GreenGeeks Review 2022: Features, Performance & Support


This GreenGeeks Review talks about new performance of GreenGeeks websites, support and pricing.

When choosing a hosting provider, several aspects need your consideration. You have to check the reliability, performance, security, and features to support your website and make it a great place for your customers.

GreenGeeks is one of the promising service providers that you can count on.  

With their experience of over a decade, they have a decent reputation in the industry as well as among customers. They also exercise environment-friendly practices and are one of the very few to offer an affordable hosting solution.

Hence, it’s time we must start reviewing every aspect of its hosting service along with the price.

So, let’s begin the GreenGeeks review!

GreenGeeks Hosting Overview

  • Founded: 2021
  • Founder: Trey Gardner
  • Headquarters: California, USA
  • Hosting Plans: Shared, WordPress, VPS & Dedicated
  • Website:

GreenGeeks Hosting Pros

GreenGeeks Plans are Cheapest

Price is a big consideration for individual bloggers or startups due to limited budgets. At this time, it’s better to compare which hosting you can best afford to, without compromising on important aspects like performance and security.

GreenGeeks Review 2022: Features, Performance & Support 1

Fortunately, GreenGeeks offers the cheapest price in the hosting space. You see, it offers an introductory price at just $2.95/month. And this is not the end of it, you get a free domain name as well. 

So, you can register a fresh domain name or transfer your existing one with them without investing extra money. 

GreenGeeks Tech Stacks

In order to run your website well, a high-performing server configuration is always desirable. For this, GreenGeeks utilizes the latest and innovative technologies like the ultra-fast LiteSpeed Web Server and MariaDB to fuel your site performance.  

GreenGeeks Review 2022: Features, Performance & Support 2

Additionally, GreenGeeks takes care of site performance as a whole by offering scalable resources so you can add extra RAM or memory in need and several data centers to enjoy faster page loading. It also offers LSCache – the caching technology for you to harness its power to further increase the page loading speed.  

GreenGeeks also provides the latest versions of PHP 7 and HTTP/3 to strengthen your development team. 

GreenGeeks Review 2022: Features, Performance & Support 3

GreenGeeks offers 100% US-based Support

No machine is 100% efficient. There might be the likelihood of circumstances where you would need expert support with your website. At this time, only knowledgeable persons can help to deliver the exact solution.

GreenGeeks Review 2022: Features, Performance & Support 4

We found GreenGeeks’s 24/7 US-based customer support to be good in terms of solving issues while maintaining professionalism. You can call them anytime to seek help via three modes – phone, chat, and ticket; which many service providers don’t provide for free. 

Get Unlimited Everything on all GreenGeeks Plans

When you check the pricing list of GreenGeeks for web hosting, you could spot so many “unlimited” offerings. It means that the hosting provider offers so many features and essentials to keep running your website without any restrictions. 

GreenGeeks Review 2022: Features, Performance & Support 5

For the starting plan, i.e., Lite, you get unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth for transferring your data. But if you compare it with other hosting providers, you can realize how much extra functionality GreenGeeks offers for free. 

Similarly, in higher plants, you get unlimited websites along with web space and data transfer along with enhanced performance. 

GreenGeeks Free Website Migration

There are hosting providers out there offering site migration by charging you hefty amounts. It again becomes a constraint for beginners

GreenGeeks Review 2022: Features, Performance & Support 6

GreenGeeks, on the other hand, doesn’t charge a single penny for site migration. So, if your site is hosted somewhere else, the expert site migrators of GreenGeeks can help transfer your website to their own servers, free of cost. 

Dedicated IP on GreenGeeks Premium plan 

If you have a dedicated IP address, you are the sole user of it. It gets tied to your website domain name. It’s analogous to your home and its address. While your dedicated IP address is the physical address where your home is located, your website is your home. 

Its advantages are:

  • You can access your website easily
  • Protects your email reputation and business identity
  • A requirement while installing an SSL certificate
  • Improves SEO

GreenGeeks offers a dedicated IP address for free on its top plan so you can reap its extended benefits. 

GreenGeeks In-house developed security 

GreenGeeks is endowed with in-house developed security features to provide superior protection to your website. It uses container-based technology for the scalability and security of hosting accounts. With account isolation, it keeps your website fast.

GreenGeeks ensures maximum uptime with redundant hardware along with continuous server monitoring. To safeguard your website from online threats, it offers real-time security scanning. GreenGeeks automatically updates your applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. 

With in-built spam protection, GreenGeeks helps reduce the number of received spams. It offers nightly data backup to make sure your website data is safe from accidental erasure or hardware failure. 

GreenGeeks SSL/ CDN/ SSD

With GreenGeeks as your hosting companion, you get an SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt absolutely free. Additionally, there are premium SSLs that are also available that you can upgrade to for better site credibility. 

If you browse the internet for online shopping, social media, or any other websites, every time you interact with a CDN. Hence, it plays an instrumental role in your global reach.

The good news is GreenGeeks offers a free CDN, allowing you to optimize your site to reach your customers from anywhere across the globe. 

Furthermore, GreenGeeks uses the latest RAID-10 SSD technology for enhanced performance and maximum redundancy. 

GreenGeeks Latest News

Apart from the above-mentioned pros, check out some more points to understand GreenGeeks’s hosting solution better. 

  • 1-click WordPress install
  • Environment-friendly as it compensates 3x the amount of energy it consumes out of the grid with renewable energy credits. 
  • Drag and drop builder for free
  • Free email accounts
  • cPanel and Softaculous
  • Unlimited sub and parked domains along with MySQL databases
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

GreenGeeks Hosting: Cons 

Price increase for renewals

While the introductory plans are one of the most affordable options available at just $2.95/month, the renewal charges are eye-popping. 

To continue using the hosting service, the price jumps to $9.95/month for Lite, $14.95/month for Pro, and $24.95/month for Premium plan. 

This is a pretty huge jump that many people would not like to incur. 

GreenGeeks: Plans and Pricing

  • Lite: $2.95/month, 1 site, unlimited webspace, and data transfer
  • Lite: $5.95/month, unlimited sites, webspace, and data transfer
  • Lite: $11.95/month, unlimited sites, webspace, and data transfer

GreenGeeks User Reviews

Speaking of performance in terms of speed and uptime along with in-built security and customer support, GreenGeeks is great. Plus, the introductory price is low with a free domain name. Hence, you can consider this hosting provider, if the renewals rates seem okay to you.

Checkout GreenGeeks users reviews below.

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