Improve Existing Content Tone With Jasper AI in 2023 – Are They Effective?

Improving existing content is an important SEO metric. Though unique and fresh content plays a prominent role, exciting content also has the same space. 

Can you Improve Existing Content Tone with Jasper AI?

Of course, a big YES! Jasper helps you in this journey. Let us discuss how to Improve Existing Content Tone with Jasper AI.

Jasper AI with Content Improver Template

The content improver template in Jasper AI is a great handy solution for many bloggers out there. Do not think that you need to put more effort into it. Yes, it helped me optimize and improve my content with the same quality

Improve Existing Content Tone With Jasper AI in 2023 - Are They Effective? 1

Jasper will take care of it. Just follow me. Let us start here.

Click on Create New Content on your Jasper dashboard.

Improve Existing Content Tone With Jasper AI in 2023 - Are They Effective? 2

Choose New from Template from the dialog box that appears.

Improve Existing Content Tone With Jasper AI in 2023 - Are They Effective? 3

Now scroll over the list of templates and choose the Content Improver template.

Improve Existing Content Tone With Jasper AI in 2023 - Are They Effective? 4

Once done, you will enter this part of the Content Improver template. You have to give the required inputs to make Jasper understand what you need to optimize.

Improve Existing Content Tone With Jasper AI in 2023 - Are They Effective? 5

I will take the concluding section of the “ConvertBox Review” article from our site and check how Jasper works

Improve Existing Content Tone With Jasper AI in 2023 - Are They Effective? 6

Here, I have copied the conclusion part and pasted it. Now, let us see how the conclusion part of Jasper's version is triggering. 

Improve Existing Content Tone With Jasper AI in 2023 - Are They Effective? 7

I feel super easy to improve my content using Jasper. And, Yes, I have got three triggering and amazing outputs to improve my content. What about you? 

Are you in the plan of trying out the Jasper AI tool’s free trial now? Try it; a better decision, though!

Before that, here are a few bonus tips that will help you before improving your content tone with Jasper AI.

Unique content or Improve Existing Content Tone with Jasper AI – Which is Better?

It's easy to grow fixated on consistently producing new content. Naturally, we want to keep ahead of our competition in the search engine results pages (SERPs) (search engine results pages). 

After reading that HubSpot research, many newbies believe they can win by writing large amounts of content on their own (which is frequently true, but if your competition has a team of writers, you won't be able to stay up!)

Consider these questions with your existing blog. Then decide whether unique or to improve the existing content tone with Jasper suits.

Do you have any publications that aren't getting much attention?

Content that obtains few or no clicks from the SERPs should be cut loose or concentrated. Make a choice! The content becomes valuable when you optimize it accordingly. Internal links can funnel traffic to large resources or handy pages. 

You may also increase the rank of pages like these by altering them to make them keyword-optimized. You can also make a determined effort to get backlinks for these pages.

Don't save every page, though. Some are just best ignored. You can either redirect to a more relevant page or edit the content to direct visitors to your most recent work.

Check out the best keyword research tool list here.

Do you have any material getting some traffic but might be performing better?

These websites get a lot of traffic but are not enough to make a difference. Sometimes we generate fresh content that performs great at first but fades away after a few months. There are many reasons behind it.

Search volume for the topic, average position, CTR, SERP features, how much space paid advertisements occupy, and so on are all things to check for. It's worth noting that GSC doesn't offer keyword search volumes. As a result, you'll require a third-party solution like Keywords Everywhere.

How To Improve Your Content To Get High Traffic?

If you have a lot of dead-end content that isn't getting any traffic or might be performing better, upgrading is the best option.

Consider things from this perspective. It wouldn't matter if you changed these articles because you're either receiving nothing or hardly getting anything, especially when your search rivals kick your arse. 

Unnecessary content, as I have stated, can be ignored. Even if it receives little traffic, better content may be worth the effort. As so, I have a lot of old articles. I add some internal links as a bare minimum and leave it alone.

Take a note of the enlisted things that help you improve your content to get high traffic.

Rewrite the blog

If it is possible, a complete rewrite is required. If you're dead set on maintaining all of your website's pages as high-quality as possible, and this article isn't ranking, you can at the very least improve the quality.

You can either optimize for a different (similar) keyword or use the same keyword and use your current experiences/knowledge to produce a better page throughout this rewriting process simply.

Combine Previous Content

If you have a lot of information that doesn't need to be updated, it's good content for a combination. If the topics of these articles are similar, they can integrate into a single publication.

Simply ensure that the URL with the most authority is the foundation for the combined article. And, of course, all other web addresses should be 301 redirected to the new page.

The Content Should Be Improved/Optimized

Regularly reviewing your content is usually a brilliant idea. If your content is outdated or lacks the most up-to-current information on its subject, it should be updated. A blog post about machine learning, for example, that was posted five years ago may be ripe for an update.

Do I Recommend Jasper To Improve Existing Content Tone?

If you ask me this question, I will probably go with a flattering shade. Yes, Jasper has helped and is helping me optimize my blogs in a rocket mode. So, I would continue using Jasper without any second thought. I would also recommend you enjoy this tool after reading my Jasper AI Copywriting Tool Review. Happy Creating!

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