Flywheel Black Friday Deals 2022 – 40% OFF

Flywheel Black Friday

The Flywheel Black Friday deals offer a massive three months of free hosting on its annual plans, which are of up to 40% OFF

The Flywheel is one of the best managed WordPress hosting which consistently proven its worth in providing top-notch services and innovative technologies. 

Flywheel Black Friday Deals 2022

Flywheel Black Friday Deals


This year Flywheel has come up with an exciting offer on its 2022 Black Friday Deal. By purchasing the annual plan, you will get a 3-month WordPress hosting for FREE. 

Remember, you will only get the 3-month free WordPress hosting experience on your site once you purchase the annual plan. To avail of the discount, buy any of your choice’s yearly plans based on your site needs, preference, and budget. 

Which Flywheel Black Friday Plan is Good For You?

There are four plans to get started with Flywheel during this Black Friday.

Tiny: The cheapest Managed WordPress hosting plan in the market. Ideal for starters who are getting started with their online business or blogging.

Starter: If you have a site that receives decent traffic and coming from shared hosting, then this is the ultimate plan for you.

Freelance: Ideal for pro marketers who run high traffic sites. Also, suitable for freelancers who handle clients' sites.

Agency: If you run a digital agency. This is the ultimate plan for you. On behalf of clients, you can create an account and bill them whatever you want.

Flywheel Black Friday Pricing

To understand the process of acclaiming this Flywheel Black Friday Deal, let us look at the comprehensive plans that it has come up with. 

Black Friday Pricing
  1. Tiny Plan:

This plan is particularly suitable for those freelancers or writers who do not expect much traffic on their website and can make do with a small audience. 

Price: $13 per month, one site, 5k monthly visits, 5GB disk space, and 20 GB bandwidth.

  1. Starter Plan:

This plan is suitable for personal bloggers and writers who have made a name and expect a sizable audience. This is my most recommended deal of this Black Friday, as you will be saving over 40% on annual plans.

Price- $25 per month, one site, 25k monthly visits, 10GB disk space, and 50 GB bandwidth

  1. Freelance Plan:

This plan is exclusively suitable for the freelancers who have a broad audience on their websites.

Price- $96 per month,  up to 10 sites, 100k monthly visits, 20GB disk space, and the bandwidth is 200 GB

  1. Agency Plan:

The agency plan is effectively suitable for giant corporations and agencies that manage a lot of websites. 

Price: $242 per month, up to 30 sites, 400k monthly visits, 50GB disk space, and 500 GB bandwidth

  1. Custom

For big businesses wanting to have a comprehensive site, this plan can make the most of your site. 

Pricing:  Contact support for custom pricing, 30+ sites, millions of monthly visits, custom disk space, and bandwidth.

Now that you have a quick look at the budget pricing for the different kinds of plans let us look at the method you can avail of your offer on the Flywheel 2022 Black Friday Deal.

Flywheel & its Features:

Flywheel Features


Flywheel provides you with a feature to stage your sites while you alter your website posts’ content.  This means that if you go online and make necessary changes to your content that you just posted, it will not be noticed by your live visitors.

FlyCache + CDN:

FlyChache is a proprietary caching engine that works alongside their CDN and serves cached content from POPs spread globally. 

Flywheel CDN

When visitors access your website, they receive content from the closest server to their geographical location. Hence, it reduces load time, ensures a high-quality experience, and better performance. 

Their CDN also provides full page caching with HTML to improve the TTFB or time to the first byte. 

Free Backups and 1-click restore:

The hosting will backup your site every single night automatically so that you never have to lose your content under any circumstance. It also reduces the need for you to install a backup plugin that can drain your site speed. 

Besides, your files remain stored for 30 days; hence, if you need, you can restore them anytime you want with 1-click. This way, you don't have to wait to install some plugins or updating your themes. 

Blueprints and site cloning: 

With Flywheel’s Blueprint feature, you can save a lot of your time struggling with your WordPress site. You will be able to create blueprints of your existing site, and its plugins and themes will automatically be saved for you to use in the future with a single click. 

Similarly, site cloning helps you create your site’s replica so that you don't have to make it from scratch. 


Flywheel ensures your site’s security and safety by protecting it at the server level, requiring you to install extra security plugins. In case your site gets hacked, they offer free malware removal.


You can also set up 2-Factor Authentication using a 3rd-party application or OTP through SMS for better protection. You will get protected from Brute force attacks, offers intelligent IP blocking, and updates your WordPress to its latest version for extra safety.  

Manage your WordPress site effectively using the SSH Gateway combined with MySQL, rsync, and WP-CLI to scale and automate your entire administrative tasks.

24*7 Customer Support

The great thing about Flywheel is the regular and continuous customer service that it provides you with once you purchase one of its plans. 

Even if something needs to be altered, removed, or fixed from your website, the active consumer support team is always alert to look after these problems immediately. 

Because of these efficient features, you can expect a steady workflow with zero buffering and breaks. 

How to Get Flywheel Black Friday Discount?

Begin by visiting the official site of Flywheel; you can go ahead and complete the process step-by-step to avail of Black Friday Deal 2022:

  • A sign-up process will appear before you. Fill in the necessary details to proceed from here. 
  • After you verify your details, go to the option which says ‘create new’ and fill in your account details. 
  • Click on the payment button to avail of your discount and Black Friday offer. 
  • The discount will be applied automatically to your final bill. This way, you can avail of the Flywheel Black Friday deal 2022.


All users have experienced a positive response from its web hosting services. Several successful freelancers and bloggers have made a name through the optimization of their content by Flywheel. 

With the information provided above, you can now avail of your discount by purchasing the annual plan and enjoy your 3-month free website hosting experience. Apart from this host, WPEngine is the only other brand to offer deals on managed WP hosting.