HostGator Alternatives

15 Best HostGator Alternatives For 2022 – Which Is Right For You?

HostGator Alternatives

HostGator is certainly one of the big names in the web hosting world as it’s been around for many years. However, things have changed drastically over the years, and web hosting has undoubtedly got a lot complex by now.

Let us discuss more the HostGator alternatives here.

The Best HostGator Alternatives Are

1. FastComet

In our thought, FastComet is the overall best HostGator Alternative. Features like cheaper renewals, Free Domain transfer, and industry best average support time make them attractive.

15 Best HostGator Alternatives For 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 1

On the contrary, HostGator lacks a lot of areas, and one of such areas happens to be the support.

Check our FastComet Vs to clearly understand why FastComet is way ahead in speed, support, and features. With Cheaper renewal plans and free domain, the transfer makes them attractive and ten data center locations across the globe compared to US-only datacenter with HostGator.

Apart from it, you'll also be getting quick, friendly, and highly knowledgable customer support throughout the 365 days, where they even do free malware removal for better protection.

2. LiquidWeb

The next advanced VPS HostGator alternative is LiquidWeb. When I tested Liquid Web, I found the service to be by far better and refined than that of HostGator. Everything is just so well managed when it comes to Liquid Web.

15 Best HostGator Alternatives For 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 2

Furthermore, the hosting company offers a lot of advanced features for absolutely free of any cost while

Comparing the plans, you can understand the real things. You know what it means, unlimited bandwidth, nothing more to explain. SSD disks operate 2x faster, thus delivering faster load time for end-users. Also, Liquid Web offer addons by which you can use additional SSD spaces without moving to higher plans, which completely lacks in other plans.

For every plan, you will be getting 100% uptime SLA with constant monitoring of servers. The free SSL and Cloudflare CDN integration powered with powerful DDOS protection makes them one of the best VPS hosts you need to use. With this, I conclude Liquid Web as the Cheapest For HostGator Dedicated Server with cPanel.

3. Kinsta

Kinsta is another excellent WordPress Alternative to HostGator, and it offers a fully managed environment with cutting-edge technology. Also, it has the advantage of using the Google Cloud Platform. With Kinsta, users can simply rest assured of the perfect hosting for their websites, irrespective of their categories.

Kinsta Reviews

Also, Kinsta keeps its interface really simple and easy for its users to have perfect control of their hosting accounts with very knowledgeable and friendly Customer Support. Also, users can easily find the support team 24X7 by their side to help them with any query or issue.

4. SiteGround

Next on the list is the cheapest Non-EIG HostGator Alternative, SiteGround. The alternatives list is incomplete without mentioning SiteGround. The best thing, SiteGround grew exceptionally well when HostGator was at its peak, so you can estimate how good the company is.

15 Best HostGator Alternatives For 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 3

Based on Hostingstep data, the SiteGround has 99.99% uptime on a 365-day average and 300-350 average load time with the fastest customer support via tickets, chat, and phone.

5. A2 Hosting

Next, I tried A2 Hosting, the fastest HostGator Alternatives. A2 Hosting is one of the oldest hosting companies and has the most reliable service.

15 Best HostGator Alternatives For 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 4

The company has largely proved it over the years. A2 is especially well known for its blazing-fast page loading speed. If we consider its track record so far, it has been simply outstanding.

We tested every aspect of its service, and we could hardly find any cons in it. What makes it one of the best HostGator Alternatives is that it has a very dedicated customer support team alongside the right mix of features. Also, the A2 features are far more advanced than those of HostGator. Hence, if you are looking for better service than HostGator offers, you certainly ought to give A2 a good try.

A2 offers users a 99.9% Uptime guarantee backed by ultra-reliable servers and hardware of top-notch quality and offers free automated backups to secure your website data. The servers provide optimized page loading speed supported by the industry's best speed technologies such as PHP 7, SSD, and Global servers alongside turbo server option.

The Guru Support happens to be one of the best customer support teams to keep you out of worry 24×7 via phone, chat, and tickets and A2 provides users with high levels of security with constant monitoring besides excellent security practices.

6. TMDHosting 

One of the popular Reseller HostGator Alternative TMDHosting is next on our list. Needless to say, TMDHosting has experienced increasing popularity even though it is comparatively a pretty new Hosting company.

15 Best HostGator Alternatives For 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 5

This clearly reflects what a brilliant job it has done so far. TMDHosting offers you a wonderful mix of various powerful features.

When I checked the various important aspects of this Hosting Company, I didn’t find it to fall short of anything, and I thought TMDHosting is being able to maintain a stable and good service throughout, and no wonder why there has been a spectacular growth in its popularity over the years.

7. Interserver

Interserver is the affordable HostGator Alternative. Interserver offers comparatively more resources than HostGator and is pretty cheap. Also, it has a leading edge over HostGator in terms of security.

15 Best HostGator Alternatives For 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 6

It started in 1999, and the company certainly has a nice mix of the most advanced features alongside a very affordable price. This is why it has mainly been able to draw users' attention from all parts of the world over the years. 

As we compared Interserver with HostGator, we found every aspect of it much better than that of HostGator.

Apart from this, it has one of the most exemplary Customer Support in all senses, characterized by knowledgeable, fast, and friendly assistance 24×7. This pretty much makes it one of the most powerful HostGator Alternatives.

Interserver has its server and hardware constantly monitored by the most knowledgeable technicians. This helps it ensure 99.9% Uptime with Global CDN to help users deliver content efficiently to their global audiences.

The company offers users very reliable support via 24×7 live chat, phone, and tickets which also provides very tight security, which is characterized by Auto virus scans, in-house malware database, Firewall based on Machine Learning, and more.

8. DreamHost

The cPanel HostGator Alternative, DreamHost, has had a brilliant journey so far. Over the years, it has largely been able to exceed the expectations of its users through its secure and stable service. 

15 Best HostGator Alternatives For 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 7

The Company is among those companies that put a lot of emphasis on security, and it certainly offers the most secure hosting environment to host your website. Also, this holds true for all types of users. Besides, it provides users the right amount of resources.

As far as the other features are concerned, they are pretty much reliable and much more advanced than those of HostGator. Also, the DreamHost customer support team is ranked among the best support teams, which makes it one of the most acceptable HostGator Alternatives.

Dreamhost offers users a 100% Uptime Guarantee backed by its 24×7 proactive monitoring of server and hardware. You can rest assured of an exceptional page loading speed.

DreamHost takes your privacy very seriously and has a strict anti-spam policy, and has one of those customer support teams that are extremely fast, knowledgeable, and friendly with the right mix of security features comprising Multi-factor authentication, auto-enabled sFTP, and Free SSL certificate by Let's Encrypt

9. GreenGeeks

Another reliable HostGator Alternative, GreenGeeks, is the next you can go with. It has an entirely advanced approach to web hosting, and one of its most salient features happens to be the Built-in Scalability feature that makes it a lot different and advanced from the other companies.

15 Best HostGator Alternatives For 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 8

Considering GreenGeeks being 100% US-based, running the business since 2008 independently, and not getting acquired by EIG hosts, I can bet this can be a good option ahead of HostGator.

If we consider features like speed, security, and uptime, I found them to be up to the mark with Highly Scalable High-speed servers with daily backups and advanced security. The stable uptime and 24×7 support are some of the most trademark features of GreenGeeks.

10. InMotion Hosting

Next, I recommend InMotion Hosting as the best HostGator alternative for small businesses. It has remarkably offered the right platform to host many small, medium, and big businesses. Since its inception, it has emphasized empowering online companies with the right hosting. 

Inmotion WordPress Black Friday

Every plan comes with the right amount of resources and, of course, the right mix of features. Also, the service comprises advanced security features such as DDoS Protection and a custom firewall that make your website perfectly secure all the time.

InMotion certainly is a lot better than HostGator in many ways, and it is undoubtedly, one of the best HostGator Alternatives. It is one of those companies that offer excellent transparency in all aspects. As far as its customer support is concerned, you can completely depend on it as the support executives are perfectly trained, knowledgeable, and ever willing to help the users.

Setting up a website with InMotion is ridiculously easy with 1 click installer and drag and drop builder, and with advanced smart routing technology, it offers  99.99% network uptime. InMotion provides users with unimaginably fast loading times backed by SSD, PHP 7, and custom server caching.

Dreamhost offers your website unbeatable security comprising hack protection, custom firewall, and DDoS Protection and provides users with 24×7 support via phone, chat, email, and tickets.

11. WP Engine

Coming up next is WP Engine, the fastest alternative to HostGator WordPress hosting. It was started in the year 2010, and it is one of those companies that have laid utmost emphasis on technology. As a matter of fact, it offers users a secure, stable, and intuitive hosting experience. 

15 Best HostGator Alternatives For 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 9

What is most commendable about this company is that it has a balanced mix of all the important features required to constitute a perfect digital experience. 

Over the years, it has helped users host different websites with the greatest ease. Also, it offers users different tools to keep their websites optimized all the time. As far as the support is concerned, it maintained an excellent track record as well, and as a matter of fact, WP Engine is considered to have one of the best support teams. 

However, as we compared its service with that of HostGator, we found HostGator to be by far lagging behind WP Engine. It certainly is one of the excellent HostGator Alternatives.

WP Engine offers you lightning-fast page loading times backed by Evercache and Cloudflare CDN with features such as auto backups, auto-updates, and constant monitoring of server and network make the environment safe and secure.

Scaling up your cloud resources with the growing need of your business is unimaginably easy with WP Engine Hosting and Optimizing your site is a lot easier than you possibly think as WP Engine offers users many advanced tools. The support is highly reliable, and it comprises support via phone, email, and live chat.

12. Web Hosting Hub

The next best HostGator Alternative is Web Hosting Hub. As far as uptime and speed are concerned, it is pretty reliable. It makes a lot of room for the users to concentrate on their core business.

15 Best HostGator Alternatives For 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 10

Web Hosting Hub started in 2010, and with over 8 years of brilliant service, it is one of the best HostGator Alternatives. What makes it a fantastic benefit is that it keeps things really very simple or its users backed by a very dedicated team of experts. 

Another feature that makes it a lot better than the other hosting companies is its 90-day money-back guarantee. In contrast, most of the other companies offer 30 days money-back guarantee. 

When it comes to Customer Support, it is by far more reliable than that of HostGator, and all these make it one of the perfect HostGator Alternatives. which offers users a Free SSL and a Free Domain.

The company offers an exceptionally fast page loading speed backed by 20X Faster SSDs and a brilliant 24×7 US Based Support via live chat, phone, and tickets and guarantees you 99.9% Uptime backed by 24×7 monitoring of server and network by the experts. Also, it offers users a 100% money guarantee within 90 days of their purchase.

13. HostPapa

HostPapa is the next finest HostGator Alternative to you. It has certainly come a long way, and all along this journey, it has mainly been able to keep its users happy in all aspects.

15 Best HostGator Alternatives For 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 11

HostPapa happens to be one of the most acceptable options for Hosting for small businesses and a greater Canada-based HostGator Alternative. It is affordable, and at the same time, it has the right mix of features. 

What is really commendable about this host is that it has the right mix of advanced technology and simplicity. Upgrading takes merely a single click of the mouse. Also, it makes it pretty simple for businesses to scale up their resources as per their growing need. 

Also, it has outstanding customer support, which is characterized by fast and friendly assistance. This makes it one of the brilliant HostGator Alternatives.

HostPapa offers you a breakneck speed and a very reliable uptime backed by fully managed servers with the best technology at the place, and users have the advantage of an exceptionally friendly control panel, easy-to-use tools, and a dashboard.

With the high level of security with the best technology alongside perfect server and network monitoring, you can rest assured of award-winning support via phone, chat, and tickets always by your side with free domain transfer and free website migration with perfect assistance at every step.

14. ChemiCloud

ChemiCloud, one of the most reliable HostGator hosting services because of the right mix of all the advanced features. Over the years, it has succeeded mainly in drawing users' attention worldwide by features such as free domain alongside a stable uptime. 

15 Best HostGator Alternatives For 2022 - Which Is Right For You? 12

As far as the speed is concerned, ChemiCloud sites load at a lightning-fast speed backed by the industry's best speed technologies. It also has extremely dedicated support to help users with their queries and issues 24×7. Needless to say, ChemiCloud is one of the best HostGator Alternatives to try out.

ChemiCloud has the top quality hardware in conjunction with 24×7 server monitoring, and this helps it ensure a reliable 99.9% Uptime. You do not have to buy a domain separately since you can have a free domain forever with every plan.

As far as the speed is concerned, it offers you a blazing fast speed backed by LiteSpeed Caching, HTTP/2, PHP 7, free CDN, and 100% SSD storage, and the company ChemiCloud has maintained a brilliant track record so far for its fast and friendly support via live chat and tickets.

Check ChemiCloud Reviews in 2022.

15. Cloudways

Cloudways, the fully managed cloud Alternatives of HostGator, is one of those companies that incorporate the industry's best technologies in their service. The company has been known for its fast and reliable service. 


Even though it has the most advanced features, it still keeps things pretty user-friendly, and users can always have great control in managing their hosting account. Also, it has a very caring and proactive support team, making it one of the best HostGator Alternatives.

Cloudways offers you an extremely fast page loading using the industry’s best speed technologies, including Optimized Stack, Advanced Caching, PHP 7, and CloudwaysCDN. As your business starts to grow, you can easily scale up your cloud resources with Cloudways as per the need without any downtime.

Over the years, Cloudways support has assisted and satisfied its users to its best potential via phone, chat. Emails and Cloudways security comprises the best security technologies with proactive server and hardware monitoring.

As far as the setup is concerned, Cloudways lets you set up your website with the greatest ease without needing much time.

16. Hostwinds

And, the last on the list of affordable HostGator alternatives is Hostwinds. It comprises a powerful blend of features. Most importantly, it is based on advanced technology, which helps it ensure a stable uptime and a very fast page loading speed. 

Hostwinds VPS Home

On top of that, the company has an exceptional customer support team that is pretty knowledgeable, friendly, and fast in assisting the users with their technical difficulties and queries. Hostwinds is one of the best HostGator Alternatives, for sure.

Hostwinds has always maintained a very reliable uptime. It assures you of 99.9% uptime and is one of those hosting companies that use cutting-edge technology. This is why your site has the advantage of its exceptionally fast servers. 

The Hostwinds support team is yet another extremely dedicated and knowledgeable team of experts assisting users 24×7 via phone, chat, and emails with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

What to look for in choosing HostGator Alternatives?

As a company that grew exponentially faster, HostGator made them increase the profit further. This leads to the introduction of a lot of upsells. While most companies started offering free Let's Encrypt SSL when Google made SSL a mandatory factor, HostGator wasn't ready to work on it and tried to sell paid SSLs, which caused significant outrage among existing customers (just think your neighbor utilizing free SSL from companies like SiteGround and you're spending money for SSL)

Backups are critical for any business, and companies like FastComet offer daily and weekly backups and restore for up to 30 days. The thing is different with HostGator, where the free backup option is scheduled weekly at random times, thus upselling their code guard backup for $2/month, which makes your hosting cost increase by $24 yearly.

Likewise, there are a lot of drawbacks like slow customer support, high renewals, etc. make people actually look for alternatives for better savings and performance.

Which is the Right HostGator Alternative For You?

I would recommend FastComet as the overall best HostGator Alternative. When it comes to affordability, then go for SiteGround, InterServer, and Hostwinds. You can also go for the fastest HostGator Alternative, A2 Hosting.

I hope the article might help you land the HostGator Alternative for you. Make sure you give a try to all the alternatives that suit your business the best! Cheers!

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