Lasso WordPress Plugin Review (2021) – Worth The Money?

In this Lasso Review, Let's see

  • What is Lasso and how it works?
  • Lasso Features and display types.
  • Pricing and support.
  • My experince on using them on multiple sites.

Get started with Lasso: Use this link to sign up with a 14-days free trial. Enjoy hands-on experience now as you read our review.

Lasso Review

Lasso is a reliable WordPress based affiliate marketing plugin with extensive link management and optimization features. It appears to be a straightforward affiliate link management system at first glance, but Lasso takes it a lot farther.

I've been using Lasso on more than one site and I'm completely satisfied with the end results and happy to see my conversions got increased.

Lasso Features

With the Lasso WordPress plugin, you can now effectively create affiliate content and link displays and open more affiliate opportunities. All your affiliate links are in one place, and it is much easier than managing them individually.

Custom Display. The way your affiliate links are displayed is completely up to you. Lasso features 6 display options ranging from single product boxes to lists and grids. Also, it offers a resource page or a numbered list that can promote your greatest affiliates.

Opportunities and Monetization. Earn more out of your existing content. Convert every link or keyword into an affiliate link without manually entering each article. Replace outdated affiliate links with new ones directly from your dashboard – no need to edit the WordPress editor.

Dashboard. Lasso generates a database of all your URLs and integrates your links in a searchable dashboard. It shows each URL, image, name, group, and link count on your site.

Design-Forward. Visitor engagement is increased by eye-catching link displays. Let your recommendations stand out, so your visitors can easily find them. Match your website's branding with your modern, clean, and fresh displays. 

Modern and Intuitive Interface. Lasso's modern design makes it simple to locate and update all of your web pages. You'll be able to locate and solve any out-of-stock Amazon products you find.

Keyword Opportunities. Create links using your site's keywords. The plugin identifies every instance of a keyword on your site and only links those you choose. 

Amazon Integration. Easily promote Amazon products. Get your product info instantly. Lasso effortlessly pulls the product title, image, and price from any Amazon URL without API keys. All product information is updated every 24 hours.

Link Cloaking. Build up special links you can easily share. You have full control over which links you would like to have cloaked. Add your own custom permalink to every affiliate link and make all your URLs appear beautiful.

Click Tracking. Lasso helps you connect your site to Google Analytics, ultimately enabling you to track click data. Look at which posts are requiring updates and see if you can get more affiliate earnings each month.

Plugin Import. Grow your affiliate business without struggling with weak affiliate management. Lasso enables you to import your affiliate links at one click – either in bulk or one link at a time.

Link Groups. Make use of every affiliate link, show many displays, and organize all of them. There are plenty of affiliate links on your website. Taking ownership of your value proposition and business is essential. There are no limits to the number of groups you can establish to manage your affiliate links. 

Link Alerts. Broken affiliate links cost you money. This program will check your links 24/7, so you don't miss out on service any time of the day. When you find an affiliate link has broken or a product you recommend is out of stock on Amazon, get notified so you can instantly resolve the situation.

Moreover, it gives you amazing perks such as Unlimited Links, Live Customer Support, Regular Plugin Updates, Money-Back Guarantee Gutenberg Support, and NoFollow/NoIndex Links.

Overall, Lasso is a powerful affiliate marketing tool, and its extensive array of functions are designed to minimize the drudgery of typical activities that many marketers dislike.

Lasso Pricing

Pricing is really transparent, and they don't try to complicate the process with deceptive contracts. Paying $29 per month, buying it for a year, and saving more for only $260 per year.

We enjoy that trial period since it gives you a lot of time to assess whether you like the product or not.

If you merely want to use a new tool for a short period of time or if you are beginning a new affiliate site, monthly billing may be preferable. It is a smart idea to go for a monthly subscription. However, if you have tried it out and know you are serious about your affiliate site, it is surprisingly beneficial to pay the yearly subscription.

The following are Lasso pricelist:

  • Most Flexible – $29 per month / per website
  • Three Months Free – $260 per year / per website

Fortunately, Lasso gives you the freedom to explore all the amazing tools and features they offer up to their maximum range! You have a 14-day free trial to explore! Also, it has a money back guarantee within 30 days from the day of your purchase.

Sign Up With Lasso

Lasso has widely grown for affiliates, all of which we believe to be beneficial. It is very user-friendly and easy to sign up for! Here are the only few steps you need:

Step 1: Sign up by email. You don’t need to create a new account; you can sign up through your personal or professional account! Also, you can instantly log in via Google.

Step 2: Enter payment details. Once you’ve signed up, you will be directed to enter your payment details. Conveniently pay through your bank account. Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, and more are accepted! 

Step 3: Fill Up Personal Information. You will be asked to fill up important information to complete your subscription payment. 

Step 4: Start Free Trial. If you are a new user, you are eligible for 14 days free trial. Later, you can move to a paid plan.


Lasso also has amazing 24×7 live customer service support. It also offers a knowledge base and user guidelines addressing every concern just one click away from using their website!

Is Lasso Right For You?

As for our final verdict, we can say Lasso helps simplify many parts of affiliate marketing. However, the plugin has a premium price, except for sites with big affiliate revenues. If you are out of budget, you can find alternative services that go beyond the basic level for a more comprehensive and budget-friendly option.

Lasso could be a useful affiliate-management tool if you have a large number of links to manage. The design is really fantastic, and it has several helpful functions. To a certain extent, these services have varying degrees of complexity, and some require more resources or budget than the most basic level of affiliate link management services. To completely overview the Lasso Wordpress plugin, check this out:


  • An appealing and user-friendly interface
  • Remarkably simple and simple to use
  • Creative and intuitive display box solution integrating Amazon affiliate statistics
  • Reliable link analytics


  • Lacks versatility and complexity.
  • No table option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lasso?

Lasso is an affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress that provides features to make managing affiliate links simpler, boosting click-through rates, and making it easier to monetize blog content.

Is Lasso compatible with Amazon Associated terms? 

Yes. If your main source of income is through the Amazon affiliate network, it has all of its features fully integrated. Lasso can integrate your WordPress site to your affiliate account utilizing your API and the tracking code.

Does Lasso affect site speed and SEO?

No. There is no connection between adding attributes to your links and how fast your site loads or how well your site ranks in search engines.

Does Lasso work with Gutenberg and Classic Editor?

The new Gutenberg Block is created in the post or page Gutenberg editor. Just as in the classical editor, everything functions the same way from there.

Does Lasso work with any WordPress theme?

Yes. the plugin works with any WordPress theme, and you can use the customization tools to set up personalized styles based on your site's themes.

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