This Is the Biggest Lessons I’ve Learnt about Keywords

Once we get hold of any tool, the primary goal is always to simplify its particular niche.

That is why people use tools like graphic design or PC tools. The same applies to a keyword tool.

Without them, you will lack an essential weapon for your SEO. You should also note that using them in the wrong way could lead to a decline in your ranking.

Here are some of the things I have gathered on keywords, especially on their importance in content.

Engaged audience

Before you start any business, one is advised to have some background check on their consumers.

This will help you discover their preferences. In the end, you will carry out your marketing based on what they want, and no guesswork. The same also applies to content writing- you should always find out the type of keywords that drive traffic towards your website.

Once you write content that connects with what your customers expect, there is a high likelihood that they will love it and even share the same on their social media accounts.

Before you pen down anything, you should always ask yourself whether your clients will like it and if it is fresh from the kitchen. Creating fabricated content may sink your website to the irretrievable dungeon.

Keywords increase conversion

Once you attract traffic, the right keywords have the power to retain quality traffic who will become potential customers. Engaging your audience by answering their questions will also convert a significant percentage of the traffic. The trick behind this is creating meaningful and well-organized content.

Helps you prioritize your time

After finding out what keywords attract most people to your site, you will be in a better position to narrow down on essential keywords only. In the end, you will give more time to those that generate success to your business, hence expect more results than before.

Finding new markets

Using keyword analysis gives you an opportunity to find out specific keyword queries used by clients and different ways to correspond to warm leads. The long tail searches are not easy to find due to their lower such volume.

For example, if you take Online Teaching Marketplace, there are a lot of exciting updates going on, since people are opting for online teaching courses to skyrocket their career.

After a successful keyword analysis, there is a high probability of being ranked higher in the market. You will get into new markets and have visibility on all the open marketing channels.

Higher Organic Search Ranking

After using a keyword tool to get your optimal keywords, the next task should be placing them in the right location for a better organic search ranking.

There are specific places that require good use of keywords such as title, anchor and alt text, URL and many more. For overall long term success of your business, you are required to be in better organic search rank by using SEO plugins like Rank Math and WordPress Themes like Astra.

Marketing trend insight

Analyzing keywords will place you in a position whereby you get more insights on marketing and consumer trends.  This means that you will always remain updated in matters to do with consumer behavior and popularity in the market.

The information will help you create relevant content for your target audience.

Increases shares and comments

People value quality in every aspect of their life.

This is the same case in digital marketing where many consumers appreciate well-written content that is very helpful.  If it takes less time to get to your website, people might want to find out if it's worth it after all. This puts you in a scrutiny position where the value of your site distinguishes you from the rest.

In many instances, internet users will always find a reason to share something useful with their friends. You will be one of the luckiest persons if people see the worth in your content and hit the share button.

Most of them leave reviews and comments on the page, thus acting as a recommendation to other people who have not had a chance to go through it. In the end, you will soar higher in the search engines, courtesy of keyword searches.


In the marketing industry, you should never waste a minute of your time to guess what your customers want. You can carry out a keyword analysis process to lay down your plans. With the right tools, you are ready to launch a successful marketing campaign.

About the Author: Mohan Raj

Professional Cloud Consultant and a passionate blogger. Currently, building our first SaaS product for marketers.

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  1. Hello guys thanks you for sharing this iformation . Keyword research should be the basis of any online marketing campaign. i am finding so many idea for keyword research.

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