How To Find Long Tail Keywords With KWFinder

Creating a Successful Niche Sites and Making it into profitable one is the most important step you should take towards your online business. Finding Profitable Niche is still nightmare for most people and

This post Teaches you

  • How to Find most Successful Niche Sites.
  • The traditional way of finding niche ideas.
  • Modern and promising way to find profitable niche blogs.
  • Make your niche site to standout of the crowd.
  • Find Niche keywords with the help of KWFinder.

Fast and Furious way to Find Profitable Niche Mycyberincome

Successful Niche Sites – How to?

Find a Niche you're comfortable of

One of the common mistakes done by fellow bloggers is finding a profitable niche site but doesn't know to handle it further. For example, a friend of mine started a “weight loss” niche blog and started interacting with those buyers through forums.But the fact is that he can't be able to speak anything about Weight loss.

Because he's completely new to that niche.He lost all his precious time and money.Time is more important for online marketers.

Quick Tips:

Find a Niche you're comfortable of

If your'e a medical student, Then you can start Medical related Niche

If you're Coach of a game or a teacher who handles programming languages, then you can start your niche in your respective domain.It gives you a confident, and you can interact confidently with more visitors. Remember more visitors=More sales.

YOY of your Niche/Competitor Analysis

Find a profitable niche that lasts for over the years. If you choose a short period niche, then you predominantly need to change it, because you can't make passive income with it.

For example, Amazon Niches will last as long as possible (till Amazon pays affiliates :p)

check Year-over-Year Growth of your niche market and Be sure your niche is healthy all the time.

Also, check your competitors who are already present in your niche using SemRush. Check out for what keywords they are ranking for also look at their backlinks.

How to find Niche

There are two ways to find Profitable niche sites. They are the classic way and Modern Way. I will take an example and explain it with both classical and modern way.Have a look and use anyway you like 🙂

Classic way to find successful niche sites

It's all about Google Ad words.Every Internet marketers would like Google AdWords because of its tremendous resources. The following ways are exactly how I search for Niche Site Ideas. I have shown everything with compromising anything.

Visit AdWords website, and it looks like below.Now click Tools and click Keyword Planner

Campaign Management

Now click search for new keyword and ad group ideas, and  I have entered keywords like “weight loss and reduce weight.” Already I know it's a hot niche and check the results below.

Find Profitable Niche with Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Thus, we can finalize that weight loss is a Hot and Profitable Niche Blog, and you can succeed with it. But wait, take a look at modern way.

Modern way to find successful niche sites – Kwfinder way

If you're passionate about making money online, then I suggest you try KWFinder [AFF LINK]. Its cloud-based software which does the niche research works very efficiently. Learn what the tool does with same keyword “weight loss and reduce weight.”

The below results is for keyword “weight loss.”

The results for the keyword “reduce weight.”

According to KWFinder, the difficulty value below 40 can be easily ranked without many efforts.

That's why KWFinder is the gem of keyword research tool. Now you can do similar searches, get a list of easy to rank keywords and you can actually start your weight loss blog and start making money.


As discussed earlier

You have learned

  • How to Find Successful Niche Blog
  • The traditional way of finding Niche Ideas
  • Modern and promising way to Find Profitable Niche Blogs
  • Make your Niche site to stand out of the crowd with KWFinder.

What're your suggestions? Have anyone made successful blog sites? Share your experience in comments.

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