HostPapa Vs GoDaddy 2020

Are you a little confused about HostPapa vs GoDaddy?

This post will help you comprehend the important aspects of both the HostPapa and GoDaddy services. Some aspects are such as pricing, support, and performance.

By the end of this post, you will certainly be able to break the HostPapa vs. GoDaddy confusion and have no difficulty in finding the most suitable web hosting service for your purpose.

HostPapa Vs GoDaddy Summary

The HostPapa and Kinsta compete with each other when it comes to pricing. HostPapa was primarily a web hosting company that offers affordable hosting with complete features and on the other hand, GoDaddy is primarily a domain management company that also offers cheap hosting solutions but with a lot of upsells and limited features.

The company HostPapa was founded in 2006 and is one top providers of different web hosting services. The provider has been delivering a reliable uptime ever since it was founded and has its data centers all across the US, Europe, and Asia.

HostPapa also provides users with a very easy-to-use website builder, intuitive control panel, and FREE SSL on all plans. The service also has a fast and friendly customer support service and loved with the performance, I also wrote a HostPapa review in recent times.

GoDaddy was founded in 1997 with its headquarters in the United States in the state of Arizona. The provider puts a lot of focus on security and performance backed by a very dedicated team of experts.

The provider also has a powerful global network and has a pretty reliable Customer service too.

HostPapa Vs GoDaddy Performance

To compare the GoDaddy & HostPapa performance, I hosted a demo site on each of the platforms. As I tested the speed and uptime of my demo sites over 6 months, my GoDaddy site reflected an average uptime of 99.97% and an average speed of 1554ms.


My HostPapa website reflected an uptime of 99.99% and a speed of 800ms on an average. This makes HostPapa the clear winner. However, GoDaddy offers a decent performance too.

HostPapa vs GoDaddy Security

HostPapa hosting service comes with Free SSL and we all are pretty much aware as to how important it is to use SSL these days. Apart from that, HostPapa has various other advanced security options such as Protection Power, SiteLock, and Automated Website Backup.

GoDaddy Hosting service does not provide customers with a FREE SSL certificate on the low tier plans. Free SSL is only available on the high tier plans such as Ultimate and Maximum.

However, all plans include 24×7 monitoring alongside DDOs protection.

Website Migration

HostPapa gives customers professional assistance in every step of migrating your site from its old web hosting platform to HostPapa. The provider does not charge any extra price for it and ensures there is no downtime.

Besides transferring all your website files and databases, the HostPapa professionals would also have your domain name nameservers point your domain to HostPapa servers.

GoDaddy doesn't provide free site transfer.

This gives HostPage an advantage over GoDaddy since using FTP can be a little technical for some less tech-savvy customers.

Data Centers

The provider HostPapa has its main data center in Toronto, Canada. However, their overall presence includes data centers all over the world. Their point of presence or PoPs is based out of 102 cities in 50 different countries.

If you choose GoDaddy they have their own data center in Phoenix, Arizona. However, GoDaddy doesn't provide clear information on their server locations.


HostPapa has high-end customer support 24/7 through email, fax, phone, and live chat. Apart from this, they have self-help videos that can clarify most of your questions.

GoDaddy offers 24/7 customer support through phone, live chat, and email with the most knowledgeable and friendly executives.

HostPapa Vs GoDaddy Pricing

HostPapa has three plans for their customers to choose from. They are Starter, Business, and Business pro.

Starter for $3.95 includes support for 2 websites, Free domain registration, 100GB Disk Space, Unmetered Bandwidth, FREE SSL, and other essential functionalities.

Business for $3.95 comes with unlimited site support, unlimited bandwidth and various advanced options such as unlimited add-on domains, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MYSQL databases, and 2X CPU and MYSQL resources in addition to the Starter plan features

Business Pro for $12.95 includes various performance enhancement and Security features in addition to the features included in the Business plan.

All HostPapa plans are covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

GoDaddy, on the other hand, offers four hosting plans that are as Economy, Deluxe, Ultimate, and Maximum. Economy for $5.99 includes 1 site support and comprises 100 GB storage, unmetered bandwidth, and 10 databases.

With GoDaddy Coupons, you can save some money but not efficient for big savings.

Deluxe for $7.99 comes with unlimited site support, unlimited storage, and 25 databases.

Ultimate for $12.99 comes with 2x Processing Power, unlimited databases, Free Premium DNS, and Free SSL Certificate – 1 year in addition to the features of Deluxe.

Maximum comprises FREE SSL for the full term of the hosting plan apart from all the features included in the Ultimate plan.

All the hosting plans come with Free Office 365 Email for 1st year and a Free Domain name on the annual plan.

As we compare, HostPapa certainly allows you to start for a comparatively lower price than GoDaddy, and the fact that it comes with FREE SSL on all the plans makes it more affordable. 

Using SSL is almost mandatory these days to encrypt your site traffic and if not offered for free, you may have to buy an SSL certificate by paying an additional charge.

Besides, GoDaddy does not offer a money-back guarantee on its plans, and customers have to request a refund in case they are not happy with the web hosting service for some reason.

If you are India, then there is no good host like HostPapa India as they not only offer Rs.99/month hosting but also include free domain + two domains hosted.

Wrapping Up

This pretty much brings us to the end of this post and I am pretty sure that you, now, have a very clear picture of the two web hosting companies; HostPapa and GoDaddy.

As we compared HostPapa and GoDaddy, we came across some important differences in terms of performance, pricing, and site transfers. HostPapa seems to have a leading edge in terms of pricing and site transfers.  The provider also offers decent performance. On top of that, the hosting provider provides customers with FREE SSL on all plans.

There are also better deals & discounts from WordPress hosting companies but no host provides as good as what HostPapa offers for the price range.

However, apart from this, it is always wise to go through all the features that the two services offer before you make a final decision. What is most important is choosing a web hosting service that offers the features that you need the most for your purpose.

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