7 Best LeadPages Alternatives (Free + Paid)

LeadPages Alternatives

If you are looking for best Leadpages Alternatives, then you are at the right place.

Landing Pages are an essential part of your business and website. Despite your business type, visitors get attracted to your site if it looks presentable, and they could find a connection to your landing page. 

Leadpages is a popular online tool that assists businesses to grow email lists and improve landing page design. Though Leadpages is excellent, people need options to tally their varied requirements. 

Best LeadPages Alternatives

So, here are some of the best Leadpages alternatives that work effectively and are pretty affordable.


Instapage Homepage

Instapage helps you save around 96% of the advertising budget by getting the right conversion strategies. Most advertisers do not have their landing pages optimized to get the ad clicks converted into a potential lead. 

Instapage helps you prepare your website for the best post-click experiences, and the conversion rate will be hiked by 400%. This is what makes it one of the ideal Leadpages alternatives. Instapage is not just a conventional builder but also comes with features to assist the business websites in converting a maximum click into sales. 

Instapage intends to offer a personalized experience to the customers, whoever lands on your website through ad clicks. Adapting the visitor’s intention for landing on the website is the first aspect of securing a customer. Instapage helps match that intent by using demographics, keywords, and firmographics. 

Moreover, you can also improve digital advertising aspects of experiencing ROI. The intuitive features of Instapage consist of A/B Testing and Heatmaps for improving the campaign results and optimizing the rate of conversion. 

Instapage can easily interact with over 40 platforms such as Marketo, Salesforce, without many complexities. Moreover, you can also implement the conversion data of Instapage into Google Ads and Google Analytics to monitor the ad campaign’s success. 

Apart from that, you get other features such as page creation, page migration, direct lead bypass, dedicated CSM, and others. These features make it an ideal platform for giving you the best conversions. 

Instapage offers 24*7 customer support through various modes to help attend the questions and queries of customers. 

The annual pricing for the business plan of Instapage is $149, with no conversion limits. Also, try our InstaPage Coupon to get a discount on yearly plans.


ClickFunnels Home Free

Are you an entrepreneur looking to create a sales funnel? 

ClickFunnels is the perfect Leadpages alternative to help you promote your business products and services and help spread the word to a targeted audience. 

ClickFunnels make it easy for the entrepreneurs to create a sales funnel and help the business grow faster. ClickFunnels can assist the people who are not into coding and still want to make fantastic web pages to help companies grow.

The operation ideology of ClickFunnels is that it guides the visitors through the sale process of your business to avoid confusion for them. Apart from that, you can point specific products to the customers they are looking for without making them wander around the online store. 

ClickFunnels consists of all the essential tools that a business needs to market a product, sell it, and deliver. Some standard tools include drag & drop web page editor, Facebook marketing automation, Email marketing automation, smart shopping cart, etc. 

One of the best attributes of ClickFunnels is that it helps create leads for businesses. It captures our visitors’ attention and stores their contact information for you to develop follow-ups over time. It will help you get in touch with your visitors even after they have bounced from your webpage. 

With ClickFunnels, you can easily create impactful pages along with sales funnels to help your traffic navigate through the entire process. With efficient service contribution by ClickFunnels, the visitors will most likely turn into customers possessing a positive impression about your business. 

ClickFunnels offers 24*7 customer support through online chat services to help you get adequate solutions for your services’ problems.

The standard plan of ClickFunnels is $97 per month, with some limited features in it, for which you can look into our ClickFunnels Alternatives to find better value for money product.


OptimizePress Home

OptimizePress, a popular Leadpages alternative, is destined to create highly converting landing pages for the businesses to ensure better sales. In addition to that, you also get sales funnels for directing the customers through the process to help increase the chance of a conversion. 

Moreover, OptimizePress is also used for managing the checkout flows on your WordPress website. With OptimizePress, you do not need additional software as it consists of all the tools and technology within to deal with lead generation attributes. 

You do not need any high-end SaaS tools anymore for developing your marketing funnels as OptimizePress will do it for you without much hassle. Using OptimizePress, you can eventually use the opportunity to give out gifts or e-book on the landing pages to attract the visitors to avail of your products or services. 

With OptimizePress, you get the ability to create web pages that can operate on autopilot. Some such web pages you can make are sales letter pages, entry point offers, affiliate review pages, video sales pages, bridge pages, and others. There are a plethora of templates for you to design these webpages. 

OptimizePress allows you to create powerful automated web pages that can help you convert visitors into paying customers in no time. You just need to direct the traffic onto those pages, and the rest will be handled on autopilot. 

OptimizePress offers 24×7 customer support services to handle your questions and queries. You can search the knowledge base for any of the required solutions. 

The starting price for the plan of OptimizePress Suite is $199 per year. This plan will allow you to install and optimize up to 20 personal websites. 


Unbounce Home

Unbounce, as the name suggests, intends to let your visitors stay on your website to avail products and services from you without bouncing off to your competitors. If you are looking for an efficient Leadpages alternative that can get you a perfect landing page, Unbounce is one of the ideal options you must go for.

Over 15000 brands trust Unbounce for being the best landing page platform. Landing pages are the powerhouse of your website that helps you convert more sales. It will eventually assist you in turning your traffic into customers. 

Unbounce eradicates all the distractions over your website to make it easy to navigate for the visitors. With this implementation, the visitors will get right onto the point they landed on your website instead of wandering in your homepage section. 

The best part of Unbounce is that you do not need any technical knowledge to crack the fundamentals of building a page. It is equipped with a drag and drop builder tool to help you design and implement your landing page at ease as I discussed more in the Unbounce Alternative topic. Moreover, it also consists of a myriad of pre-designed landing page templates. 

The landing pages you design with Unbounce will be optimized for performing seamlessly even on smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and others. You can run a diagnosis or A/B Tests to check on your landing page’s performance.

Whether you are willing to have a landing page for your agency, eCommerce site, or other such needs, Unbounce can help you get the best pages of all time. 

Unbounce offers 24*7 assistance by connecting you to a specialist over phone or chat. You can get adequate solutions for all your related queries. 

The starting price for Unbounce is $80 per month, with up to 500 conversions and 20,000 visitors. 

Thrive Membership 

Thrive Membership Home

Thrive Membership stands as a one-stop business toolbox that eradicates the need of developers. You get all the tools here to amend and optimize your business website to ensure better conversions or sales count. 

With the Thrive Membership, you will get the complete collection of Thrive WordPress plugins. You will also get access to new updated plugins, features, and templates necessary for designing your landing page. 

Thrive Architect is a trait under the membership that allows you to create intuitive landing pages to get hooked onto it. With Thrive, making landing pages are mere easy tasks without missing out on the professional spark. 

Thrive Architect comes with over 220 templates, ready to implement for your landing page requirements. You can seek customization at any level to tweak the design or template as per your business requirements. 

Besides, you will also get access to other attributes of Thrive, such as Thrive Optimize. Here, you can implement A/B tests on your landing page and other web pages to check their performance traits. Install the plugin and test your landing page to get an idea about your website’s ability to get you a higher conversions rate. 

Thrive Leads under the membership will allow you to infuse lead generation forms anywhere on the website. You can choose the pages or posts on which you want these forms to pop-up and integrate. You can also add different ways meant separately for members and subscribers. 

With Thrive Membership, you would eventually boost your sales by simplifying the landing page design to make it easy for the visitors to navigate their requirements. Use the available tools over this platform to do it all by yourself. 

Thrive Membership allows you to get in touch with customer support executives 24×7 to get solutions for all your questions and queries. 

The starting price for the Thrive Membership is $19 per month, with installing up to 25 websites and unlimited updates. 


Sendinblue is an excellent solution for growing your business website through landing pages, ads, email, SMS, and other necessary answers. With Sendinblue, you can eventually focus only on your website’s essential parts or landing page while other functions can run on autopilot. 

With Sendinblue, turning visitors to customers has come easy to customize the landing pages. The visitor experience on your website depends on your landing pages; therefore, Sendinblue helps you optimize them, making better sales and a higher ROI.

You can also add sign-up forms to get more contacts for your lead count and reach out to them later to convince them to convert them into your potential leads. 

Sendinblue helps you move forward with email marketing, SMS marketing, chat, and other such features to help you convert more visitors into customers. Moreover, it also has a robust CRM to ensure a right track of customer details. Everything is stored in a single place for easy access. 

Besides, you can also automate most of your marketing messages and segmentations to deal with the visitors’ specific requirements to or better track performance. You also get A/B testing features over the platform and real-time statistics to ensure that the implemented remedies are working well. 

Sendinblue offers customer support 365 days a year to help customers with concrete solutions for all their service-related queries. 

The Lite plan’s starting price is INR 1510 per month, with access to up to 100,000 emails per month and no sending limit. 


Systeme has every single tool that you need for running your business online. You get the ability to create your own sales funnels. You also get to implement email marketing to reach out to a large number of targeted audiences. 

One can use Systeme for selling their products online with several payment options for the customer’s flexibility. Moreover, people can also add upsells and downsells to the sales funnels for better outcomes. 

Making a sales funnel is comfortable with Systeme as you need to invest a few minutes of your time to get it done. It will help your visitors reach directly to the web page or item they are looking for on your website. 

Without proper sales funnels, the visitors might have to wander around the website to find what they need, and this is where Systeme helps you much.

Along with sales funnels, make sure you share email newsletters to your contacts to generate more leads for your business. Systeme offers you unlimited email sending options for all accounts. 

Systeme offers a contact form for assisting the customers to reach out to the service consultants. The customers can also take online training or explore the knowledge base for their required solutions. 

The starting price for availing features of Systeme is $27 per month with unlimited emails, 5000 contacts, and other such features. 


These are some of the best Leadpages alternatives that are productive in different aspects and are designed to help you garner better conversion rates for generating higher revenue. 

Thus, if you are looking for an affordable yet effective option for increasing your sales and growing your email list, turn up to any of the above to meet your requirements.

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