5 Best Managed Google Cloud WordPress Hosting 2022

When it comes to website performance and security, there is nothing like Managed Google Cloud Hosting for WordPress. Users from all over the world have realized this and this is the reason that Managed Google Cloud Hosting for WordPress has got a lot more popular over the years. 

In this post, we will look into the service of 5 Managed Google Cloud Hosting for WordPress and hopefully, by the end of this post, you will find the most suitable platform for your purpose.

1. WP Engine

5 Best Managed Google Cloud WordPress Hosting 2022 1

WP Engine started in 2010 to help WordPress users with the traditional limitations by giving them the right mix of innovation and service. Apart from a brilliant technological edge, WP Engine has the advantage of the Google Cloud Platform. In fact, it is one of the best Managed Google Cloud Hosting for WordPress since it has performed persistently over the years.

Over the years, WP Engine Managed WordPress has been largely able to make users happy with a brilliant uptime and of course, a very stable WordPress hosting environment backed by 24×7 expert monitoring. Security is pretty tight too and includes WP Engine’s WordPress-specific security rules, vulnerability scanning, 2FA, DDoS mitigation, automatic threat detection and blocking alongside Google security.

WP Engine Managed WordPress offers a wide range of solutions for all types of users. WP Engine sites have brilliant page load time backed by EverCache caching, HTTP/2 and the latest PHP 7 support, Free CDN, Google’s infrastructure and WP Engine’s software. 

Above all, WP Engine has one of the finest support teams in the entire industry and it offers 24×7 fast and friendly assistance via phone, live chat, and tickets.

With the Google Cloud Platform, users have the advantage of next-generation virtual machines which means 40% faster sites. Besides, this ensures greater security, reliability, and connectivity for users. Users also have the advantage of Google Information Security and this means that your data will be highly safe and secure. Customers also have the advantage of a powerful platform for their most critical business applications and the latest innovations in CPU technology.

As far as pricing goes, WP Engine offers users 3 different options to select from; StartUp, Growth, and Scale. The lowest plan you can start for is StartUp for $30/mo. Besides, you can always get a custom plan created by contacting the sales team.

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2. Kinsta

5 Best Managed Google Cloud WordPress Hosting 2022 2

KInsta entered the industry in 2013 and quickly emerged to be a pretty reliable Managed Google Cloud Hosting for WordPress. The platform offers the right mix for every category of the website. So far, Kinsta has done a remarkable job in keeping its customers unimaginably happy with its service.

Kinsta Managed WordPress has undoubtedly got the best mix of features. It has the best architecture for speed comprising technologies such as Nginx, PHP 7.3, LXD software containers, MariaDB, and compute-optimized VMs. 

Kinsta also lays a lot of emphasis on the aspect of security which is characterized by advanced technologies such as DDoS attack detection, Hardware firewalls, SSL support, and Constant Uptime Monitoring. Besides, it is pretty easy to scale up the resources and Kinsta can also effectively handle any sudden traffic spikes. 

Apart from that, Kinsta has very reliable 24×7 support tickets alongside a powerful knowledge base and in addition to this, the support executives have excellent knowledge of WordPress.

Most importantly, Kinsta Managed WordPress has the advantage of being powered by the Google Cloud Platform and its 20 global data centers. Using Google Cloud VMs is pretty affordable and you can actually pay for only the compute time you use and in fact, it is much affordable than Azure. Users can expect a blazing fast speed for their websites backed by Private Global Fiber and Tiered Network.

With Kinsta and Google Cloud Hosting, you can actually have live migrations of Virtual Machines. Users can also scale up their sites’ containers to as many CPUs as they want. Another huge advantage is high security and privacy comprising 256-bit AES encryption, and improved security of your data in transit.

Another promising thing about the Google Cloud Platform is its continuous global expansion. With redundant backups, it ensures a much more reliable uptime of 99.99% all the time.

Kinsta managed google cloud offers users a wide variety of plans and configurations. The lowest plan you can start with is $30/mo. Apart from the available plans, Kinsta also allows users to contact the sales team and have a customized plan.

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3. Cloudways

5 Best Managed Google Cloud WordPress Hosting 2022 3

Cloudways is yet another brilliant option for anyone looking for a Managed Google Cloud Hosting for WordPress. Cloudways is a perfect mix of simplicity and performance.  Cloudways have over 60 data centers across 15 countries. Over the years, many businesses have benefitted to a large extent out of using this platform. 

Setting up a website with Cloudways merely takes a few minutes and you actually have 5 cloud providers to select from. Cloudways also supports unlimited apps including all PHP apps. Cloudways websites have ultra-fast page loading speed backed by Optimized Stack, Advanced Caching, PHP 7 Ready Servers,  CloudwaysCDN, Auto-healing servers, & HTTP/2 Supported Servers.

Cloudways Managed WordPress also ensures rock-solid security and it includes dedicated firewalls, regular security patching, Free SSL, IP Whitelisting, and Two-Factor Authentication.

If you have a team to work with, Cloudways makes it pretty convenient for you too with options such as  Git Integration, Staging Area & URLs, SSH and SFTP Access, Application & Server Cloning, Projects, One Account Multiple Teams, Server Transfer, and more.

Cloudways Managed Hosting for WordPress also helps you extend the functionality even further with powerful add-ons such as  CloudwaysBot Channels, Rackspace Email Add-on, DNS Made Easy Add-on, Cloudways API, SMTP Add-on, and more.

Above all, the fact that Cloudways has Google Cloud as one of the 5 providers makes it a very powerful platform. This ensures better security and performance. If you have an existing GCE account, you can easily transfer it to Cloudways by requesting the technical support to create a new server for you.

Deploying applications on Google Cloud Servers is pretty fast as long as it is managed by Cloudways. Users can also launch multiple Google Compute Engine using a single Cloudways account. On top of that, scaling up your GCE is unimaginably simple and quick as long as you use Cloudways.

Another huge advantage is the fact that it allows you to choose your preferred data center from a wide range of data centers.

Cloudways managed google cloud offers as many as 11 plans and configurations to choose from. Users can start for as low as $10 and it includes 1 GB RAM, 1 Core, 25 GB Storage, and 1 TB Bandwidth.

Cloudways has best-in-class support in every aspect. Users can contact the support 24×7 via Live Chat, Online tickets, Phone, and Private Slack Channel for any technical difficulty that they may encounter anytime.

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4. SiteGround

SiteGround becomes the cheapest Google hosting at $3.95/month. The company used Singlehop data centers earlier, however, they've choosen Google for global expansion.

As what I've know SiteGround is getting ready to launch Australia datacenter in coming months. Apart from it, they already moved their sites to new data center in last few months.

The cheapest SiteGround Startup plan $3.95/month allows 10,000 visits per month and comes with single website hosting. I recommend choosing their Growbig plan for $5.95/month which not only offers Unlimited domain hosting but also offers 25,000 traffic limits.

Right now, SiteGround uses following server locations,

  • Council Bluffs, IOWA (USA)
  • Chicago, IL (USA)
  • London (UK)
  • Eemshaven & Amsterdam (NL)
  • Singapore (SG)

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5. Templ

Templ is unique Google Cloud hosting very similar to Kinsta. Unlike Cloudways & SiteGround, Templ is WordPress only company founded in 2016.

I recently did a review of Templ after using it for a while and completely satisfied with it.

Templ is a reliable Managed Google Cloud Hosting for WordPress in all senses. The platform offers hassle-free WordPress management and has some powerful features too. Setting up a website with Templ is also ridiculously simple and fast. On top of that, users can have bank-grade security with Templ. With our exclusive Templ Coupon 2022, their plan becomes super-affordable for all types of business.

Templ has amazing 24×7 support wherein most of the executives are WordPress experts and can easily help you with any technical difficulty about your WordPress or hosting account.

Templ plan starts from $29/month with 10GB Storage and 10GB Bandwidth.

6. Closte.com

5 Best Managed Google Cloud WordPress Hosting 2022 4

Closte is Managed Google Cloud Hosting for WordPress, known for its excellent transparency and of course, the right mix of features. The platform has the advantage of being run on the Google Cloud Platform. Over the years, it has done a great job of keeping its customers completely happy with its solutions.

Closte Managed WordPress ensures that not a single important feature for WordPress hosting is missed. Close provides users with automated and semi-automated updates, staging, and built-in CDN. Closte also has rock-solid security by default without the need for any third-party plugins. 

As far as performance is concerned, Closte uses Google and Litespeed technologies comprising Google Cloud CDN, Google Cloud DNS, and Litespeed Enterprise for WordPress Caching and PHP processing. This ensures a blazing fast speed, as I explained more in my Closte Review with more performance inputs.

Above all, the fact that it uses Google Cloud Platform makes the pricing pretty affordable for the users as they can only pay for what they use and at the same time, can scale up their resources anytime with the growing needs of their businesses.

The average monthly price for a website with up to 25000 visitors in Closte Managed WordPress is $12 and includes all the essential features while FlyWheel charges $25 even though it runs on one of the cheapest cloud providers.


It is not easy to find the most suitable Managed Google Cloud Hosting for WordPress and this is the reason that we came up with this post after many hours of research to present to you 5 best options to choose from. If you have read this post carefully so far, you should no longer find it difficult to choose the perfect Managed Google Cloud Hosting for WordPress for your purpose.