Nexcess Black Friday Deals 2022 – Up to 75% OFF

  • Deal: 75% Off
  • Price: $9.50/month
  • Coupon: JOY2022
  • Date: Black Friday
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Nexcess Black Friday 2020

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Nexcess Black Friday Deal

Nexcess Black Friday provides massive deals of up to 75% OFF, starting from $9.50/month on their Managed hosting services. The Black Friday deals start from November 27, 2022.

Nexcess Black Friday Deal

Nexcess is one of the best WordPress and WooCommerce hosting platforms that have now sliced down its prices for the Black Friday Deal 2022. There is a complete 75% off Black Friday Flash Sale on the Nexcess hosting plans of WordPress and WooCommerce.

Note: I have been customer to Nexcess for more than six months. If you have any questions related to their platform, ask your questions in comments.

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Nexcess Black Friday Plans & Pricing

Nexcess Black Friday 2022 is live with a whopping discount of 75% on all plans. Here are the details about the pricing and discount offers of Nexcess under the Black Friday Deals 2022.

The prices are happily shocking as the online WordPress website owners and WooCommerce store owners can now get better hosting services at a minimal price.  

Managed WordPress Hosting

Nexcess Managed WordPress Plans

The WordPress hosting services at Nexcess comes with two plans, namely Spark and Maker. The discount details for both the plans are as follows:

  • The Spark plan of WordPress Hosting services of Nexcess under Black Friday is available at $9 per month, which is originally $19 per month on regular days. 
  • The Maker plan of WooCommerce Hosting services of Nexcess under Black Friday is available at $49 per month, which is originally $79 per month on regular days. 

Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Nexcess Black Friday Deals 2022 - Up to 75% OFF 1

Like the WordPress Hosting plans, WooCommerce hosting services also has two plans: Starter and Creator. The discount and price details for the WooCommerce hosting services under the Black Friday deal are as follows:

  • The Starter plan under the WooCommerce hosting services of Nexcess is available at $9 per month under Black Friday Deals.
  • The Creator plan of Nexcess for WooCommerce hosting services under Black Friday Deal is available at $49 per month


Nexcess Managed Hosting Features 

Nexcess has marked its ability across the globe with its efficient hosting services for WordPress as well as WooCommerce. 

Here are some of the features that explain the vital attributes of Nexcess:

  • Highly Scalable- Nexcess offers 24 hours of free auto-scaling every month. The Auto-scaling features embedded within the hosting plans of Nexcess makes it ideal for the website to perform well even with high traffic.
Nexcess Auto Scaling

  • 10 PHP Workers – Nexcess is the only host to offer 10PHP workers on their starting plans whereas other hosts offers 2PHP workers on plans below $100/month.
  • Impeccable Speed- The websites are highly optimized with inhouse Nexcess CDN with 25+ global POP locations, and the query loads are suppressed by 95%, which also reduces your loading time for a better user experience.
  • Responsive Customer Support- Nexcess offers 24×7 customer support to handle all questions and queries of the users. 
  • Enhanced Security- Nexcess has high-security measures to make sure that it will protect your WooCommerce store from cyber-attacks.
  • Money-Back Guarantee- They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to refund you the entire amount if you are not happy with the services. 

How to Claim Nexcess Black Friday Deal?

Nexcess Black Friday Deal with 75% OFF starts from $9.50/month.

  • Visit the sales page of Nexcess Black Friday WordPress hosting.
  • Choose the discounted plans that you want to buy
  • The discount coupon “JOY2022” will be automatically applied.
  • Create your profile and make the payment.
Nexcess Black Friday Payment

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Nexcess has cut-down the prices to provide some fantastic offers. If you are looking for any of the plans mentioned above, you need to grab it right away before the offer expires.

It will help you save a lot if you are an online marketer having WordPress or WooCommerce websites. So, get your affordable yet efficient hosting plan today!