5 Best Elementor Alternatives in 2022 – Which is Right For You?

Elementor is undoubtedly one of the most widely used WordPress page builders and has been around for quite some time. However, a lot relies on your comfort level with it, and many people find it a little too complicated to use.

If you're one of them, you'll be glad to know that we've put up a list of 6 distinct Elementor alternatives for you to select from in this post.

The best Elementor Alternatives are

1. Thrive Architect

From my honest review, Thrive Architect is the overall best Elementor Alternative. If you do not wish to spend hours building a dynamic website that is beautiful and functional at the same time, then Thrive Architect is your option.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect helps build your desired website without the use of a single code. This way, you don’t have to fret if you don’t know anything about coding. 


  • Users of Thrive Architect can customize their page according to their choice in a very easy manner.
  • The users can choose between the Sales, Opt-in, and Webinar pages.
  • Thrive Architect is a simple drag-and-drop builder that enables users to create mobile-friendly pages which are easy to use. 
  • This alternative comes with over 300 pre-designed templates to choose from in terms of design.
  • The users can remove or replace text, images, columns, add columns, and even custom their own fonts to make their website trendy.
  • Besides these designs, it also offers a wide range of conversion elements that help users create a dynamic website. 

The conversion elements include; Credit card icons, Contact forms, Pricing tables, Testimonials, Call to Action buttons, Lead Generation forms, Content boxes, and Social Share. The usage of Thrive Architect will enable you landing page for webinars, product launches, online courses, and many more. 

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The price range of Thrive Architect differs from person to person subjectively. The alternative offers three plans. The two of them are yearly, and one of them is monthly.

The monthly plan is called Thrive Membership, priced at $19 if paid annually. The next plan is called Single License and is priced at $67. This plan is a one-time payment. The last plan is the Five License Plan, priced at $97, and like the Single License, it is also a one-time payment.  

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2. Divi Builder 

Divi Builder is one of the affordable Elementor alternatives that I have experienced. This alternative is built upon Elegant Themes that is popular worldwide. It is a great theme for all web page designers.

Divi Builder

Divi Builder is a completely visual editor that works with ease and efficiency. It has unique designs and animation that enhance the quality of your page. 


  • Users of Divi Builder can create beautiful and dynamic pages according to their choice.
  • It is available in all themes and a page builder plugin.
  • Divi Builder offers a wide variety of designs. The drag and drop feature that it offers is widely popular among users.
  • It also provides multiple designs and element options

In terms of business, one can easily create optimized websites and have a return that will help boost your business. One can drive sales conversion by; Building a Marketing list with the help of bloom pop-ups, Promoting their website on social media with the help of social sharing features, and Increasing website conversions with Divi Leads split testing feature


Divi Builder offers two types of price ranges that are efficient and affordable to all. These price ranges will ensure that every user is satisfied with the end product. The two types of plans include a Yearly and Lifetime Membership plan. The Yearly Plan prices range to $89 yearly. The Lifetime Membership Plan costs $249 per year

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3. Beaver Builder 

The next alternative is Beaver Builder, the premium Elementor Alternative, which is for all aspiring web designers and freelancers. Beaver Builder is one of the best page builder plugins for WordPress. It also has excellent support that makes your life a little easy.

Beaver Builder

This plugin works with new and existing websites. It enables the users to develop a professional page that increases engagement of your website and, in turn, a successful business. 


  • Enables the blogger to create blogs at an increased time rate. Along with creating blogs, it also allows the user to create a decent website.
  • It also has SEO friendly theme builder that loads the pages faster than other alternatives.
  • It has mobile-friendly pages that are easily accessible. 
  • In terms of designs, the Beaver Builder offers pre-built templates that are easily customizable. It also provides 29 content modules. It also supports posts that are easy to use.
  • Users can design layouts and save them for later use to create a new page. They can also migrate their layout with other users with the help of import and export tools. 
  • The Beaver Builder comprises some other tools for freelancers, businessmen, graphic designers, different agencies, developers, and every other person who desires to use this software.
  • One can limit a client’s activity with the help of the editor mode. This way, one can prevent their client from breaking the website. 


The price range of Beaver Builder is spread out into three plans. In this way, every person who wishes to update their business can afford this software. The first plan is the Standard plan, priced at $99 per year. The Pro plan is priced at $199 annually. And the last plan, the Agency plan, is rated at $399 yearly. 

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4. Brizy 

Next on my list is Brizy, the best user-friendly Elementor alternative. If you are a person who does not know a thing about coding or developing apps but still wants to create an impactful website, then Brizy is made just for you.

5 Best Elementor Alternatives in 2022 - Which is Right For You? 1

Brizy is a user-friendly software that helps create a beautiful website in no time. The software is used for WordPress as well as Cloud. 


  • Drag and drop software is easy to use and understand. When you want impactful designs and templates, then you can undoubtedly trust Brizy.
  • It provides 440+ templates that are pre-built by the software. Y
  • ou can also create a pre-design layout, columns, popups, and blocks. Many loyal users love that the software offers an extensive template library to choose from. 
  • A feature that sets Brizy apart from others is adding desired YouTube or Vimeo Video. One can set these videos as a background for any block alleviating the look of your website.
  • Like other alternatives on the list, Brizy has three different user perspectives; Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet, granting every person access to the software. 
  • The software allows you to undo and redo content as per your choice. It also gives you the power to restrict access roles and levels while editing your website.
  • Brizy also allows you to copy and paste the content as you desire. One can use this software relatively quickly and hassle-free, thus making it one of the best Elementor Alternatives.


The price range of Brizy is divided into three plans, each plan better than the other. Besides these three plans, it also offers a free plan to those who wish to take a trial before buying the actual plans. The Personal Plan is priced at $49 annually. The second plan, the Studio plan, is rated at $99 per year. The last plan, the Lifetime Plan, is priced at $299, a one-time fee. 

5. GeneratePress Theme Builder 

GeneratePress Theme Builder is one of the lightweight Elementor alternative themes I had experienced. This software is lightweight and fast in terms of speed and functionality. It looks impressive and is compatible across all devices. 


It also has the feature to enable and disable things that you don’t want to keep running in the background.


  • The software is built so that it takes full advantage of WordPress Customizer. This alternative focuses on stability.
  • While other options are aimed at elegant designs and features, this software ensures that the website you are building is stable and runs for a long time.
  • It is also compatible with other popular plugins like WordPress. 
  • The software is primarily known for its decluttered layout. It does not take a genius to figure out simple tools and elements that the software offers.
  • If you are a person who loves customized home-screen and are fond of organized space, then the GeneratePress Theme Builder is just for you.
  • It is most popularly used for blogging and other personal uses. 
  • It also offers a time-saving panel that allows you to navigate other connected settings within a matter of a few seconds.
  • The alternative also provides flexibility when it comes to different designs and layouts. It is upon the user how they want to design their website. One can create their website in column format or grid format also. 


The price range of GeneratePress Theme Builder is spread across two plans mainly. The Free plan and the Premium plan. Other than these two, it also offers Yearly and Lifetime plans. The Yearly plan includes all premium features and access to the Site Website and costs $59. On the other hand, the Lifetime plan costs $249, a one-time payment. 

Which is the Right Elementor Alternative For You?

Thrive Architect is the overall best Elementor Alternative in my view. These were some of the best alternatives to Elementor Alternatives that are affordable and functional at the same time. Try Divi Builder if you are looking for an affordable Elementor Alternative. When you are going for a free alternative, then try Beaver Builder. When it comes to paid alternatives, then go for Thrive Architect and Divi. Happy Building!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best alternative to Elementor?

Thrive Architect is the best alternative to Elementor. With its 300+ customized templates and drag and drop editor, you can build your page easily.

Any Cheaper alternative to Elementor?

Divi is my next choice for a cheaper alternative to Elementor. Its yearly plans start from $89 including Divi Builder and Divi Themes.

Which tool is better than Elementor?

Thrive Architect is way better than Elementor. Its free features are more beneficial when compared to its pro version. It also provides 30 risk-free days to its users.