Jasper AI Review 2023 – Is it a Good AI Writing Tool?

Presenting my comprehensive Jasper AI Review.

Within this article, you will find:

  • The strengths of Jasper AI
  • Areas where Jasper AI falls short
  • My assessment of Jasper AI functionalities
  • Determining the value of Jasper AI
  • And much more.

Let's commence our Jasper AI Review exploration.

You can try Jasper AI for free. Sign up using this link and get a Jarvis AI account with a 10,000 words limit.

Jasper AI Review 2023

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is a fantastic AI copywriting tool that takes care of all your writing works. You might have heard about this AI tool if you are an SEO expert, digital marketer, or blogger. I am here to make your research easier with a detailed review. I will also reveal how it helped me create long form blog posts within a short period.

Jasper AI Review 2023 - Is it a Good AI Writing Tool? 1

With AI rooted deep into it, Jasper.AI is a tool with a bot named Jasper trained by experts and professionals to create optimized, SEO-oriented, meaningful, and creative content that brings conversions and boosts business productivity.

You can call Jasper.AI, one of the best content writing tools, to be your writing assistant. It’s an AI-powered tool to meet end-to-end SEO content and AI copywriting requirements. If you need a blog post outline or other social media posts, Jasper AI helps you. If you need a Facebook Ad, Jasper AI is there. Oops, such a fantastic tool!

Be it a small piece of creative copy content or a full-length blog article. Cranking up 1000 words per minute, there could be nothing better than this tool to bring ease, flexibility, and pace to your writing. Jasper has got you covered.

The best part still, you don’t have to do anything. Just choose from more than fifty templates available, fill in your requirements, sit back, and let Jasper do the work for you. As long as your content description is convenient to HIM, you will get an astonishing output.

Still unable to believe it? Still, got doubts about it?  Come, let us make it clear now.

How Does Jasper AI Copywriting Tool Help You? 

Working with Jasper AI is nothing different from working with your colleague. But, bro, it doesn’t crack jokes when you are annoyed! Instead, it helps you knock your content with its 50+ copywriting templates. 

Without any rush, let us start with the basics of Jasper AI. 

Basics of Jasper AI Copywriting Tool

Using Jasper AI is not difficult. You do not need to be a programmer or a coder to generate content with Jasper. It becomes the most flexible AI copywriting tool to use as it helps you to generate numerous copies. Added, you can also reuse the generated output for different content marketing types in the future.

While talking about the Jasper Basics, every template has its own benefits to the users.  Jasper AI has numerous templates to start with. Let us take the long-form assistant template as an example. 

As the name indicates, the long-form assistant template is a kind of template that helps you to create long blog posts, video scripts, sales pages, etc. 

You can get into any template in Jasper by entering into its template section. You can see numerous templates waiting for your entry. 

Now, let's begin our content creation process using Jasper AI. 

In the long-form content creation, the title and the description play a prominent role. When you do not have an idea about the product, research it. The proper product descriptions always have a good appreciation in Jasper’s output. 

Attractively, Jasper helps you to either create an entire content from scratch or you can also create content to join the blogging workflow. 

Jasper AI Review 2022 - Is it a Good AI Writing Tool? 2

Let us see how well it works. I am starting with the “Start From Scratch” Option. Once you enter into the editor, you might see various options to frame up your content using Jasper. 

Jasper AI Review 2022 - Is it a Good AI Writing Tool? 3

This is what the editor looks like. As I am a Boss Mode user, I would really love it as I have taken the right decision. Now, I have added the required inputs in the editor to get the seamless output. 

Jasper AI Review 2022 - Is it a Good AI Writing Tool? 4

Yes, this is how I have generated my long-form content using Jasper. If you are thinking of trying it now, I would encourage you to get a free Jasper Trial that might help you save your money. (Yeah, thank me later!)

Jasper AI Writer ShortCuts

As we have seen the sample of how Jarvis works for long-form content, now it's time for Shortcuts. When you are using Jasper, you do not need to rely on the mouse for a long time. 

Instead, Jasper developers have created shortcuts that might save your time and create more flawless and attractive content. And, the shortcuts are as follows. 

  • ***: Anything in your content above three asterisks will be invisible to Jasper. By sticking to prior patterns, you can avoid the AI from producing duplicate results.
  • Re-run or retry using the command + /
  • undo (command + Z)
  • Compose (Command + J)
  • Run Command using (Command + Enter) 
  • Command + Shift + Enter: Run Command and keep it on the page until it's finished.

A Quick Jasper AI Writer's Template Outline

Jasper AI, your writing assistant, has been trained enough to generate a blog post outline, social media posts, and other content at ease. Whatever be your writing requirements, it has been taught and trained to meet them to the core. Just give the input and copy the output and send it to your email list subscribers. 

Jasper AI Writer does it all with its collection of 50+ SEO content templates designed to write whatever you ask them to write. Here’s an overview of everything the AI tool can write for you.

Jasper AI Review 2023 - Is it a Good AI Writing Tool? 2

Whether a blog post or a bunch of product descriptions, you can choose your template and start creating marvelous outputs.

Blog Posts

Blogging is the bread and butter for many SEO content creators out there. Imagine they fall into writers’ block! It could cost them their livelihood. Not anymore with Jasper.

Continue to learn how easy it is to create even long-form content with Jasper. When I use this tool, I wish to make a blog post outline. I was really taken away by the awesome templates, as they helped me draft my conclusion. Even if you have a whole blog idea, concluding a blog plays a prominent role. Now, I have Jasper in my hand.

For creating my blog's conclusion part, I have gone ahead with the ” Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph.”

When I have given my outline to the blog and CTA if necessary, my ever-threatening conclusion part has been ready now.

It has a Long Form Assistant template that you can use to create highly creative and knowledgeable blog posts right from scratch.

Moreover, there are other blog post templates that you can use to generate an introduction and conclusion paragraphs for your blogs. 

Your Blog Post Idea Generator

Even if you’re stuck with no idea about what your next blog post must be, Jasper has got you covered with its Blog Post Ideas template, which will give you brilliant ideas about precisely the topics that your target audience is looking to read.

Not only would it give you the topic idea and inspiration, but it can create an entire blog outline too. You’d only need to move to another template, and you’d get an idea of everything your blog must include.

Writing a blog and enhancing your journey and experience as a blogger could surely not get easier than that. Make sure you try out many blog post examples that Jasper AI will do for you.

Product Description and Reviews

What if I say that Jasper AI writer wrote this article? Well, you wouldn’t be surprised. The AI copywriting tool can pull this off or could do even better. The AI helps you write perfect and honest product descriptions and reviews with multiple templates available. Be it a product review or description for your blog or an Amazon affiliate content, Jasper has got you covered.

Not only can it write the descriptions and reviews, but it can also respond to the reviews other customers leave for a product.

Making your product look exactly what it is and promoting it for sale becomes a breeze with the tool.

Social Media Posts and Other Copy Content

Finding the perfect caption for your social media posts is a real pain. But with Jasper, you no longer need to caption your posts with some hashtags or something in the lines of “no caption needed.”

The Artificial Intelligence Software tool is perfect for writing social media posts that are catchy and attractive. An excellent caption is very much needed to boost the visibility and reach of your posts. Let AI do the job for you.

Not only can you write captions, but you can also create content to go on social media posts. The same goes for the advertisement copy SEO content too. Be it an ad headline, description, or some other text about advertisements, you can find templates to meet your social media websites' needs at best.

SEO Content

There is no end to SEO content templates in Jasper AI. The AI tool has been designed to meet end-to-end SEO needs and requirements. Artificial intelligence is so programmed to create SEO-oriented high ranking, high-converting content. So, Jasper demonstrates some distinctive capabilities when it comes to SEO content.

SEO blog posts, homepages, product pages, service pages, meta titles, and meta descriptions; you name it, Jasper.AI has a template for it. Not only does it help with these on-page SEO content development needs, but it’s as good for off-page SEO processes as well.

As such, unlike other writing tools, you can find templates for writing Quora Answers, Press Release, Image Description, Video Description, Product Listing, and every other thing that you need to enhance the SEO of your website.


Email marketing is one of the most valuable ways for lead generation and conversions. However, it would take hours to write a good piece of email content. You need to make sure the subject line is clickable. Once that’s done, you need to keep your content on-point, creative, and engaging.

You can choose different templates from the AI tool, and with a proper combination, you’ll be ready with the perfect email subject lines to push for your next email marketing campaign.

Company Bio/ Personal Bio

A company bio or personal bio tells the story of you and your company to the world. The story must be impactful and something worth knowing. With the templates for writing a company bio and personal bio, you can be sure of delivering some creative, vital, and impactful information about yourself and your company. Jasper AI helps you to bring up a bio that matches the current content marketing trend.  

Creative Stories

You’d be surprised to know that people have written and published their novels using Jasper AI writer. It’s perfect for writing creative stories that would hook the audience's interest.

You can use the Long Form Assistant template for writing these stories or take the help of other creative writing templates. Whatever you use, you shall end up with a compelling story that would be worth publishing.


Besides what’s mentioned, there are many other writing tools that you could write using Jasper AI Writer. Templates such as the AIDA framework and PAS framework help create helpful marketing content.

Additionally, you can improve your content using these AI templates and make it more optimized and readable. You can even reduce the difficulty level of a particular piece of content. The Explain it to a Child template helps with that.

Basically, with so many templates available, the list gets pretty endless. At best, what’s to know is that there’s nothing that Jasper AI cannot write for you.

How many Languages Does Jasper AI Writer Support?

And, the best of all is that you can use Jasper AI Writer to create content in around 25+ languages. Sounds good? Yes, due to its rich global usage, the Jasper team has pre-assumed it correctly and has made excellent flexibility to make the users happy. 

Jasper AI Review 2023 - Is it a Good AI Writing Tool? 3

Now, let me explain to you how to create/change the content in your own language.

First, head into your Jasper Workspace Settings. Once done, get into the customization column present below your billing details. 

Jasper AI Review 2022 - Is it a Good AI Writing Tool? 5

Now, you can see the language default option present at the bottom of the page. See, how many languages does Jasper have. 

Jasper AI Review 2022 - Is it a Good AI Writing Tool? 6

Here, you can change both the input and output language as per your requirement. 

What is Jasper Recipe?

Jasper Recipe is nothing but a pre-built command or prompt that helps the users to get high-quality content. Added, you can also bring up immense information in creating content using Jasper Recipe. Jasper Recipe helps you to create any content without taking technical aspects too much. 

You can create a repeatable process using the Jasper AI Content Writing tool and create content without any intervention. 

Now, let us see how Jasper Recipe works. 

Jasper AI Review 2022 - Is it a Good AI Writing Tool? 7

This is what the Jasper Recipe section looks like. In order to enter it, you can use the “Recipes” section present next to the template section in the left corner of the page.

You can also add explanatory videos if you are explaining the information present in the video. 

Jasper AI Review 2022 - Is it a Good AI Writing Tool? 8
Jasper AI Review 2022 - Is it a Good AI Writing Tool? 9

Now that I have given the command to write a long blog post, let us see how well Jasper understands and curates it. 

Jasper AI Review 2022 - Is it a Good AI Writing Tool? 10

Save your recipe and click “Run.” You will get an editor screen where you can generate your outputs. 

Is Jasper AI Output Comparatively Good?

So, how well are the outputs for me?

In my opinion, in terms of supporting me with content production, Jasper AI Writer has been quite helpful.

I have a hard time trusting any other tool to write accurately from the start of the content development process (as you may too).

Because AI might cause the information to flow erratically, you'll need to create a precise blueprint to guide it on the right path (that sets topical depth and breadth).

Jasper.ai's outputs are superior to those of other tools on the market, and it doesn't produce as much unnecessary fluff as other tools. You can make sure that it meets the human writing quality without any doubt. 

However, you must train and work with the AI in the appropriate setting.

You'll be able to witness positive benefits over time.

Jasper AI Pricing

Yes, we are into the hottest part of the blog. Pricing! Jasper Pricing is not much though. It divides its pricing plan into two plans namely, 

  • Creator
  • Teams
  • Business

I will just give you a glimpse of these plans and the benefits of the Jasper AI Content Creation Tool. If you wish to know a detailed comparison between these pricing plans, you can check out this blog at any time. 

Jasper AI Review 2023 - Is it a Good AI Writing Tool? 4

Coming back, here are the pricing plans outlined.

Starter Plan

The $49/month Creator Plan offers up to unlimited number of words per month, a single seat, 50 memories, and 50+ copywriting templates. There's also a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Because of a single seat plan, it is better suited to freelancers, marketers, and entrepreneurs who like to automate their content creation processes in day to day life.

With this plan, you can get both short-form and long-form content including headlines, descriptions, author bios, and other content types. 

Teams Plan

Their plan, Teams with Jasper AI, starts at $125 and is designed for teams, agencies, and professional writers that want to save time and grow their content creation. It's designed to provide the writer access to Jasper AI's most advanced features, including a higher output limit without any word counts.

This Teams plan includes 3 seats, as well as 3 brand voices, 150 memories, SEO Mode, 50+ copywriting templates, and more. However, for $62 per month, you could purchase extra seats for other people in your company or organization.

The Jasper team also includes a Business plan where you will get 10+ seats and unlimited number of words. Also, you can customise the plan according to your preferences and this plan provides unlimited memories and brand voices.

Jasper Creator Vs Teams Plan – Which Is Better?

When I am the one to answer this question, I will probably ask you to select the Teams plan. Am I a Jasper affiliate? No, but a Jasper lover. 

Yes, the Jasper Teams plan also helps you to deal with all your content needs in an advanced way. 

Now, let us discuss the factors that differentiate the Creator and Teams plan. 

Using the pricing plans of Jasper, you can enjoy additional features when compared to the free plan. They are, 

  • Miscellaneous
  • Video Scripts
  • Marketing Frameworks
  • Blog Posts
  • Ads

Let us see each advanced feature in detail. 


you might have the flexibility to create miscellaneous commands for Jasper. 

Say, if you wish to create content that might explain the concept to the 5th grade, you can take Jasper under control. 

Similarly, you can create the following commands through Miscellaneous. 

  • Runs Content Improver
  • Describes the company with a value proposition
  • Writes Persuasive bullets for the given content
  • Writes features/description for the given content
  • Writes Listicle outline with crisp and short sentences

Video Scripts

Next to miscellaneous features, Jasper also helps in creating Videos and Video scripts. But, how? Is it really possible to create top-notch video content using Jasper?

If you are struggling with these questions in your head, let me clear it with my explanation. 

  • Helps in creating Triggering YouTube titles
  • Writes Video Script Outline, Title, hook, and Description For Videos

When you wish to come up with an exciting video for your audience, Jasper AI will be a handy solution to solve all your content needs starting from title to description. 

Marketing Frameworks

When you consider Jasper’s marketing templates including PAS, BAB, and AIDA, Boss Mode will be a favorable option to choose. 

Because, you can easily write PAS, BAB, and AIDA for every content that you wish for. 

Blog Posts

In the Jasper AI, creating blog posts has become as flexible as possible. When you are a newbie struggling to create your own long-form content, Jasper is there for you.

And, it also helps to create titles, descriptions, and other necessary content requirements thereby saving your time with high-quality content. 

You can use Jasper for blog posts to the enlisted needs, 

  • Write FAQs for the posts
  • Writes Title, description, content brief, outline for a blog post
  • And, it is no different in creating Blog Intros too
  • Concludes a particular topic

Here comes the pro tip. While you are indulged in creating content using Jasper AI’s Boss Mode, you can simply leave the commands and wait for their execution. As simple as that!


Coming to ads, many bloggers are not Ad experts. Knowing it very well, Jasper AI plan has come up with an Ads feature. Here, you can 

  • Create an Ad title for quick conversion
  • Create Ad Headlines with intense product description
  • Create an Ad Copy about the product

Added to the features part, here are a few other reasons why I insist you try Jasper Teams Plan once in your content journey. 

Content + SEO = High Ranking

Jasper Boss Mode reads your previous 3,000 characters (about 400 to 500 words) before writing, whereas Jasper merely scans 600 characters in the Starter plan (around 100 words). As a result, Jasper Boss Mode's content is more relevant and high-quality.

Furthermore, you can use the SurferSEO tool within Jasper to see the EXACT keywords you need to write in order to rank high on Google.

SEO Rich Jasper Commands 

This is another significant benefit of employing Jasper Teams Mode. You can work like a BOSS and tell Jasper exactly what to write with the help of commands.

“Write a tale about how enthusiastic you are to visit Toronto,” for example. You will witness a story that grabs the reader's attention in front of you in a matter of seconds.

Not only that, but Jasper AI Writer's commands can write a full blog article in a matter of minutes.

So sit back and enjoy as Jasper creates an original copy for you.


With the help of Recipes, you can directly impact the outputs of the Jasper without any rush. Added, you can leave commands for easy execution. You will also get an intense editor that might help you to create your content output out of Jasper. 

This is how the free plan differs from the Pricing Plans on Jasper. If you are satisfied with these reasons, then go ahead and get benefits like me. 

What’s More to It?

Next is the list of features in Jasper AI that never fail to amaze you.

Jasper AI Review 2023 - Is it a Good AI Writing Tool? 5
  • An analytical dashboard that helps you to show favorite templates, refer friends, join in social media Jasper community, and the number of words generated in a week
  • 50+ templates that help you to create various content including blogs, social media posts, creative stories, product descriptions, etc
  • Recipes that help you to reuse your own template for many articles
  • Document feature helps you to add documents and start creating content
  • AI Output part saves all your past outputs
  • The trash section holds all the deleted content which can be accessed anytime not less than 30 days
  • With the vast list of everything that Jasper.AI can write for you, you might hardly imagine that there’s more to explore. But that’s the beauty of it. Just when you think nothing more is left to see, there’s something new.

It is already the best in the business, with its vast template library helping content writers ace their content game. But it just became better with the launch of Boss Mode. Here is the pricing of both Starter and Boss Mode.

Jasper AI Review 2023 - Is it a Good AI Writing Tool? 6

With the Jasper AI Boss Mode, you can exercise complete control and attain 2x speed in content creation and content generation. You’ll have no restrictions or constraints on the number of words you could make the AI tool write for you.

Besides that, Jasper works without any time or language constraints. You can ask the AI to write content for you 24/7, and it won’t frown even the slightest bit. Languages aren’t a barrier either, with Jaspers' capability to write in more than 25 different languages. You can start your Jasper AI free trial now.

With all of this, it is the perfect solution for every content writer, blogger, freelancer, poet, SEO specialist, entrepreneur, and agency out there.

Now that we’ve seen what Jasper is and what exactly it can do and write, it’s time that we check its pros and cons as well.

Although with everything so far, its pros are self-explanatory, and there hardly seem to be any cons, there are downsides to even the best of things, and it’s always good to compare the positives and negatives. So, here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of Jasper AI.


  • Create original, unique, and plagiarism-free content with absolutely zero effort.
  • Improve existing content to enhance its quality and optimize it better.
  • Meet end-to-end SEO goals and needs with the bulk generation of SEO content.
  • Get the most out of your advertisement copies with boosted lead generation and conversion.
  • Add speed to content generation by activating the Boss Mode.
  • End the language barriers and write in more than 25 particular languages without even particular basic subject knowledge of those languages.
  • Never struggle with writers’ block.


  • You’ll need to check the facts and figures in the content if any at all because the technology sucks at finding reliable statistics.
  • Jasper is powered by artificial intelligence, and its templates rely on the internet to generate content. So, if there’s not much information available on the web about a certain niche topic, Jasper can face a real struggle in developing content for that.
  • With what it offers, it does not come cheap. So, you may not be able to afford it at all.

How Does Jasper AI + Surfer SEO Integration Benefit Us?

I started working on an SEO effort for a site that had been ignored for the previous year and a half in June. All of the text was developed in partnership with Jasper AI's long-form editor, as well as using Surfer SEO's content editor reports on the keywords I provided.

Both content and SEO did play a significant impact in the success of my efforts and provided significant ease in making my process more efficient:

To be simple, Jasper AI and Surfer SEO integration is a double win-to-win scenario for you. When Jasper helps you to create quality rich content, Surfer SEO helps you to rank higher in the search engine results. 

When you get the apt results from this integration, who else hates it?

Concluding Jasper AI Review 2023

Content Creation is a challenge, and many writers struggle with it. In that scenario, if only they have a tool to aid them with their content creation needs, it feels like a blessing. Jasper goes beyond just some common suggestions or help. It creates entire content without you having to lift even a thing.

With all of that, it’s not wrong to mention that it’s a revolution for content writing and will bring some unprecedented and meaningful changes in the content writing world.

I hope this Jasper.AI review has helped you to know and understand the tool, and you’ve braced yourself to welcome this new revolution to content writing in your practice!

Who should use Jasper AI Content Creator Tool?

Well, we all know the incredible tool Jasper AI. But, have you ever wondered to whom it belongs? 

Any ideas?

Jasper AI Review 2023 - Is it a Good AI Writing Tool? 7

Absolutely a handy tool for marketers, entrepreneurs, agencies, and of course writers! When I say writers, I do not defend any bloggers here. In fact, Jasper sinks enough with Bloggers to give a perfect solution mix to the readers. Either it may be for their blogs or other social media posts. The main benefit that I loved about Jasper AI is that you can look like other email marketing professionals through the output from Jasper AI.

Now, let us dive into the benefits enjoyed by the bloggers and other Jasper AI users mentioned here. 


I will start with affiliate bloggers like me. If you are an affiliate blogger who wishes to place your affiliate links in valuable and triggering content or a website owner willing to grab more ORGANIC traffic to your site, Jasper AI copywriting tool is your blindfolded option. Yes, you will be astonished by its SEO-optimised outputs that help your website rank higher. It also brings huge traffic to your website when you use the outputs wisely. I hope you will!

Other than that, you can also depend on Jasper AI, the best blog introduction generator, for all your blog needs. 


Next to the bloggers, the entrepreneurs are the most benefited from Jasper AI copywriting tool.  Jasper AI with its 50+ copywriting templates, helps them to grow their business. I am sure that you will enjoy using those flexible templates thereby captivating your own ideas into the output. If you are an eCommerce store owner, you can also create product descriptions using Jasper AI Writer. It helps you to bring a huge audience to your website which results in a remarkable conversion rate. 


Apart from bloggers and entrepreneurs, marketers are the ones who would cherish Jasper AI for its performance. Jasper as said above has tons of copywriting templates that you can use. In a marketers’ eye, they are not only the templates, but are the conversion source that helps them to, 

  • Focus on writing ads
  • Engage their audience with social media posts
  • Indulge in a highly-convertible Marketing Emails
  • And, it goes on!


If you are an agency that never takes up the burden of ownership, then Jasper AI Copywriting tool gives you warm cheers. Jasper AI becomes your assistant in creating content for different purposes and for different platforms. You can write enticing sales funnel copy with Jasper AI or an exciting story with Jasper AI or you can also come up with a landing page content with Jasper. What else?

Who Should Avoid Jasper AI?

As we have discussed the users of Jasper, not time to let you know who doesn’t need Jasper. 

  • Writers who wish to come up with writing marketing copy at turtle speed
  • Social media managers who don’t wish to get more traffic and fail to remember that More Content = More Traffic
  • One who does not wish to compete with your domain giants and wishes to stay somewhere else hidden in the search list.

I hope you have got the reason why to use the Jasper AI copywriting tool that generates quality content 10X faster. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Jasper AI Writing Tool do?

Jasper AI, a copywriting tool, uses AI to generate content automatically. It automatically helps users create long form blog posts, books, marketing campaigns, and other basic content or marketing copies thereby helping you to succeed in your content creation game.

Is Jasper AI-free?

Jasper AI, one of the best writing tools, to write content in different languages, is free for all users. It enables you to translate your input text to various local languages. The wording can be selected through DeepL.

What is the cost of Jasper AI?

Jasper advanced feature pricing starts from,

Starter –  $29/month – 20000 word limit
Boss Mode – $119/month –  Unlimited Words

Is Jasper AI worth it?

Definitely, Jasper AI is worth the price and is dependable too. Overall, Jasper AI provides an excellent service to users who wish to spend less time bringing up quality content without any mistakes.