9 Best Content Optimization Tools in 2023

Content Optimization Tools

If you are looking for the best SEO content optimization tools to improve your on-page SEO, you are in the right place.

There is a great deal of flexibility in selecting a website content optimization tool, with prices customized to each budget. An effective Content Optimization Tool is necessary to keep your web pages efficient, so here are some quality recommendations you could use.

SEO Content Optimization Tools


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my MarketMuse Dashboard

        MarketMuse is a content planning tool that uses AI to extract data from all the top-performing online sites in a specific search term. Based on this information, it provides choices as to how long your research on the same subject will be and the related keywords and subtopics to be used.


  • Predict Content Success – Customized difficulty score, industry-first, includes determining the topics that your site is most likely to be effective in. 
  • Craft Better Content – The full-length briefs involve everything that a writer uses to establish expert content, such as topics to be covered, word count to aim, and KPIs to meet in writing.
  • Create Content Faster – MarketMuse First Draft brings the generation of natural languages to content marketing. 
  • Content Optimization – MarketMuse identifies what is written and compares it to a large scale data corpus, its importance, relevance, and how much content is needed.
  • Content Research – A detailed understanding of the purchaser's needs, the search intention, the competitive content, and the output of your own content in the aid of AI.
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MarketMuse provides the most advanced insights among all tools.


       MarketMuse provides a free version of optimization tools. However, to engage more in complex and ease of use, MarketMuse pricing starts at $499 a month. There is also a free trial for new customers.


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       SurferSEO offers SEOs, marketers, and content creators an easy-to-follow recipe for higher rankings. Anyone with basic SEO knowledge can gain from a wide range of capabilities. Surfer analyzes 500+ factors that may positively impact your rankings with reverse engineering of the top fifty results.


  • SERP Analyzer – SERP Analyzer points out common patterns from the top pages so that you can use ditch manuals to optimize content. 
  • Content Editor – With Surfer's Content Editor, you get auto-generated guidelines which you can modify and send directly to a copywriter. 
  • Keyword Research – Get dozens of keywords that generate similar search results in two groups such as regular search terms and questions. 
  • SEO Audit – The SEO Audit gives you a step by step recipe for higher rankings based on the data of your organic competitors.
  • Keyword Surfer – The fastest way to reveal search data and perform keyword research in Google Search. 
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SERP Analyzer
9 Best Content Optimization Tools in 2023 5
SERP Audit True Density


       Surfer SEO starts with its Basic plan for only $59 a month. Also, the most popular Pro plan for just $99 a month, and the Business plan for only $199 a month.


       Frase's AI aligns the content of your website with the questions posed by your guests. Increase organic traffic and conversion rates with the best possible response experience.

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  • Content Optimization – Optimize content by focusing on topic gaps and providing answers to your audience’s questions.
  • Content Briefs – Spend less time researching and more time creating with AI-powered content briefs.
  • Powerful Integrations – Contextually triggered email capture and CRM integrations help you generate leads and drive demand for your products without the need of monitoring.
  • Custom Training Train your Answer Engine to recognize and respond to variations of common questions, ensuring every question has the perfect answer.
  • User Intent Data – Keep track of everything your visitors are asking in real-time. Each question is enriched with contextual data, including answer delivered, geolocation, click-through rates, user ratings, and more.
  • Unlimited SERP Tracker: The Best SERP Tracker in industry charges about $49 per month and Frase includes it for free.


       Frase pricing starts with its Basic plan for only $39.99 a month, the Growth plan for just $99.99 a month, and the Answer Engine plan for only $199.99 a month.


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        ClearScope's AI-powered platform makes it ridiculously easy to get more out of the content you're already producing. Clearscope fits seamlessly into your editorial process and helps the entire team develop a more knowledgeable and assured range.


  • Free training and Onboarding – ClearScope is concerned with the satisfaction of our customers, which means that every customer gets free, live training, and onboarding.
  • “Priority” Support – ClearScope agrees that quality service will never be an upsell. If you're a customer, ClearScope is here to help you out.
  • Technical Optimization – The Google crawler bot is a tool. Technical optimization is about making your site easier for the machine to read and evaluate search engines.
  • SEO Relevant Content – Relevant, and high-quality content respond to a searcher's query by comprehending their intent through thorough research.
  • Link Building – The practice of increasing the number of high quality backlinks back to your website, is where SEO gets it’s spammy snake-oil reputation from.


       ClearScope pricing starts with its Basic Pro plan for only $350 a month. However, custom pricing for Agency and Enterprises plan if you wish to extend features and tools for your website.

SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant

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        The SEO Writing Assistant (SWA) allows any writer to monitor the SEO capability and creativity of a piece of content in real-time. It's not just that, and you can also assess how easy it is for users to read that piece of text.


  • Google Docs Add-On – Discover SEO Writing Assistant in the G Suite Marketplace and click the ‘Install' button. 
  • WordPress Plugin – Easy way to log in to your WordPress admin account and search for SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant in the Plugins section.
  • Creating New Recommendations – Create a new template, just by entering your target keywords, location, and device using the ‘Create SEO Content Template’ button.
  • The tone of Voice – The sound of the voice depends on the words you want to use, the pitch, the order of the expression, and the speed.
  • Originality Metrics – The originality metrics are searching for signs of plagiarism in the text. 
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        SEO Writing Assistant tool is already included in the SEMRush toolkit. However, you could access extensive features with a Pro plan for just $99.95 a month, Guru for $199.95 a month, and Business for $399.95 a month.


        With SEOScout, go beyond the research on keywords using Natural Language Processing to evaluate Google's top 30 tests for your keyword. Edit your content using its Assistant and ensure that your article covers all entities and topics that Google expects you to include.


  • Deep Topic Research – Analyze the search results pages in your niche. Compare your content to your top competitors using our NLP theme and entity analysis tool.
  • Increase your CTR by testing your page titles – Your titles are supposed to bring you more traffic. Split test your copy to find the most efficient snippets.
  • Unlimited Rank Tracking – Track ranking changes and discover opportunities to rank for even more keywords.
  • Discover Long Tail Keyword Opportunities – SEOScout crawling your autopilot site every week, comparing your content to your current rankings, and highlighting ‘missing' keyword opportunities.
  • Prevent Keyword Cannibalization – Find cannibalization issues easily, identify conflicting pages, and make sure your site prioritizes the correct content to rank.


       SEOScout pricing plan starts with its Starter plan for only $29 a month. Also, the most popular Business plan for only $99 a month, and the Agency plan for $199 a month.

Page Optimizer Pro

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        PageOptimizer Pro is for anyone who publishes content on the web and wants it to be better placed in Search Engines. Many users see quick ranking changes after using POP on their target web pages.


  • SEO Pro – A running PageOptimizer Pro on every single page working on to deliver peace of mind that SEO is generating maximum bang for the buck.
  • SEO Metrics – Keep your SEO agency or online marketing team in verification and confirm that their writing is well optimized for Google.
  • Technical Optimization – Using PageOptimizer Pro to show your clients that the content you are writing is SEO optimized, improving your credibility, and increasing your prices.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Pimp the SEO page on your pages that are already converting but just need more traffic.
  • Tools Recommendation – Use the score page to show your clients how much you've improved their SEO content.


      PageOptimizer Pro starts with its Basic plan for only $20 a month. Then, Premium plan for just $30 a month and the Unlimited plan for only $39 a month.

Cora SEOToolLab

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       Cora SEO Program is a professional SEO Diagnostics tool that tests up to 2040 ranking factors and recognizes the strongest ones, and tells you exactly how much of each one your page needs.


  • Adapt in Google Updates – Cora SEO Software is the only SEO tool on the market that automatically adapts to Google updates.
  • Keyword Ranking – This gives us valuable clues as to which factors appear to influence rankings the most for your keywords.
  • Keyword Density Report – In Cora, the density reporting is a research tool to have a better understanding of density’s role in search.
  • SEO Road Map – The road map shows the strong correlating factors that your web page is deficient in.
  • Intermediate Tunings – Keywords and “Match Words” are used interchangeably. They both refer to the variations that google makes bold in the search results for your search term.


      Cora SEOToolLab Software cost $250 per month and was considered the most popular client plan.

Text Tools

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         Text Tools is a content optimization software based on a TF-IDF and WDF-IDF that measures the quality of a body of text such as a web page.


  • Scientific Tool Optimizes Your Content – Text Tools produces a comprehensive analysis of semantically relevant words used in the top ranking web pages for the keyword search results.
  • Create Targeted Content For Your Niche – This semantic analysis recommends the best terms to be included in your text and how your competitors compare.
  • Analyze Your Market And Competitors – Gain insights into how high-ranking rivals produce their outcomes by objectively comparing their content to yours.
  • Get Better, More Stable Search Rankings – Boost the relevance of website content and make it more accessible for search engines.
  • Improve your Onpage SEO – Improve your SEO on-page by establishing quality content that every user and search engine will like.


       Text Tools offers a 3 Day Pass plan for only $9.97 within three days. However, Text Tools also has a Professional plan for just $37 a month and a Premium plan for only $67 a month.

        Search engine optimization is not as easy as it has ever been. Still, technology has evolved to meet the needs of marketers who need a scalable content strategy that reliably produces high-quality jobs. You can absolutely choose by now which Content Optimization Tool is more beneficial to you.

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