The Only #1 Real OptinMonster Alternatives That Rocks [2019]

OptinMonster is a great product, no doubt about it.

But people tends to search for "OptinMonster Alternatives" during renewals.

Yes, the renewals costs a bit higher when compared to other plugins in the market.

If you're in the same scenario, you might see hundreds of blogs recommending some top 10 to be the best alternatives.

In fact, I too wrote a post comprising 10 plugins to be alternative to OptinMonster.

But I was wrong. 

There are lot more similar products but most of them seems to be missing the most features of OptinMonster, my blog post is misleading.

Then, I spent more than 32 hours analyzing the web, reading hundreds of review posts and found only one plugin to be the closet contender.

The plugin is Thrive Leads.

Honestly, I recommend you not to read further, check the official site, analyze yourself how good Thrive Leads Compared to OptinMonster.

You've nothing to lose when Thrive Leads costs just $67 with lifetime updates super powered by 30 days full refund money back guarantee and save between $160 - $1121 moving to Thrive Leads From OptinMonster.

I recommend the above plugin as the real OptinMonster Alternative, if you're using WordPress CMS since Thrive Leads only works with WordPress while OptinMonster works with any type of websites.


The OptinMonster Alternatives Info

Considering you're planning to get Thrive Leads, I first let you know the things you might miss with Thrive Leads but present with OptinMonster.

Note: OptinMonster is mentioned as OM and Thrive Leads is mentioned as TL in some part of the post.

Cons Of Moving To Thrive Leads

1. Campaign Scheduling - OptinMonster has this feature to schedule your campaigns for future.

2. Onsite Retargeting - I can see Thrive Leads supports most features like exit intent popups, page level targeting, A/B testing of forms, and behavioral based popups. The only missing features at TL are Dynamic text based welcome messages.

3. Targeting by referral source - If you love to turn-off forms for visitors coming from particular sources either Google traffic or social media or through any custom sources, sorry Thrive Leads does't have this feature while writing this OptinMonster Alternatives post.

4. Real time behavior automation - If someone from your email list visits your site, you can show the custom offers or recommend the other similar products and this features is specially useful if you're running a small business or an eCommerce site.

5. Other Features - Few notable features missing with Thrive Leads but exist with OptinMonster are adblock detection, custom ecommerce lightbox, sound effects in forms, geo-location targeting, sub accounts for clients, recovering deleted campaigns etc.

Go through the above features and if you aren't using them effectively, close your eyes, switch to TL and save 94% or 90%* for lifetime.

94% is calculated on the fact, you need an OptinMonster Growth Plan priced $1188/year to enjoy the features like custom branding, activity log, client login etc while Thrive Leads priced just $67 with lifetime updates.

90% is calculated on the fact, you need an OptinMonster Pro plan priced $708/year to enjoy all other features except the one present in Growth plan.

Pros Of Moving To Thrive Leads

I consider the below things are essential for someone investing their money on products. Let's see what TL does better than OptinMonster.

1. No Limits on Pageviews and Campaigns

If you get an Thrive Leads account with a single site license costs $67, you don't have any limits of pageviews and number of campaigns created.

OptinMonster Basic charges $228 per year yet puts a huge limit of just 5000 pageviews a month and only three campaigns a month.

Even the OptinMonster Plus plan charges $468 per year yet there is a limit of only 15,000 pageviews though comes with unlimited campaigns which you can get with TL for just $67

2. No A/B Testing on Basic Plan

A/B testing is essential for any type of websites because only when you run A/B test you can find which type of form converts well, which type of offers people responds etc.

The Only #1 Real OptinMonster Alternatives That Rocks [2019] 1

3. Limitations on Email Marketing Integration

This is something I think OptinMonster over charges than most other lead generation plugins. For example, Aweber, Convertkit, Drip and GetResponse are some of the trending email marketing tools most people using in 2019.

If you're planning to get started with Basic plan, these integrations won't be available. You need to choose Plus plan for advanced integration and here is the complete info on integrations.

TL never puts any limit on Email integration.

The Only #1 Real OptinMonster Alternatives That Rocks [2019] 2

4. Limits on Customer Support

Thrive customer support is not best, sometime it takes few hours to get an response for tickets but yet they never put any limits and every member gets equal customer support.

However, OptinMonster puts limitations on support based on the plan. The starter plan gets only a limited support and plus plan priced $39/month gets basic support. If you're going with Pro plan cost $59/month, you'll be getting priority support. 

5. Lifetime free updates, pay only for support if you need it

You can get an TL for $67 and enjoy lifetime updates, you'll be getting lifetime updates to bugs, access to latest features without any second charges.

TL puts a small fee from second year onwards only if you need to access support and its not mandatory.

6. Thrive Lead Offer More Optin Type Forms

They offer 15 powerful optin type forms compared to OptinMonster Optin forms. Here comes a detailed comparison

The Only #1 Real OptinMonster Alternatives That Rocks [2019] 3

There are lot more things to say how Thrive Leads is better than competitors.

7. Thrive Leads Offer Longer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee 

OptinMonster users can get 14 days 100% money back guarantee while you can enjoy 30 days money back guarantee with no questions asked further.

If you aren't still satisfied with TL, you can check the comparison post written from the official Thrive Company.

The Only #1 Real OptinMonster Alternatives That Rocks [2019] 4

Following are the old contents where I recommended some top 10 OptinMonster Alternatives.

OptinMonster Alternative

Are You Looking To Read Further, Really? Switch To Thrive Leads Now

WordPress OptinMonster Alternatives

1. Thrive Leads - Best OptinMonster Alternatives

This is one of the best I ever used for Email marketin and developed by Thrive Themes

If you want to use this plugin for one website, you will have to pay $67 per year which is way cheaper than OptinMonster which costs $228 per year

Once you start using it, you can feel, TL is created something beyond list building. The advanced targeting, A/B testing, actionable reports & testing makes them to stand out of crowd.

You can build nearly 10 types of form right from ribbon form to multiple forms per pages.

The Only #1 Real OptinMonster Alternatives That Rocks [2019] 5

TL tied up with nearly 30+ email service providers to make your list building easier. Unlike OM, which gives you features based on the money you paid, TL is purely close to my heart since they offer all the features for a low cost of $67/year ( Even you can stop paying for second year, but you won't receive updates)

2. Bloom

This is one of the latest plugin developed by Elegant Themes. Elegant Themes develop products in elegant style and thus there are nearly 400,000 users for their products.

You can easily configure Bloom with Email marketing services like MailChimp and Convertkit. They have 6 types of forms that you can place at different places on the website and engage your audience.

Bloom is great that comes with a package of Elegant Themes where you'll get access to all the plugins, themes, and Divi Builders

Bloom offers a huge number of templates with visually appealing design to catch your visitors eyes. The display setting is easy and thus you can customize the templates, behavior and animations as you like.

In order to get this product, you will have to join Elegant themes membership which will cost you $89 per year.

The Only #1 Real OptinMonster Alternatives That Rocks [2019] 6

The success of Elegant Themes really depends on their pricing strategy. There are two simple pricing, get all Themes & plugins for $89/ year or pay $249 one time payment, enjoy all their Themes and plugins for lifetime, yep $249 is a one-time fee. 

The Bloom discount comes as a part of  Elegant Themes Coupon and enjoy 20% OFF.

Currently Elegant Themes has 88 WordPress Themes and Three Bloom, Monarch and their flagship Divi Builder.

3. Sumo

Sumo tools can be widely seen in many sites. This plugin offers plethora of tools which will help grow your Email subscribers.

The Only #1 Real OptinMonster Alternatives That Rocks [2019] 7

The best thing is that it’s free and the bad thing you need to upgrade for Sumo Pro plan which costs $29/month to enjoy even integrations with any Email service providers like MailChimp and Aweber.

4. WP Subscriber Pro

This is yet another plugin that will help in boosting your Email subscribers. This provide you all the features that you wanted to have on your website. WP subscribe pro can be yours in just $29 per year.

The Only #1 Real OptinMonster Alternatives That Rocks [2019] 8

This plugin is developed by MyThemeShop team who are also known for developing the fast themes for WordPress. This plugin also supports MailChimp, Aweber and many other mail marking services.

5. Ninja Popups

Ninja popup is another affordable product that will boost the number of Email subscriber. This is a premium plugin and thus you will get it from Envato Market. It’s a user-friendly pop up.

The Only #1 Real OptinMonster Alternatives That Rocks [2019] 9

This plugin also allows social sharing, Opt-in bars, and inline options too which will engage the readers while reading your post.

You can make it yours by paying just $21 which also includes support for 6 months and you can extend this support to 12 months by paying additional fees of $21.

6. ConvertPlug

This is one of the best plugin for the people who are looking for easy to use plugin and the one that doesn’t no need much efforts to setup.

The Only #1 Real OptinMonster Alternatives That Rocks [2019] 10

This plugin is designed in such a way that even a beginner can successfully set it up and start using.

You can easily integrate this with various Email marketing services like MailChimp, Hubspot, Active Campaign, MyEmma, iContact, sendy, CleverReach, Convertkit etc. you can make this plugin yours at just $21 from Envato Marketplace.

7. Icegram

It’s a free plugin that you have to buy once and you can use it for lifelong. It offers 11 premium add-ons and if you all of them to be yours, you will have to pay an amount of $147 per year.

8. Layered popups

This plugin is available from CodeCanyon and offers unique layered animated popups with 200+ templates to use.

The Only #1 Real OptinMonster Alternatives That Rocks [2019] 11

You can connect with 70 email marketing providers and start building your email list.

9. Ninja kick

Ninja kick is an premium list building plugin with totally customizable animation effects, responsive layout with connection over 75+ Email Marketing companies makes them to be in this list of OptinMonster alternatives.

The Only #1 Real OptinMonster Alternatives That Rocks [2019] 12

The plugin costs $19 for one site and to use it at multiple sites it costs $85

10. PopupAlley

This plugin provide popup form where people can enter their Email ID and subscribe. You can show the content in many ways and a decent plugin for bloggers.


Technically speaking, Thrive Leads is the only better alternative, both in terms of pricing and performance.

Thrive Leads offers 10 ways to display your optin forms while other alternatives stuck between 3-5 popup options, thus helping us to choose Thrive Leads as the best OptinMonster alternative.

Do you think some plugins needed to be added in our list? Make a comment, we are happy to add your recommendations for OptinMonster Alternatives.

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