7 Best LeadPages Alternatives (Free + Paid) 2023 – Which is Right For You?

LeadPages, the landing page creation tool,  can be your go-to solution for bringing in leads and skyrocketing your sales in no time.

However, that’s not the only landing page builder in the market. There are alternatives you could go for. This article brings you the seven best LeadPages alternatives as good as LeadPages itself, some of them even better. 

The Best LeadPages Alternatives are

1. InstaPage

From my personal experience, I would recommend Instapage as one of the best Leadpages alternatives. InstaPage is one of the most popular landing page builders in the market. Not only could you use it as a landing page builder, but it can serve as a complete conversion cloud.

Instapage Homepage

This is what makes it much better than LeadPages.

The tool comes with pre-designed templates and a drag and drop builder to easily create beautiful landing pages that instantly convert. You can customize the templates as you like them and meet your specific business needs and requirements. A major plus is the Instablocks that help create the landing page in different blocks to save for future use and reference.

Additionally, InstaPage supports accelerated mobile pages that make the landing pages much more mobile-friendly than they could be with the responsive features of LeadPages.

Additionally, you get other advanced features like alert bars, sticky bars, dynamic text replacement, etc.

A major highlight is the visual AdMaps feature available on InstaPage that helps boost the engagement rates with ad-to-post-clicks experiences that redirect the users to relevant landing pages directly from your posts. This is something that’s essentially missing on LeadPages.

Besides that, you can extend the functionalities with seamless integration with other tools, which help create email lists, manage email campaigns, and do other customer management tasks more easily.


  1. Drag and Drop builder and Instablocks for creating landing pages without writing codes.
  2. AMP view for more responsiveness and mobile-friendly features.
  3. Visual AdMaps help connect posts with relevant landing pages.
  4. Seamless Integration with other tools and APIs.
  5. Advanced features like sticky bars, dynamic text replacements, and more.


  1. Drag and Drop builder, pre-designed templates, Instablocks, all these features help create beautiful pages even when you don’t have technical or coding knowledge.
  2. You can make the pages more responsive and mobile-friendly by leveraging the AMP features.
  3. Visual AdMaps and integration with other tools and APIs help boost conversion rates and sales by many times through more extendable functionalities.


  1. When compared with LeadPages, InstaPage seems a bit costly.


As mentioned, InstaPage is a bit costlier in comparison with the LeadPages. The basic plan of LeadPages, when taken on a yearly subscription, costs $59 a month. The same on InstaPages costs $199 a month. If you go for monthly billing, the cost shoots to $299 a month for InstaPage.

So, InstaPage is much costlier. However, if you’re looking for more advanced features, it’s the way to go and will offer much better capabilities than LeadPages.

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2. Unbounce

Next to Instapage, I loved Unbounce, my next Leadpages alternative tool. Unbounce can be considered to be the flag bearer of landing page builders. All other tools were inspired by the likes of Unbounce.

Unbounce Home

So, Unbounce comes as a great alternative to any other landing page creation tool.

Comparing it with LeadPages, it has many advanced features in comparison. For starters, it comes with pop-ups, an essential feature that LeadPages lacks. With pop-ups, Unbounce makes it easier to alert the visitors about the upcoming offers and deals, and you can get more scope for lead generation and conversion.

Other than that, Unbounce has other features such as sticky bars and alert bars. Another Unbounce feature that LeadPages lacks is dynamic text replacement which is great for personalizing the content for your visitors.

However, when you compare the drag and drop builder, Unbounce has a more free form builder than the grid layout builder of LeadPages. With this Unbounce free form builder, creating pages requires a bit of technical expertise.

Besides that, Unbounce takes an edge over LeadPages in every sense and is an excellent alternative to it.


  1. Free form drag and drop builder to create highly customized landing pages.
  2. Features like pop-ups, alert bars, and dynamic text replacement help add personalization to the landing pages.
  3. Seamless integration with other tools for email marketing, etc.
  4. Responsive and mobile-friendly features.


  1. Advanced features like pop-ups and alert bars help boost the conversion rates by grabbing more attention from the visitors.
  2. Dynamic text replacement adds a lot to the personalization on the landing pages.
  3. Responsive features cater to better user experiences.


  1. The free-form drag and drop builder is technical in approach and quite difficult to get used to.


Unbounce, being much advanced than LeadPages, is higher on the pricing side. The lowest plan on LeadPages is $55/month for a yearly subscription. However, the basic plan on Unbounce comes for $99/month for an annual subscription.

But overall, if you want something that will come with advanced features, and LeadPages doesn’t seem like the way to go for you, Unbounce can be a brilliant alternative.

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3. ClickFunnels

I would definitely recommend ClickFunnels as an effective Leadpages alternative for you. ClickFunnels is more of a sales funnel builder than just a landing page builder. Not only does it help create beautiful landing pages that will attract, engage, and convert leads, but it even helps with upselling, down selling, and cross-selling your products by pushing relevant products to your customers based on their purchases.

ClickFunnels Home Free

The tool has a simple drag and drop builder to help you create beautifully customized sales funnels. This builder is very similar to the LeadPages because even it allows significant ease of use, and there’s no need for any technical expertise and knowledge for going through with the required customization and personalization.

Additionally, ClickFunnels integrates with your email marketing tools and other APIs. This makes it easier to extend the functionalities and benefits you could leverage. For instance, integrating the landing pages and sales funnels with the email marketing tools makes it easier to build email lists and even push the sales funnels in your email marketing campaigns.

As such, although ClickFunnels is not a dedicated landing page builder, it’s still helpful and an excellent alternative to LeadPages.


  1. Drag and Drop builder that helps create sales funnels and landing pages without any technical expertise.
  2. Integration with other marketing tools, APIs, software, and applications.


  1. Good for non-technical users.
  2. Sales funnel creation feature helps boost sales and engagement significantly.


  1. It is not a dedicated landing page builder, so if you want something more towards the landing page creation side, it might not help.


There’s a vast gap in the pricing of both tools. The basic plan of ClickFunnels is available at $97 a month for a yearly subscription, while you can get the LeadPages Basic plan only for $55 a month on an annual subscription basis.

As such, LeadPages looks much feasible. However, the upside with ClickFunnels is that you can create sales funnels and landing pages. Although not very intuitive for landing pages, ClickFunnels is still a good alternative considering its other intuitive features. If you want to try something different than LeadPages, it’s worth a chance!

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4. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect, the famous landing page creator, falls next LeadPages alternative in my list. Thrive Architect is a plugin by the Thrive Suite. It’s a fantastic page builder for WordPress websites and comes with seamless functionalities for creating web pages, landing pages, launch pages, and any other form of digital pages.

Thrive Membership Home

Unlike LeadPages, which has a grid layout drag and drop editor, Thrive Architect can be worked with a WordPress Page Builder, which is highly customizable and helps create a personalized appeal.

Moreover, you can get access to a lot more templates and designs on Thrive Architect in comparison to what you’d get on LeadPages.

Besides coming with seamless page-building capabilities, Thrive Architect is better for integration. It integrates with all other Thrive Suite plugins, which works in favor of extending the features and functionalities of the tool by many times. As such, you never need to go anywhere else and can get everything in one suite.

In a nutshell, both Thrive Architect and LeadPages are amazing page builders with few differences, thus making Thrive Architect a great alternative solution.


  1. WordPress Page Builder that has intuitive drag and drop functionalities and customization options.
  2. Brilliant template library to choose from for more beautiful and personalized landing pages design.
  3. Integration with other Thrive Suite Plugins.


  1. Its page builder is highly customizable and provides for personalized appeal on the landing pages.
  2. Integration with other Thrive Suite plugins and APIs help achieve higher functionalities and benefits.
  3. It helps create responsive pages that are great for driving higher engagements.


  1. Thrive Architect is orchestrated only for WordPress.


Thrive Architect costs you much less than the lead pages. Although you’ll have to purchase the entire Thrive Suite to get Thrive Architect, the basic plan is only $19 per month if you take the subscription yearly. This is much less than the $55 per month that LeadPages costs your yearly subscription.

However, Thrive Architect will work only on WordPress, so you need to consider that factor. There could be no better LeadPages alternative than Thrive Architect if you have a WordPress site.

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5. Landingi

Next, I would like to list Landingi, my next LeadPages Alternatives, which pretty affordable. Landingi is a feature-rich landing page builder with everything that any advanced tool for landing page creation must-have.

7 Best LeadPages Alternatives (Free + Paid) 2023 - Which is Right For You? 1

One thing that it highly surpasses the LeadPages with is its template library. Landingi comes with more than 400 templates that you can customize and personalize for your own needs and requirement. Additionally, customization becomes easier with the drag and drop builder, just like the one you get with LeadPages.

So, you have multiple design options with Landingi, and that’s an amazing plus of this tool. Another plus is the ability to create beautiful sales funnels. This is something that you don’t get with LeadPages. While LeadPages is a dedicated landing page builder, Landingi goes further to expand its functionalities to help with the creation of sales funnels as well. So, not only could you drive conversions through Landingi, but you can even escalate them by pushing more relevant products through sales funnels creation.

Besides that, you get all other advanced features like pop-ups, lightboxes, sticky bars, and more with Landingi, which is again missing with LeadPages. Not to mention, the tool, just like LeadPages, integrates well with other APIs and software.

Landingi is indeed better standing and an excellent LeadPages alternative considering all these factors.


  1. Huge collection of templates.
  2. Drag and drop editor for ease of page creation and customization.
  3. Advanced features like pop-ups, lightboxes, etc.
  4. Build sales funnels in addition to landing pages.


  1. It’s not just a landing page builder, but it helps create sales funnels too, which significantly increases the engagement and conversion rates.
  2. Huge template library equipped with a highly customizable page builder helps bring ease in page creation and personalization.
  3. Other advanced features like pop-ups, lightboxes, sticky bars have now become a must in landing page builders. So, they’re definitely a pro.


  1. As good as the tool is in itself, the support from the team is extremely poor.


Both Landingi and LeadPages have the exact pricing, at least for the basic plans. The basic plans cost $55 a month for the yearly subscription on both platforms. So, there’s no difference in pricing, not much at least.

So, it all comes down to the features. Basically, Landingi is much advanced and thus a great alternative to LeadPages.

6. OptimizePress

From my usage, OptimizePress, the easy LeadPages Alternatives, I would say it has satisfied my petty landing page requirements. OptimizePress is a WordPress plugin that will help you move through all your landing page building requirements.

OptimizePress Home

Since it’s a WordPress plugin, it doesn’t have a separate drag and drop builder like the LeadPages. However, the WordPress Page Builder is much similar and provides the same ease and simplicity in building and customizing the pages. What’s more, you need not build anything from scratch as you get an extensive templates directory in the plugin.

Moreover, even though it’s a plugin, there’s no issue integrating it with other plugins, tools, APIs, and software. So, there are no limitations to the functionalities that you get with OptimizePress.

The best part is that WordPress has its own hosting, and the CMS believes in originality and uniqueness. So, when you’re using OptimizePress, each of your landing pages will be original and unique to you with full ownership.

With all these things, it’s a pretty good alternative to LeadPages.


  1. WordPress Page Builder with highly customizable features.
  2. Huge template library.
  3. Direct hosting of landing pages on WordPress.
  4. Integration with other tools, plugins, and APIs.


  1. The huge template library coupled with a customizable WordPress page builder helps achieve seamless personalization on landing pages.
  2. Since the hosting is directly on WordPress, you hold complete ownership of all your landing pages.


  1. Since it’s a WordPress plugin, knowledge of WordPress becomes necessary.


The pricing difference between LeadPages and OptimizePress is very vast. While LeadPages costs $55 a month, making it $660 a year, OptimizePress would cost you only $99 a year.

However, the differences in features need to be looked upon, and if you don’t have WordPress knowledge, OptimizePress won’t do much good to you. But if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly solution and can work it out with WordPress, then it’s a brilliant alternative.

7. Engagebay

EngageBay, the free LeadPages Alternatives, has also caught my attention with its extraordinary features. This is a free page builder. Now, that’s a bonus because LeadPages costs a lot. But you’d think, what could you possibly get with a free page builder?

7 Best LeadPages Alternatives (Free + Paid) 2023 - Which is Right For You? 2

Well, with Engagebay, it’s almost everything. Although it does not have a drag and drop page builder or features like sticky bars and pop-ups, you can still do a lot with it.

For starters, the creation of landing pages is easier, and you can equip them even for building your email lists by adding intuitive forms right on your landing pages. Besides that, simple integration with your email marketing tool will automate the entire email list-building process for you. Not only that, you can have automation for your sales and other processes too.

Additionally, while there are no alert bars, sticky bars, or popups available, you can benefit from push notifications that work like a charm in sending updates to your leads about upcoming offers and discounts.

So, while not as feature-rich, it’s still a great alternative, especially because it’s free.


  1. Push notification to send messages about discounts and offers.
  2. Integration with other tools and APIs.
  3. Automation features.
  4. Features to add contact forms for email list building.


  1. It’s free to use.
  2. Automation helps reduce your workload significantly.
  3. Forms help build your email lists that further enhance your marketing campaigns.


  1. If you need highly advanced features and have vast business needs, it’s not the tool for you.


Engagebay is free to start with, so there’s a vast pricing difference. Even if you go and look into the pricing plans of Engagebay, they’re much affordable, coming at just $9 a month.

With that pricing, Engagebay comes as a great LeadPages alternative, especially when you’re tight on your budgets or don’t want to spend anything at all.

What is LeadPages?

When it comes to landing pages creation, you’ve got to have an amazing page builder handy to help you create beautiful and convert pages in no time at all. LeadPages is one such tool that you could use.

LeadPages has an intuitive drag and drop builder with a grid layout, an amazing directory of built-in templates, responsive and mobile-friendly features, seamless integration with other tools and APIs. 

LeadPages is a brilliant landing page builder with built-in templates, a drag and drop builder, grid layout designing, and other advanced features like sticky bars, alerts, notifications, and more. However, there are many more tools and solutions with the same features, and you can use them as alternatives to LeadPages.

So, if you’re looking for some other landing page builder, this article might help you.

Which is the best LeadPages Alternative for you?

Comparatively, Instapage is the overall best LeadPages Alternative that I would recommend.  Unbounce is my second overall best alternative for you. Other than that, you can also go for ClickFunnels, Thrive Architect, and EngageBay if you are tight on your budgets.

The aforementioned are seven of the best LeadPages Alternatives. Some are better, some are on the same standing, and some are less good than LeadPages. 

However, to each tool its own. Every tool is unique and has some advantages. What suits you depends on your requirements. But if you’re desperate to move away from LeadPages and try something else, any tool on our list is worth consideration!

7 Best LeadPages Alternatives (Free + Paid) 2023 - Which is Right For You?
7 Best LeadPages Alternatives (Free + Paid) 2023 - Which is Right For You? 3

This is the list of best LeadPages Alternatives. Choose the ideal Alternative choice of LeadPages based on affordable pricing or more premium features.

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