3 Best Deadline Funnel Alternatives For 2019

When it comes to scarcity marketing that includes the extensive use of countdown timer, deadline, etc. Deadline Funnel happens to be the most extensively used tool among marketers.

Scarcity marketing tools can largely help in creating an excellent demand for your products or services and convince visitors to consider buying them.

However, Deadline Funnel is a little expensive which is why a lot of users are actually looking for an Deadline Funnel alternative that would be equally powerful yet less expensive.

Hence, I tested some of the Scarcity Marketing tools available in the market and




Thrive Ultimatum

Lifetime updates

Evergreen Timer

Lifetime updates



In this post, I will share 3 of the best Deadline Funnel Alternative.

Thrive Ultimatum - #1 Deadline Funnel Alternative

Thrive Ultimatum is a brilliant scarcity tool that can be used to compel the customers to buy immediately by creating a fear of missing an amazing offer.

Many marketers have experienced huge success in conversion rates over the years after having used this brilliant tool.

However, the tool is available only as a WordPress plugin and can be used one a self-hosted WordPress site only.

3 Best Deadline Funnel Alternatives For 2019 1


  • Amazing design based
  • Time-based content change
  • Pre-built templates
  • Follow visitors timers
  • Lockdown feature
  • Change in functionality after conversion

3 Best Deadline Funnel Alternatives For 2019 2

As far as pricing is concerned, Ultimatum certainly offers users the lowest price to start with. Ultimatum is available as a plugin with $67 for a single site and $97 for unlimited sites. Also, you can have the complete Thrive Themes membership for as low as $19/mo (billed annually)

If you consider the pricing and features, the existing DF users can understand how impressive this plugin and definitely, no other plugin can be such an great Alternative.

Needless to say, Support is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of any online tools you use. You can submit your query or issue by filling up the contact form and the team usually responds pretty fast.

Evergreen Countdown Timer - Another Deadline Funnel Alternative

The Evergreen Countdown Timer powered by IntellyWP is yet another powerful tool and it can largely help you influence the decision of your visitors and persuade them to buy your products.

On top of that, it takes merely a few minutes to create an Evergreen Countdown Timer. Also, it would not be wrong to say that this tool has made the concept of scarcity marketing a lot simpler than ever before.


  • Easy and fast
  • Perfect Lead funnel environment
  • Easy to integrate with Email
  • Highly Customizable
  • Cookie and IP based tracking
  • Custom CSS
  • Redirect URLs

It is available in three plans; the Personal site plan (1 site ) for $37, the Marketer plan (2 to 5 sites) for $57 and the Hero plan (6 to 25 sites) for $97.

As far as support is concerned, it offers a forum in addition to a good Knowledge Base. You can log in to the Form to post your queries and issues.

OptinMonster Countdown Timer

OptinMonster Timer is one of the most extensively used scarcity marketing tools. Also, it comes with comprehensive functionalities to help you increase your sales.

Most importantly, it offers a very easy to use interface. This is the reason that a lot of people love using this tool. Further, it helps you create absolutely attractive time-limited offers.

Now, let us get down to the features of OptinMonster and why its an comparable Deadline Funnel Alternative.


  • Two powerful campaign modes: Static and Dynamic
  • For new product launches
  • For upcoming sales and events
  • Encourage sign ups and registrations for webinars and podcasts

OptinMonster is available in 4 plans; the Basic plan for $9/mo (billed annually), the Plus plan for $19/mo (billed annually), the Pro plan for $29/mo (billed annually), and the Growth plan for $49/mo (billed annually). Also, it offers a 14 days money back guarantee on all the plans.

OptinMonster undoubtedly has a very reliable Support. You can submit a ticket in case you have anything technical to ask. They usually respond pretty fast.


This pretty much brings us to the end of this Deadline Funnel Alternative. I carefully tested many tools to come up with these three amazing scarcity marketing tool as I found them a lot better than the others in all aspects.

However, as always, I suggest you give them all a good try at least once. After all, you never know which of these 3 tools is the most suitable for you unless you give them all a try.

As far as the pricing is concerned, I found the OptinMonster pricing to be a little expensive and feature wise, I found the Ultimatum a lot better than the Evergreen Countdown Timer and also, it is the lowest option available to start as Deadline Funnel Alternative in 2019.

3 Best Deadline Funnel Alternatives For 2019
3 Best Deadline Funnel Alternatives For 2019 3

When it comes to scarcity marketing that includes the extensive use of countdown timer, deadline, etc. Deadline Funnel happens to be the most extensiv

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