How Much It Costs To Run Bloggingio?

This is something often people ask or searched for (search console data) after one of our Core Web Vitals WordPress Optimization related posts got some huge hits. Tech Stacks

Liquid Web VPS Hosting currently got hosted on Liquid Web VPS. For the last four years, the site was hosted on FastComet shared hosting. But in 2020, I thought of giving a fresh start to this site in all aspects like fresh content, new design, and the fastest hosting experience.

I've been using the Liquid Web VPS since 2015 to host my money sites and lately moved this site to give them much deserved speed.

Why Liquid Web?

Because Liquid Web is the only host to guarantee 100% uptime SLA. Even AWS, GCP doesn't guarantee such SLA and you can understand, the greatness of Liquid Web when it comes to performance.

Liquid Web provides guaranteed chat response within 59 seconds. If any issue occurs, I get it solved in less than five minutes. I never enjoyed such perks ever in my online industry where I'm using more than 25 paid services every month.

I personally analyzed the dip in conversions whenever the money site goes down even for a few minutes. That's why I never compromise on using DIY hosting like Digital Ocean. While I can save money for the short term, there are 2x losses in the long term.

You can check our site loads blazing fast across global locations, thanks to Cloudflare CDN. They got some exclusive plan for Liquid Web customers, through which I pay $10/month instead of a $20 for Cloudflare Pro account. If you are using free Cloudflare CDN, trust me the paid version will do magic when it comes to performance.

There is a higher 10TB Bandwidth limit. Thus even after hosting more than ten sites, I never used even 50% of the limit in the last four years.

Apart from performance and support, pricing is one such factor why I keep staying on Liquid Web. I was paying the same amount since 2015 and they never asked me to upgrade nor increased the prices and they always reward their long term customers.

Overall, Liquid Web is a headache-free hosting for Affiliate Marketers. Even I would be happy to promote them without affiliate links, they're worth it.

But here is my affiliate link to Liquid Web VPS where you will get some exclusive perks like 10 TB Bandwidth & Offsite backups addons for free.

Marketers Delight WordPress Theme

In 2020, I'm using the “Marketers Delight” WordPress theme. For a long time, I used the Focusblog theme from Thrive Themes & then used HappyThemes for a short time.

The HappyThemes was causing a few issues and I looked for an alternative. I asked suggestions from my developer friend and he is the one who suggested “Marketers Delight”.

While I'm aware of the theme for so long years, I couldn't able to recall it quickly as Marketers Delight won't do marketing on a large scale.

Love at first sight, I bought it within ten minutes and started using straightaway. Our developer is working on a stunning child theme which will be live in the coming months, hopefully.

Coming to features, Marketers Delight is the most underrated theme and sometimes, the inner me, says don't promote it anywhere as your competitors might use it ;p

But Marketers Delight deserves a better place in the WordPress industry. You can check the official site and learn more about it.

WP Rocket Caching Plugin

WP Rocket, easily the #1 WordPress caching plugin in the market. It's a kind of plugin that gets at least two major updates every year. Most Managed WordPress hosting companies disable the usage of caching plugin since they've got server-side caching.

Random WP Rocket Screenshot from Archive.

But WP Rocket is exceptional, companies like Kinsta allows WP Rocket as the only caching plugin that can be installed on their server. One can't simply rule out WP Rocket as they're more than a caching plugin and while writing this post, I remembered a quote from team member, “WP Rocket is more like a Swiss army knife in WordPress Caching service”

I use an optimized Cloudflare + WP Rocket Caching setup for best performance.

Rank Math SEO

I can't remember the number of sites, where I installed Rank Math in the last six months. Be it own or network or client sites, Rank Math is my ready-to-use SEO plugin.

My Review in Rank Math Facebook group.

Rank Math makes the work easier even for non-SEO folks with simple to understand user interface and tons of guide to guide them. It literally saved me a lot of time teaching basic SEO to my new employees at office.

Clicky Analytics

I don't use Google Analytics. It got a lot of options which is just useless for me, at least for affiliate marketers. Mainly, I see them in SEO agencies where they use it to satisfy clients to show graphs and to charge big money.

Clicky is a Google Alternative analytics tool that does a neat job of providing essential information to grow your sites. I can log in to my Clicky account and check all site data at a glance, unlike Analytics where I need to login to every site to check for traffic.

If anyone looking to improve productivity, try Clicky.

Okay. How Much it Costs to Run This Site?

I've been paying around $60/month for Liquid Web which includes Cloudflare paid charge of $10/month. Since I host more than ten sites there, the per-site cost will be very cheaper than shared hosting.

Apart from it, none of the charges are monthly. I usually pay yearly charges for Clicky, Themes & SEO tools to save cost.

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