How To Make Money On Facebook (7 Amazing Ways) Explained

Facebook has become an avenue for marketing in the past few years. It is still a hit among advertisers, and without a doubt, it has become the best marketplace to make money online.

There are multiple ways on how to profit in this popular social media platform. With a little patience, creativity, and even a bit of humor, you can earn a few bucks from it with your spare time. And if you get serious about it, turning to it as your primary source of income can become a wise business decision.

How To Make Money On Facebook

Do you want to know how you can do it? Here are some ideas that you can use.

How To Make Money On Facebook Explained

#1 Get hired as a social media manager

Yes. This is a real job. And mostly, your responsibility as a social media manager is just to post content for a company or a personality’s Facebook page.

However, do note that money can be a bit slow on this job. Most companies, especially advertising or marketing companies, outsource social media managers. So, most of these people only hire social media managers in the country if they can stomach the pay.

Do note that it is typical that you will need to manage two or three Facebook pages. Also, do expect that your employer might require you to handle other accounts in other social media platforms as well (e.g., Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etcetera).

The best places to look for jobs like these are UpWork (formerly oDesk) and Craigslist. Of course, exercise caution when applying, especially if the job you chose was posted in Craigslist.

#2 Create your own Facebook page

Unlike the previous one, this will require a lot of time, patience, and dedication. And be prepared that this might take months or even a year before this method starts paying off.

However, compared to the previous method, profit here can scale up and even blow out of proportions — if you play your cards right. So, how do you earn from this kind of gig?

When trying to earn money through a Facebook page, do know that your primary profit driver here will be affiliate marketing. The mechanics of affiliate marketing is very simple. To make things simple, being an affiliate marketer is basically like being a salesperson for a product.

You advertise the products of your affiliate in your page. Post links of those products. If your followers click on the link and buy the product, you will get a commission.

The hard part here is that you need a lot of followers to raise the chances of your links getting clicked. Most people who go through this path often run meme and/or fun pages.Unlike other page topics or themes, it is easier to gather followers in a meme or fun page.

Here comes a case study with explains How I make money online on Facebook page few years back.

#1. Find the Most Wanted Product at Amazon or Flipkart

This FlipKart case study for affiliate marketing will surely gives you an idea to make money on Facebook with no investments.

The first step is to choose the product which is trending. In my case, I preferred Moto phones (Moto G, Moto E, Moto x) because every Indian may know how it influenced the smartphone world in India.

Select the Product with Moderate rate with the high selling price.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program in India Flipkart.com mycyberincome

The above commission rate is for December. You can check latest prices at Flipkart or Amazon affiliate login page.So now I chosen the product and ready to promote .

[bctt tweet=” How To Make Money Online On Facebook Explained “]

#2. Create your affiliate Links

Assume that you have chosen your product and login to your affiliate website and create links with your affiliate Id.

Since its long URL with your affiliate id, you can make it shorter with Bitly URL shortener. ( Remember Amazon won't like shortening URLS, Use exact URL )

Make a sticky note and paste all your links in it. Keep it ready always. Using affiliate links on Facebook will not led to banning of your Facebook account but over spamming with affiliate links on Facebook will led to banning of your account.

If in case, you can use secondary account for posting frequent affiliate links on Facebook.

#3. Social Media Promotional tricks

Mostly I use Facebook page to promote my products so that it reaches the mass crowd easily.Some of the steps followed by Me :

  • Create a Facebook page and make it trending with the help Of hashtags
  • Creating a page is not enough.Make people engaging with you through comments and message.Try to reply them.
  • Find relevant Facebook Groups and don’t promote your links directly into the group. if a member asks any questions Like

can I buy Moto G ? Is it worth ?

Now message him privately and talk about the product and then ask him to purchase the product through your link. Surely you're targeting the persons who are interested in buying those product.So you can get more conversions with it.

The Real Reason [How I got so many trusted buyers]

I was lucky because Moto products always seems to be “out of stock” and  I headed to Facebook’s Flipkart page and saw many people started commenting like

Check My Traffic Report

Traffic Report Flipkart Affiliate Program Mycyberincome

When Moto phones came to stock ,I messaged to all People in my list .You can expect what happened. I started making Rs.1500 per week almost $25 per week (while writing this post).

flipkart affiliate earnings

And do note that for you to achieve your ROI fast, you need to become very knowledgeable and fully updated with all the things going on with each and every social media platform. Because frankly, just posting random status updates, pictures, links, and videos will not be enough for you to earn or even get followers.

If someone asks you How To Make Money On Facebook then send them this link and they can learn from this case study.

Hope you love this Flipkart case study and you can deploy the same to Amazon case study but don't shorten Amazon affiliate links since they will ban your affiliate account.

#3 Delve into app development

First things first — you should know that the technical know-how and requirements in developing Facebook apps are high. The learning curve can be steep. And the amount of time you will spend mastering developing apps for Facebook can easily become wasted.

Facebook apps are not that profitable anymore, unlike a few years ago. Learning Facebook API can be time-consuming. Plus, there are hundreds of apps out there, and you will be already too late for the party — unless you are bringing something new to the table.

However, it does not mean that it is a worthless endeavor to take. Nonetheless, unless you are an experienced programmer, do not opt for this method. It will be much better for you to create Android apps instead, especially if your goal is to make profitable games and then you can sell it 20x pricing.

If you want to make with websites, you can follow our niche site creation tutorials.

At some point, you will need to learn Facebook API to bring in advertisements to your app. But for now, settle on the much easier methods on earning from Facebook.

But the money you make will be huge, read Candy Crush sold for $5.9 billion.

#4 Establish an e-commerce shop

Facebook now has a feature that can allow you to post items and services that you want to sell online. Although, be reminded that Facebook is not really the preferred site to use to run an e-commerce shop.


People prefer wandering around Amazon or a company’s website to get the products they need. Unless you have something unique to offer and you cannot post it on other e-commerce platforms, Facebook can be your best alternative.

Long story short, Facebook is an excellent stepping-stone for new entrepreneurs and startup business owners. However, if you want to start big quick, it would be best for you to setup your site and place your e-commerce stuff there than doing it in Facebook.

#5 Become a data scientist, analyst, or miner

Aside from doing social media posts in Facebook, you can also be hired as an analyst or even a scientist that focuses on the data that are accessible in Facebook.

Mostly, advertisers or some companies with an in-house marketing department will hire you. However, due to the rollout of Business Facebook and analytics page in Facebook pages, the availability of these jobs has dwindled.

Businessman Celebrating

#6 Start a classified and human resources firm via social media

Aside from advertising products and services in Facebook, you can also advertise job openings. In most cases, even multilevel marketers take advantage of Facebook, and other social media platforms, to recruit members.

Some people use groups instead, and make open trading and classified group pages. It is an excellent way to gather potential leads in one group, and you can just slip in your advertisements in there or directly sell to the people that joined your group.

#7 Make a page and sell it

Another method which people can earn money on Facebook is to create a page, fill it with followers, and then sell it to another. Usually, meme pages tend to do this trick.

Since meme pages tend to attract followers fast, you can easily sell it to businesses, advertisers, and/or companies that want to have a huge head start in their Facebook account.

Of course, this also means that you can sell Facebook pages that are already “well populated.” In some cases, the admins of these pages tend to just share their accounts. If you share the same niche that you want to serve, it is better to have a setup like that instead.

If you have followed this guide on “How To Make Money On Facebook” , then you should start preparing the following:

  1. Social Media Management app: To make Facebook page or profile management easier, it is best that you equip yourself with a social media management app like Socialpilot or HootSuite. This app is especially handy if you are going to work on multiple pages and profiles in Facebook and other social media platforms. I personally use SocialPilot which offers best value for money.
  1. Content Discovery app: Managing a page or creating content in Facebook is an everyday task. And sooner or later, you will run out of original content and that can get you stuck. To prevent that, you must take advantage of other people’s content and share or syndicate them.

Of course, not all content are created equal. To find only the best and working content on the web without wasting massive amounts of time in researching, it is best that you use a content discovery app like BuzzSumo or Social Pilot. Yes., Social pilot comes with an inbuilt content discovery app which helps you to find the best contents based on your interest. You can schedule your social media posts with such contents.

  1. Online Collaboration Tools Suite: If you plan to bring other people into your Facebook venture, you will definitely need an online collaboration suite to communicate and brainstorm fast. One of the best choices you should consider is Google’s office suite (Docs, Sheet, Slide, etcetera). It is free, and easy to use.
  1. Time: It can never be stressed enough that the biggest part of your investment in making money on Facebook is your time. If you want to make money on this social media platform, never treat it as a hobby. Treat it as a full-time job.

With lots of entrepreneurs already saturating Facebook with all the things listed in here, getting noticed and earning a significant amount of money can be difficult if your involvement and commitment are half-baked.

Also, as mentioned a while ago, you need to catch up in terms of the technicalities that surround Facebook and content creation and management.

And to be honest, this is actually the part where you will definitely focus much of your time until you get the right formula for getting people to be interested in what you are doing and provide you with profit.

How To Make Money On Facebook

Conclusion ~ How To Make Money On Facebook

Making money on Facebook is possible. However, making huge amounts of it truly depends on you and if your confident, you can do it.

Always remember that without complete devotion on the things you need to do, it is guaranteed that you will earn little or none. These might seem to be obvious pieces of advice, but it is unfortunate that people have failed in earning in Facebook because they did not heed these things.

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