FastComet SpeedUp Review After Using For 18 Months


You might know I'm a big fan of FastComet.

This post is written by a personal hosting expert from my team who analyzed the new FastComet shared hosting plan "SpeedUp."

He writes how the new hosting plan may give a stiff competition to other hosting companies, and here you go. 

FastComet SpeedUp Review

Since I was a paying customer with FastComet for nearly 18 months, FastComet introduced the SpeedUp plan to existing customers before going public.


I moved a site which is on a shared hosting plan on another hosting company. While I discuss its features later, I would talk about its performance before it.

1. 3000ms response time to 135ms response time

The client site was hosted on some branded hosting company, and I moved the site to FastComet SpeedUp plan. Since there is a free website transfer option with every hosting plans, I used it to move the site.

The website is transferred with zero downtime, and my client is happy about it since the site was receiving over 4500 visits on that month.

The results are, site loading with 3169 milliseconds with the previous host, now loads with only 65 milliseconds with FastComet SpeedUp plan.

FastComet SpeedUp Review After Using For 18 Months 1FastComet SpeedUp Review After Using For 18 Months 2

Luckily my client monitored his website on uptime tool and thank him for this awesome screenshot.

I would like to explain the SpeedUp features and technical specifications here

FastComet SpeedUp features

  • 35 GB SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Traffic
  • Free Domain for Life
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • 24x7 Customer Support
  • Daily Backups from the past 30 days
  • Free Forever GlobalSign Private SSL

SpeedUp Technical Specifications

  • 6 Cores CPU
  • 6 GB RAM Availability
  • Patchman and Hosting Guard Security
  • 3x fewer Users per Server
  • 3x more CPU and RAM
  • PHP7 with APC & OPcache
  • Super-Fast Varnish Caching with SSL Support

Pros of FastComet SpeedUp Plan

While most parts got discussed in our review (, I will talk about few other things here.

#1 Fewer Users Per Server

Few users per server, that mean only few sites hosted on a single server. Take my site bloggingio which is itself hosted on a FastComet Speedup plan and only 100+ domains hosted on it.

FastComet SpeedUp Review After Using For 18 Months 3

I checked a competitor site which is hosted on $15.99 per month shared hosting plan ,here are the results 1000 sites hosted on a single server.

FastComet SpeedUp Review After Using For 18 Months 4

FastComet never over sell SpeedUp hosting packages since they built it for sites with heavy traffic, e-commerce sites with heavy resource hungry Magento websites.

#2 More CPU and RAM

Their servers are powered by Intel ® Xeon CPU and ECC RAM thus giving you a plenty of room to host your larger websites with zero downtime.

The more CPU and RAM ideally leads to fast loading sites and here is the results

#3 Five Layer Caching Mechanism

1. Varnish Cache

The fastest caching mechanism ever designed to load fastest loading sites. Varnish also powers websites like Wikipedia, FaceBook, Twitter ,Vimeo and Tumblr.

The main theme behind the usage of Varnish cache is to lower the TTFB (Time to first Byte) which is important to load your websites faster upto 10X.

2. PHP7 with APC

When PHP 7 combined with APC & OPcache it provides the fastest PHP execution time for websites.

APC is an Alternative PHP Caching that can cache objects of your website instead of the whole page.

3. OPcache

OpCode Caches are a performance enhancing extension for PHP. They do this by injecting themselves into the execution life-cycle of PHP and caching the results of the compilation phase for later reuse.

When this two bundled together, it helps the website to maintain traffic spike during simultaneous website visitors.

4. Memcached

Memcache mechanism deals with reducing the database load and optimizing it for the better loading thus leading to increased database performance

5. LiteSpeed LSAPI

Litespeed LSAPI is the latest addition to the FastComet caching mechanism. LiteSpeed Server Application Programming Interface (LSAPI) is designed specifically for seamless, optimized communication between LiteSpeed Web Server and third party web applications (source)

Apart from this five layer caching mechanism, FastComet does variety of optimization to fast loading sites and some of the techniques are

  • Google Pagespeed optimizer
  • CloudFlare CDN Caching
  • Mod_Expires
  • JavaScript bundling
  • AutoMinify
  • Browser optimization
  • Cache header optimization
  • Aggressive GZIP
  • Lossless data compression
  • Asynchronous resource loading.

#4 Patchman security

Patchman security costs $21/month while FastComet bundled it for free of costs to its customers. The patchman does identify and remove malware automatically.

You can also generate a report to check the removed contents that are affected by malware.

#5 30 days backups

They provide 3o full, unresrtricted backup access for 30 days, that mean they will store your website backup copies for 30 days and you can restore your site at anytime.

Apart from it, you can avail their 24x7 customer support and they will do these stuffs for you.

There are still many features yet to be discussed but you can learn more about it by visiting their official website.

SpeedUp vs Competitors

I'm comparing the SpeedUp plan with some competitors similar plan and here you go.

Features ~Brand

SpeedUp ~ FastComet

GoGeek ~ SiteGround

Platinum ~StableHost


$12.95 /month

$14.95 /month

$29.95 /month

Renewal Price

$12.95 /month

$29.95 /month

$29.95 /month

Caching Mechanism

5 layers

Three layers


Simultaneous connections








Free domain for life




GlobalSign SSL ($169/year)

Lifetime free



Wrapping Up

You can see FastComet Speedup plan is superior to most hosting providers both in terms of performance and support. 

You can try FastComet with their 45 days money back guarantee and hope you love it.

FastComet SpeedUp Review After Using For 18 Months
FastComet SpeedUp Review After Using For 18 Months 5
by Mohanraj
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  • Abdullah prem says:

    I am a huge fan of fastcomet and this is my second continuing with fastcomet and they are great in every aspects. ­čÖé

  • Alessio says:

    Hi from Italy Mohan:-)
    Interesting review..
    I had a bad experience with Siteground.. Fitst year was ok but, for saving money on renewal, I bought a new account and transfered my domains to new account (with new datacenter in Italy, recently added)..
    At this point problems began: some site transfered go incredebly slowly than previous account.. 10 seconds to load site instead of 2.5!!!
    I Think that they reserved for new account a very populated server..
    So I’m searching for a new hosting provider and I’m not so sure between A2 and FastComet.. What do you suggest for my needs of speed?
    One more question: what tool do you use for checking how many users share your assigned IP?

    • Mohan Raj says:

      If you’re considering speed as a factor, I would like to suggest you choose FastComet speedup plan which offers fewer websites per servers thus granting you fast loading sites. In comparison with A2 Hosting and FastComet, both the companies are relatively good but FastComet offers same renewal price while a2 Hosting charges higher than the usual amount. search as reverse IP lookup in Google, you will get a lot of sites to check the number of sites per servers.

  • Alessio says:

    Thank you for reply!
    I’ll try FastComet TODAY and I’ll tell you my results

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