15 Beautifully Designed Best MyThemeShop Themes (2018)

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MyThemeShop – Themes that rock!

It is one of the old tagline used by them, and it aptly suits them.

Just like an Architectural design, each of their themes is neat and visually eye-catching one.

This Post MyThemeShop Awards 2017 lets you find the best, and stunning WordPress themes ever produced by them.

I Must say; MyThemeShop consists of incredible collections of premium WordPress themes by which you can design any websites within a matter of seconds.

Even I wrote a MyThemeshop review few years back and a lot of people getting MyThemeShop themes through my affiliate link and I am proud of promoting good products to visitors.

I made a lot of money and got good reputation from my clients for using MyThemeShop themes on their sites and its time for payback.


I own an Extended membership license with MyThemeShop where I used most of the themes for my client works and various niche sites.

mythemeshop extended membership

While writing this post, MyThemeShop contains 99 WordPress themes including free WordPress themes.

The objective of this post is simple.

  • Find 15 best WordPress themes out of 99 themes.
  • Finding best theme from each category (blog, business, viral, magazine, eCommerce).
  • In-depth analysis of the selected theme.

MyThemeShop Awards 2017 – Introduction

Out of 99 themes, I finalized 30 themes which are worth using for any of niche.

Out of 30 themes, I choose 15 themes that are performing well both in terms of look and quality of the design.

Choosing 15 themes is a tough task for me. Some Factors I considered for selecting those 15 themes

  • Clients feedback about their MyThemeShop WordPress themes.
  • Most selling themes at MyThemeShop
  • Identifying the pros and cons of themes by searching on MyThemeShop support forums.

Let us have a look at the stunning themes ever produced by MyThemeShop


Best Viral WordPress Theme

mythemeshop themes awards

SociallyViral, one of the WordPress theme that made MyThemeShop become a strong brand in WordPress Community. Being MyThemeShop's most selling theme, you can understand how people are crazy about it.

SociallyViral is the most engaging Viral WordPress theme out there in the market for years.

With Fast loading and neat design, SociallyViral is a masterpiece to start your viral sites. The themes are well-built with latest Google Algorithm and optimized for email marketing too.

One of the viral site Viralnova used MyThemeshop themes and sold the site for whopping $100 million dollars. Now I bet you won't get better theme than this SociallyViral. Agree ?

sociallyviral theme reviewAward: Best Viral WordPress Theme

Ideal for: Viral, Magazine sites.


Fastest WordPress Theme

schema wordpress theme

Schema, the fastest WordPress theme ever built for WordPress blogging community. It almost carries all MyThemeShop Feature including Powerful control panel, shortcodes, and widgets.

I choose this theme because of its ultra-friendly SEO implementation. Each thing like header, breadcrumbs, contents, etc. is well coded which is helpful for Google bot to the crawl the site properly which in term improves the SEO of the site.

With better optimization of SEO, Schema has been awarded as the Fastest WordPress Theme.

Award: Fastest SEO WordPress Theme.

Ideal for – General blog , Magazine and  eCommerce blog sites.


Most beautiful WordPress Theme

newspaper wordpress themes

NewsPaper, a replica of the SociallyViral theme but it too has its own unique features. Each time when I visit the demo page of NewsPaper theme, I just can't move to next tab or click any links in it. I swear you, this theme is the most beautiful theme ever built.

It's stunning, Eye catching and engaging theme

Another thing I want to let you know is the sexiest social sharing buttons. The floating social sharing buttons are so neat, and it will surely urge a visitor to click the share buttons.

I don't know why I can't see such social buttons in other MyThemeShop themes. Maybe it is designed to add more spice to NewsPaper theme.

newspaper wordpress theme mythemeshop

With six different layouts along with eCommerce shop features, I award this theme as the Most Beautiful WordPress Theme.

Award: Most beautiful WordPress Theme.

Ideal for – Blog, Magazine sites. Also suitable for Video, Food, Travel, Viral niche sites (Inbuilt layouts for the respective niches)


Best Adsense optimized WordPress theme

best wordpress premium themes

If you're a  typical traditional person, then Best WordPress theme is for you. Best is Clean, engaging magazine style WordPress theme suitable for magazine niche WordPress sites.

With Inbuilt review schema and easy backend to change your homepage is the best thing about this WordPress themes. It comes with retina ready icons to glorify your eyes, and it is optimized for best AdSense ad placements. If you are looking to start magazine niche sites like technology, fashion, adult and viral sites, then you can't out the Best theme.

Award: Best Adsense optimized WordPress theme.

Ideal for – Technology, fashion, adult and niche sites.


Professional WordPress Theme

newsonline magazine wordpress theme

It is a professional theme; I can say that.When you visit any authority sites, you can feel professionalism in their site design and the same I was experiencing in this theme.

Don't know whether the Font choice in the theme or related posts or comments section, something makes me feel the professionalism in this theme. With Adsense optimization along with six different layouts for various niches, I award this theme as the ” Professional WordPress theme.”

Award: Professional WordPress theme.

Ideal for – Entertainment, Relationship, Food and Sports Niche sites.


Best Video WordPress Theme

video wordpress theme

I saw some people building niche video sites using some themes sold by third-party sellers which won't get even a single update. Here comes the most addictive Video WordPress theme with Youtube support.

With a like/dislike feature, watch later feature, playlist, low bounce rate, integration with YouTube for view counts along with default MyThemeShop features like Fast loading and SEO Optimization, Video WordPress themes stands out of the crowd.

9GaG inspired Video theme makes you earn money online with AdSense ads. If you planned to build Video based niche websites, then Video is the only choice for you. With this, I award this themes as the “Best Video WordPress theme.”

Award: Best Video WordPress theme.

Ideal for – Video niche sites (you can use it for any kind of niche)


Best WordPress Theme for Personal Branding

steadyincome wordpress theme review

SteadyIncome is my favorite theme of MyThemeShop in recent times.

[bctt tweet=”I have a dream; there will be personal blog theme focused on lead generating feature, and I found it on .”]

steadyincome review

It's completely awesome and fluid theme built for online marketers, entrepreneurs like You and me. If you check my previous post, I shared how important branding is? Especially for people in the blogging niche.

The theme without compromising helps you to place lead email forms in more than five regions which in turn increases the chance of growth in your email subscriber rate.

Along with Getresponse, I bet no one can't stop you from making money online.I award this themes as “Best WordPress Theme for Personal Branding.”

Award: Best WordPress Theme for Personal Branding.

Ideal for – Branding (Suitable for anyone who needs to brand them in their respective profession)


Best Health and Fitness WordPress Theme

justfit fitness wordpress themes

Health Niche – The most money making a niche for webmasters right from the stone age.

As Stated by MyThemeShop

JustFit is the ultimate fitness and exercise WordPress theme. Whether you run a fitness community, are a personal trainer, publish as an online magazine, or own a local gym, JustFit has the features to help you grow your following. Show off testimonials, results, products and workouts, and still keep up a blog.

Need a gym theme for your client? Need to build a niche site on health /nutrition ? or need to showcase your training? I suggest you JustFit. I don't need to explain more about it, right?

I award JustFit theme as “Best Health and Fitness WordPress theme”


Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs.

griblog free wordpress theme for blog

Why should paid premium theme have all the fun?

MyThemeShop planned to throw out its premium features to this Grid blog theme and made it as Free. Grid blog is beautiful, Modern and Highly Unique Grid-based theme.

Award: Best Free WordPress Theme for Blogs.

Ideal for – Suitable for Corporate blog sites and general blog sites.


Best WordPress Theme for Blogs

wordpress theme for blogs yosemite

Who hates the Apple's Yosemite design and here comes the WordPress themes inspired by Yosemite – Apple UI design.

Yosemite is elegant in design; Adsense optimized, and it's an appealing design too (Apple users can understand it).

Award: Best WordPress Theme for Blogs.

Ideal for – Suitable for Women bloggers and general blog sites.


Best One Page Business Portfolio WordPress Theme

onepage wordpress theme for business

Since I own a developer account with MyThemeShop and some other theme companies, I show 3-5 themes to clients and ask them to choose one for their business sites. Most people end up choosing OnePage WordPress theme due to its unique appealing and flexibility.

Onepage is a must-have single page WordPress theme. Featuring a creative Drag and Drop homepage layout and unique blog layouts, OnePage has a responsive design with clean, handcrafted code that loads fast and is optimized for SEO. Fully customizable, it includes powerful theme options and features to help your site.

Award: Best One Page Business Portfolio WordPress Theme.

Ideal for – Business sites.


Best WordPress themes for MobileApp

best wordpress themes for promoting mobile applications

Mobile Application developers are growing at infinite rate across the globe.With increasing mobile applications, there is a need to have a perfect website to promote your mobile applications.

With the ability to animate screenshots, have great sections, and seamlessly integrated download buttons, you'll see more users, and you can show them how it looks on their device, with six screens provided on this MobileApp theme.

There are some other app themes at MyThemeShop but they are same but this one unique.

This is the “Best WordPress themes for MobileApp.”

Award: Best WordPress theme for Mobile applications.

Ideal for: Promoting mobile applications.


Best WordPress Business Theme

best business drag and drop wordpress theme

PointPro is a premium WordPress theme for professionals. With a modern, responsive design, a stunning layout with lots of headings and sections and a slew of top-end features; this is a theme that can allow you to compete with the top players in your niche!

It's the best theme with Drag and Drop feature theme with MyThemeShop. I award this theme as “Best Drag and Drop Business WordPress Theme.”

Award: Best WordPress Business Theme.

Ideal for – To promote your Business and Portfolio.


Best WordPress theme for BusinessARCHITECT wordpress business themeThough the theme is built exclusively for Architect companies, it can be widely used in any business WordPress websites.

The architect is beautifully designed with the professional looking design.

With re rearrangeable homepage sections, a fluid responsive design, an SEO friendly blog layout makes Architect theme a perfect theme for business persons.

I award this theme as “Best WordPress theme for Business.”
Award: Best WordPress theme for Business.

Ideal for – Business websites

Some More beautiful MyThemeShop themes

Choosing 15 themes out of 30 themes is a difficult task, but I did it. The below 15 themes is the list of themes which I left out which are worth mentioning here. I mentioned the reasons why I missed those themes, and you can check it out.

MagXP – This one is an ultimate WordPress theme with nine inbuilt layouts and comes with inbuilt SERP schema review system. Since I selected 2-3 magazine themes already in the above list, so I dropped this theme.

WooCart – Being one of their popular eCommerce themes, this theme is an imitation of a traditional eCommerce site. If you are looking to build a business with this theme, then it will create a bad impression with buyers.

But if you're looking to build an affiliate site, then it too good to choose.

Corporate – It is one of the favorite themes from MyThemeShop, but I think its so simple. Maybe people love it, since its a best selling theme.

CleanApp – With Mobile app WordPress themes to promote mobile applications, I think this theme is not worth to mention. But with an eye-catching design, you can consider this theme as Mobile App responsive theme alternatives.

Please have a look at some other great premium WordPress themes.

Emax Store -Ecommerce theme

Splash – Blog, Magazine Theme

Blogging – Theme for blogging

How to – Specially designed for how to question niche blogs

Enterenpreuship – Brand new innovative growth hack theme

App theme – Another cool theme to promote mobile app games

Salvation – Chruch theme


This post without compromising finds the best 15 MyThemeShop themes built by them. What do you think about MyThemeShop themes? Have you ever used it on your blogs?



Best Deals in market


Responsive themes


SEO optimized themes







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  • SEO optimized
  • Technical Support
  • Flexible and unique design
  • Pricing


  • Nothing

  • Updated November 16, 2018
Mohan Raj

Mohanraj is the founder of BloggingIO. He shares his experience of handling WordPress, SEO, and Hosting through BloggingIO

  • Howard says:

    Nice article. So which one is best?im a NEW WordPress Blogger and might do some product reviewing? Adsense optimized, fastest loading and preferably built in review stars? (Do any have all) ? I like so far: BEST
    NEWSONLINE, NEWSPAPER and Socially Viral……

  • Howard says:

    Thanks for your advice. Is it a big deal in the fact that the sociallyviral has its own email sub. Form included and which form plugin to get if I use newspaper theme? ( Jess thinking of GET RESPONSE for email so it appears that it’s just a matter of the form itself on soc. Viral vs. one provided by get response???)
    Thanks Howard

    • Mohan Raj says:

      The one provided by get response might not responsive and it comes with no style, you need to spice up the design with css. If you use newspaper theme, you can choose wp subscriber plugin from mythemeshop ( gives you same design like on sociallyviral )

  • vivek kumar says:

    I like Sociallyviral pro theme, it is the best theme of mythemeshop with fastest loading feature.

  • Vrushali says:

    While I am not here to promote or market for a new theme, if I had to choose one from the list, I would go with the Adsense Theme from MyThemeShop.

    I don’t use Adsense on my most of the site, but I’ve been considering it. If I ever do, maybe, I’ll switch to one of these templates to see if it would support me to increase my earnings. All the themes you shown are really charming and elegant but are also premium. I will be happy if you could propose some free Adsense friendly themes.

    I personally worked more WP themes on my blog before, it was not so good in boosting the AD Revenue, but it was heavy in loading particularly for newbies like me that always looing to make money blogging from Banner Ad Instead of Affiliate Marketing. I would suggest any but newspaper style which is way better in terms of speed as well as mobile responsiveness since they also have quite extraordinary benefits like structured Data etc.

    Thanks for sharing all these themes with us, I know that they will help anybody to increase their Adsense earnings.

  • Raj singh says:

    Thank you for sharing this article, it’s very usefull for newbies bloggers.

    Can you please tell me mohan sir which is the best for tech blogs ?

    Newsmag or sociallyviral theme ??

  • Rohit says:

    I am using schema and coupon theme for a while now and they are easy to customize and they also have a great support team.

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