Google Workspace Starter Vs Standard

Google Workspace Business Starter vs Standard (Compared)

Google Workspace Starter Vs Standard

Through this Google Workspace Business Starter Vs Standard comparison post, I will be showing you the exact difference of each plan. In the end, you’ll be able to choose the best Google Workspace plan for your business.

Google Workspace is the updated version of G-suite that is a bundle of all the Google productivity tools. 

This time, Google has allowed deeper integration between applications to provide an advanced user experience. It has managed to cover today’s need of users and built a platform to help everyone who is currently struggling to manage their business remotely. 

The platform offers its users to choose between 4 unique pricing plans according to their business requirements.

The following article will describe the difference between two of its plans- the Business Starter and Business Standard. I hope it helps you decide which plan you should buy for your business.

Google workspace Business Starter vs Standard: Overview

Business Starter

Business Starter is the first plan of Google’s workforce. It offers you all the basic google productivity tools like Gmail, Drive, Meet, Calendar, Chat, Docs, and many more. This plan will be suitable for small scale businesses with a limited number of members. 

The plan offers a maximum of 1-300 participants while video calling and provides each user with a storage capacity of 30GB. But it allows a maximum of 100 user participation per meeting. 

All your business data will be safe in a cloud platform, and the fun fact is Google itself works on the same cloud platform as its users. 

The plan allows you to customize your Gmail domain name. People mostly switch it with their business name to represent themselves as a legitimate sender. 

You will have full control over your Google Workspace account and analyze its growth with all the detailed reports present on the admin portal.

Business Standard

Business Standard is one of the most popular plans of Google workspace. The plan can accommodate up to 300 users and provide each one with 2 TB of cloud storage. It includes all the features of the Google Workspace Business Starter along with some additional services.

The plan allows a maximum of 150 participants on Meet at a time. The admin can also save the recording of the discussions in the Drive. Not only this, the plan gives an advanced chatting experience with a cloud search option. All of these features are missing in the starter plan. 

Google workspace Business Starter vs Standard: Resource limits

The Google Meet tool enables group video calling between members. 

Both the Business Starter and Business Standard are professional suites that can accommodate up to 300 users.  

But the meeting is limited to only 24 hours at a strength. If you have 300 members in your team, then it will not be possible for you to allow all the members simultaneously in both plans. 

Google Meet Difference

The maximum user participation per meeting is 150 at a time for Business Standard, whereas 100 for the Business Starter.

Business Starter provides 30GB of cloud storage to each member, which you can use to store Google photos, Gmail messages, and other essential files in Google Drive. The Business Standard, on the other hand, offers 2TB of storage capacity.

Google workspace Business Starter vs Standard: Available applications

Both the plans include all basic Google productivity tools like:

  • Gmail- It gives you access to customize your Gmail domain name and allows easy integration of chats and Docs.
  • Drive- You can store all your important documents. It supports a super-secure cloud storing system.
  • Meet- The tools give you a smooth group video calling experience with the access to record and save the meetings on drives.
  • Calendar- You can embark on all your important meetings and personal appointments in the Calendar. 
  • Chats- It proffers a smooth one-o-one and group chatting experience. You can also integrate it with other Google productivity tools.
  • Docs- The user can easily create, edit, and share docs with limited access to all the members.
  • Sheets- It is mostly used to handle extensive data and present it in a structured spreadsheet form.
  • Slides- Through this, you can easily represent complex data into slides. The tool offers multiple templates that are simple and elegant.
  • Keep- It allows you to keep track of all the activities and make a to-do-list that is sharable with other members.
  • Sites- You can present important reports in a sleek and structured way to clients.
  • Forms- Use the tool to create survey forms with detailed analysis of responses through charts.
  • Current- It can be used as a social media page for your business, where you can add photos, videos, graphics with hashtags.

The one tool that is missing in the starter plan is Cloud search. It allows you to perform 1st party search in your cloud storage. This will help users to find any type of information with ease.

If you are a freelancer or small business, you often don't need the Cloud search feature and get a Business starter for better savings.

Google workspace Business Starter vs Standard: Security

Starter and Standard Security Features

Google Workspace offers premium security features in both the starter and standard plan. It allows 2-step verification, where the end-user has to answer a few questions to log in to its account.

The admin can create multiple group-based policies to protect your business from any third-party logins and suspicious behavior. 

You can also enable the Advanced Protection Programme, where it uses a high-tech machine learning technology that continuously scans your Google workspace account for untrussed apps, phishing emails, spam, or any other security threats.

Let’s talk about the two more big features that Business Standard offers:

  • Vault- This allows us to store, archive, search, and retain all the confidential data. The admin can also put a security control, so whenever a person uses this feature, the administrator account will get a notification.
  • Secure LAPD- Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LAPD) is where all the user’s names and passwords are stored. No third-party users can log in to the workplace without registering this security information.

Google workspace Business Starter vs Standard: Pricing

The Google Workspace Business Starter pricing will be $6 per user every month, whereas the Standard plan costs $12 per user per month. 

Both the platforms offer a lot of useful Google tools and a secure network that enables smooth integrations. This Google Workspace Review explains the list of advanced features the platform will provide to your business on upgrading the higher plan.


Google workspace is a very safe platform to push all your primary business activity online. Both platforms have their unique advantages. Thus, go for a plan that suits your requirements, or you can start with the Business Starter plan and upgrade it when required.

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