5 Best Divi Marketplaces to Buy Divi Child Themes & Layout

Divi products being extremely easy to use as well as cost-effective, many users prefer using them. If you are one of them, you are on the right page at the moment. Are you wondering as to what some of the best marketplaces to buy Divi Child Themes Layout from are? In this post, we bring to you 5 of the best marketplaces to buy Divi Child Themes Layout for you to choose from.

As a matter of fact, it took us many hours to prepare this amazing list for you and we hope you will like it as much as we did.

List of Divi Marketplaces in 2019

1. DiviCake

Divi Cake is one of the amazing Community Marketplaces that has been created with great commitment to help the Divi developers create stunning websites in the quickest possible time. The Divi Cake offers you lots of premium Divi products comprising Divi child themes, layouts, and plugins.

With Divi Cake, you can rest assured of exquisite themes at the most affordable prices. The premade layouts and plugins help you take your website design and functionality to its ultimate next level of brilliance.

In addition to this, you have the excellent blog to refer to for unimaginably useful tips and tutorials.

5 Best Divi Marketplaces to Buy Divi Child Themes & Layout 2

Divi Cake Products

Divi Cake offers users 181 Divi Layouts, 400 Child Themes, and 59 Plugins & Extensions to choose from.


As far as the pricing of Child themes in the Divi Cake is concerned, you can start for as low as $9.50 and the highest theme costs $199

The Divi Layouts in Divi Cake Marketplace can cost you up to $99 at the max and lowest price at which a Divi Layouts is available for is $1.25.

When it comes to Divi Plugins and Extensions, the lowest price you can have one is the Divi 404 Page Builder and it is available for $4.99. Toolset for Divi happens to be the add-on at the highest price of $99 in the Divi Cake Marketplace.

One great thing you can always have with the Divi Cake is the 24 hours money-back guarantee just in case you find a product not exactly as described in the Divi Cake website.

2. Elegant Marketplace

Elegant Marketplace is yet another Marketplace that offers you a wide range of child themes to select from. Also, it offers you the right tools to work from anywhere you like.

Most importantly, if you are looking forward to finding the best Layouts, Plugins, and Themes for a page builder based WordPress site, Elegant Marketplace has it all for you.

Apart from this, you can find the best guidance in the Elegant Marketplace blog and over the years, users found it to be extremely useful.

5 Best Divi Marketplaces to Buy Divi Child Themes & Layout 3

Elegant Marketplace Products

With the Elegant Marketplace, you can always rest assured of a wide variety of Plugins, Child Themes, and Layouts. Most importantly, it offers a stunning selection of products and you certainly do not need to try hard to make a perfect choice.


As far as the Divi Layouts are concerned, the Elementor Marketplace offers you to choose from the 3 Cloud Layouts plans. You can start for free and get lifetime access to just the plugin along with over 200 layouts and 1 new layout every month.

If you need more than that, you could consider choosing the Freelancer is available for $10/mo or $100/mo with unlimited cloud storage and 10 new layouts per month. For even higher resources, you could consider trying the Agency for $20/mo or $200/year

When it comes to Child themes, it can cost you from $29 to $149 and you can start with Divi plugins for as low as $10 in the Elegant Marketplace.

3. Divi.Space

Divi.Space is a perfect Marketplace for those who are looking for the best Divi plugins, Child Themes, and Layouts to extend the functionality of one's entire site to a massive extent.

In addition to this, it offers Divi courses to help you develop the most exquisite websites with the greatest ease. It is certainly one of the best Divi Market places to buy Divi Child Themes and Layouts.

5 Best Divi Marketplaces to Buy Divi Child Themes & Layout 4

Divi.Space Products

Divi.Space offers you the most powerful Divi plugins for your website. These plugins make a lot of room for customization and also, some plugins help you create your own widgets. If you are running a WooCommerce site, these plugins can certainly help you make the most out of it and turn it into a very profitable site.

As far as the Child themes are concerned, it offers a wide range of amazing child themes for various industries. Most importantly, using these child themes can save you a lot of time even if you start from scratch.

Divi.Space offers over 25 Dynamic Divi Layouts. The Divi Layouts offered in this Marketplace can certainly help you customize your website design to any desired extent.


When it comes to pricing, Divi.Space offers you two options to choose from; the Annual Membership for $149 and the Lifetime Membership for $399.

If you buy now, you can save 10% by using the coupon code ‘SAVE10‘

Also, it offers a money-back guarantee of 14 days from the date of purchase.

4. Mark Hendriksen

Mark Hendriksen website is another brilliant Marketplace for Divi Products and the site is named after the developer who, out of his deep fascination for Divi theme has come up with this dedicated platform for other Divi users.

The platform is especially good for those users who are just getting started with Divi. Apart from providing users with a wide variety of products, it offers excellent guides and tutorials alongside free Divi Layout packs to help users get the hang of the Divi products within the quickest possible time.

5 Best Divi Marketplaces to Buy Divi Child Themes & Layout 5

Mark Hendriksen Products

Mark Hendriksen offers a large number of Divi Child themes for all categories of users. Apart from this, it offers users a few powerful plugins to choose from as well.


In the Mark Hendriksen Marketplace, you can find a lot of stunning child themes and as far as the pricing is concerned, it ranges from $27 to $99.

However, there is an ongoing offer called, “Package Deal of the Month” wherein you get 3 Divi Child Themes with unlimited licenses for just $150. The actual price for the pack is $291.

5. Monterey Premier

Founded in the year 2015, Monterey Premier is a website design agency as well as a Divi Marketplace.

It puts a lot of emphasis on child themes more than any other products. In addition to this, it offers you a very useful blog to refer to.

5 Best Divi Marketplaces to Buy Divi Child Themes & Layout 6

Monterey Premier Products 

Monterey Premier Marketplace provides users with 7 great child themes to choose from.


As far as the pricing is concerned, it ranges from $20 to $75.

6. Divi Theme Center

With over 8 years of dedicated service, the Divi Theme Center is one of the finest Market places to buy Divi Products from. What gives it a leading edge over the other Marketplaces is the fact that the themes are developed in such a way that there is no need for any additional plugins or extensions. Also, it offers a huge variety of themes for all types of users.

5 Best Divi Marketplaces to Buy Divi Child Themes & Layout 7

Divi Theme Center Products

It offers a wide variety of Divi Child Themes and Layouts to help you create the website of your choice quicker than you can think of.


As far as the pricing is concerned, it ranges from $25 to $45. Also, there is an ongoing offer wherein you can save 10% on Divi Membership. So, hurry up, grab it before it ends.

7. Divi Layouts

If you have not heard of Divi Layouts yet, you are certainly missing on an amazing Marketplace that offers a huge variety of free layouts for different categories alongside a few of the paid layouts.

5 Best Divi Marketplaces to Buy Divi Child Themes & Layout 8

Divi Layouts Products

Just as the name is, it solely deals with layouts over 400 layouts for different categories.


Although most of its layouts are for free, some of the paid layouts cost from $12 to $55.


We completely understand the ease that Divi products offers and this is the reason that we tried out around 15 Marketplaces to finally come up with our list of the 6 Best Marketplaces to Buy Divi Child Themes and Layout.

However, we suggest you try them all out to find the perfect Divi Products for your website development.