 9

Cloudways provides customers with 11 plans to choose from while Flywheel offers customers 4 available plans to select from and an option to build customized plans too.

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While Cloudways allows customers to start for as low as $10 to get 25GB storage and 1TB Bandwidth, Flywheel lowest tier plan, Tiny starts at $13/mo with 5GB storage and 20GB Bandwidth.

Cloudways vs Flywheel: Which is Best of Two? (2022) 10

Even if we compare the Flywheel Starter plan of $15/mo with the Cloudways lowest tier plan of $10/mo, Cloudways offers more resources. In the Cloudways highest tier, customers can get 3840GB storage and 12TB Bandwidth for $1035/mo.

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This makes Cloudways the clear winner in terms of pricing. Compared to Kinsta, WP Engine, and most other Managed WordPress providers, there is a limit to the number of sites hosted on a single plan. However, Cloudways doesn't limit the number of sites on plans.

Cloudways vs Flywheel Performance

Cloudways vs Flywheel: Which is Best of Two? (2022) 11

As I tested the performance of the Cloudways service, I found it with extremely good speed and uptime.

Cloudways use PHP7 and HTTP/2 to ensure a lightning-fast speed. SSD Drives make your site 3 times faster and CloudwaysCDN helps you deliver your content to any part of the world at the same speed. Further, the provider has 60+ data center locations across the US, Europe, and Asia.

Check Cloudways Review for more detailed data.

Cloudways vs Flywheel: Which is Best of Two? (2022) 12

Auto-healing is another powerful feature that can resolve many server issues automatically. Apart from this, the provider has its own caching plugin, Breeze can also help you boost your site speed even further.

Flywheel’s performance was equally good when I tested with 99.99% uptime and blazing fast speed. This is because of its powerful architecture and advanced technologies such as container technology.

This is a pretty effective feature during traffic spikes as it largely minimizes downtime even during traffic spikes. The service also uses auto-healing technology.

The FlyCache is the company's custom caching mechanism using which you can accelerate your site’s speed to a large extent. Apart from that, the provider uses CDN to help you deliver your service really fast to any part of the world.

However, when it comes to data center locations, customers can get 5 data center locations to choose from. The data center locations are Iowa (US), Montreal (Canada), London (UK), Belgium (Europe), and Sydney (Australia).


After having read this far, I as a matter of fact, sure you will now have a very clear picture of both the hosting companies in front of you. As far as performance goes, both the services are equally reliable. However, I spotted a huge difference in terms of pricing and resources.

Cloudways hosting has comparatively more affordable pricing than Flywheel hosting. On top of that, the provider even offers more resources too.

Another aspect wherein Cloudways has an advantage over Flywheel is the fact that the provider offers users 5 cloud providers to select from while the latter is only based on a single cloud provider.

With that being said, I suggest you give both the platforms a good try and choose the one that you like the most.

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