Ninja Outreach: Review & Tutorials (+ Free Trial)

This post is all about Ninja Outreach reviews, the tool I'm using for effective outreach since June 2016.

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Even if you're a PBN guy, getting some free white hat links kicks your keyword to rank higher. If you're a product creator and looking to promote your product, finding the right influencer is a big task.

For both the above cases, Ninja Outreach is a solid option to work around.In my case, I do a lot of outreach and need a solid outreach tools.

If you're a hardcore blogger who builds great white hat links without any tools, I suggest you Ninja Outreach where you can surely hit 20X ROI.


Let's go deep on this Ninja Outreach guide.

Ninja Outreach Review

What is Ninja Outreach? Ninja Outreach is a rock solid Influencer and Blogger Outreach software where you can find the right & best influencers for your product else if you're an internet marketer who builds tons of white hat links, Ninja Outreach offers you the best solution to scale up your efforts.

As an Internet Marketer, I use this tool solely for finding potential prospects and outreach them.

Ninja Outreach Outline

Once you get an account with Ninja Outreach and logged in, you'll find three different dashboard which does all the works. The layout is simple, clean and comes with three options.

  • List
  • Search
  • Outreach


Let me explain each one of these. List dashboard is nothing but it displays all our list of campaigns.

For example, If I'm finding prospects for 5 sites, I can create five lists and manage each site work under a singlehood. Let's see how my dashboard looks like.

Creating a list is dead simple. Click on create a list, and the filled form opens up.

Give a name to the list and apart from Blogger plan, every other plan allows unlimited users to work on a single project. Tags and descriptions, use as per your wish for better-organized setup.

Here come the main options to get started. You can choose the best one and click on create a new list. In my case, I mostly use Import a list option and Search Promotion Opportunities.


The heart of tool. It does all of the jobs for both finding influencers and finding blogs for outreach. There are five options namely

  • Promotion opportunities
  • Social influencers
  • Most shared content
  • Find Leads
  • Email finder

1.Promotion opportunities do the prospecting job and for the keyword, you entered, Ninja Outreach does a live search and brings out the results.

When I entered the keyword "SEO tools" the tool bought 46,032 results in 1.66 seconds and that's incredibly faster and you also need to consider the fact, none of the blogger outreach tools performs Live Content Prospecting.

You can use tools like KWFinder to find more keywords and use them at Ninja Outreach, give a search to find more number of blogs.

The most blogger outreach platform (PitchBox, BuzzSumo, BuzzStream) keeps a database and brings a list of sites based on it but Ninja Outreach does Live Content Prospecting bringing out fresh results for blogger outreach campaigns.

Now, let's look into filter options. There are a lot of options to filter the results and below is such an example.

I filtered websites based on DA/PA/MOZ rank, backlinks, Alexa rank and social shares. Now the list got reduced to 3470 results. How cool the results?

Ninja Outreach never stops here. If you click on All featured pages option, you can find the below menu.

If you're finding SEO blogs that allow guest post or SEO blogs with resource page or looking for SEO blogs that accept sponsored posts, this blogger outreach tool covered all the options you need to have.

I choose the option guest post, the tool searches the list and finds which blogs have a dedicated guest post page and shows you the results like below.

I forget to tell you something, the tool also shows you the estimated traffic of sites and at the right corner, click it and add the sites to a list.

There is also an option where you can filter domains based on top-level domains which will be useful for doing blogger outreach in specific countries.

Likewise, you can run tons of keyword to find blogs for guest posting and if you have Ninja Outreach with you, sky is the limit.

Don't stop when the links are placed. Use some of the best SERP tracker tools like SERPWoo and monitor website rankings, so that you can understand which types of links ( guest post or resources or something else) gives you a ranking boost.

Social Influencers

Social Influencer option works along with Instagram and Twitter to find the influencer in your niche.

For example, I entered tech founder and the tool displays 2,220 results and there are options to filter results based on city or country, or filtering influencers based on Twitter or Instagram.

This option is suitable for people who're looking for solid influencer outreach platform.

Most Shared Content

Similar to BuzzSumo, Ninja Outreach finds most shared content for the given keyword. Below is such a result for the keyword SEO.

Email Finder

Another solid feature. You don't need a separate paid account like Hunter to find the email address. Just enter the site and tool finds the address with ease.

How to use Ninja Outreach

So, you created the list, found the sites ready for prospecting and the next step is Email outreach.

Once you click Outreach, it takes you email configuration page, you can either choose Gmail account or go with IMAP ( and you can find the complete tutorials for connecting them.

There are three options under Outreach, they are templates, Inbox mode, and Auto sending.

Templates options come preloaded with default templates and apart from it, you can add your templates.

Inbox Mode works like an email client where you can send & receive emails, close the deal.

Auto sending feature works on all plan except starter plan. You can schedule, automate follow-ups.

Ninja Outreach vs

There are a lot of similar outreach tools in the market but I find Ninja Outreach is both economical and faster than other tools.

Let's have a comparison between some other PR blogger outreach software in the market.

Ninja Outreach vs BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo, the shared content and influencer finder tool. Many people search for the " Ninja Outreach vs BuzzSumo" but I think comparing both tools is not fine.

BuzzSumo is more focused towards finding trending topics, brand mentions and much more and BuzzSumo don't have outreach options.

While Ninja Outreach is an all-in-one outreach tool which also includes certain features of BuzzSumo like trending topics and finder influencers.

In terms of pricing, Ninja Outreach is completely affordable and also comes with a chrome extension.

Ninja Outreach vs BuzzStream

Another solid tool for prospecting and outreach. Though I don't have hands-on-experience with BuzzStream, I'm covering the general differences between the two tools.

When it comes to pricing, BuzzStream starts as low as $24/month but there are limitations on the number of searches but the later tool don't have any limits on searches.

Ninja tool can also be used as an Instagram influencer outreach but BuzzStream lacks in such functionality. 

With such favours towards Ninja, I can proudly call them as best BuzzStream Alternatives for 2018 & beyond.

Ninja Outreach Pricing

There are four plans to get started. The Blogger plan starts from $69/month and Small agency plan starts from $99/month.

Monthly Plan

Yearly plan

I recommend you to choose Small agency or higher plans since it comes with unlimited users, so a large team of people can work on projects while at the same price point, most other tools offer access only to 1-3 people.

You can even run your own Blogger Outreach Services if you get Small agency plan for $99.

Ninja Outreach Coupon

You can find discount coupon here once it goes live. Right now, if you choose Yearly access plan, you can save 25% on billing amount.


In my years of using Ninja Outreach, I can say the Most shared content finder is not good as BuzzSumo but I'm not using the option where my sole aim will be on prospecting and outreach.

The best thing about Ninja Outreach, it is the only tool to offer unlimited user access for $99/month plan while most other tools limits the usage to 1-3 users on the pricing range.

If you have a big team yet need a powerful outreach tool, then Ninja Outreach is the only best solution.

Ninja Outreach


Live content prospecting


Outreach options & templates


Customer support




Most shared content



  • Fastest way to outreach
  • Options to find social influencers
  • Email finder
  • Chrome extension
  • Unlimited users


  • Most shared content finder tool has limited options

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