OptinMonster Vs Thrive Leads: Which is good for WordPress?

OptinMonster Vs Thrive Leads

Needless to say, OptinMonster is an extremely powerful conversion tool that has played a brilliant role in helping many websites and blog owners in converting their traffic into leads and sales over the years.

It offers comprehensive and powerful features. In fact, it is hard to find a product that offers such a brilliant mix of powerful features to maximize conversions as OptinMonster.

However, the only reason that many of its users are looking for an alternative is the fact that its renewals are pretty high.

Although there are many different conversion tools available in the market these days, they lack in most of the features that OptinMonster offers. This is the reason that a lot of users continue to use OptinMonster despite its high renewals.

OptinMonster Vs Thrive Leads: Overview

It took me a while to actually find a plugin that was pretty close to OptinMonster in terms of features.

That plugin is none other than the Thrive Leads developed by Thrive Themes.

For those of you who have already used the Thrive Themes products, you will certainly know how reliable and powerful these products are and here is the review of this list building plugin.

This holds pretty much true for the Thrive Leads as well. In fact, I personally found it to be pretty transparent and also, I thought it offers the right blend of features for greater conversion.

OptinMonster Vs Thrive Leads: Email Marketing

Thrive Leads is as powerful as OptinMonster when it comes to Email Marketing.

Also, it offers various other important features for conversions like advanced targeting, A/B testing, actionable reports, integration with over 30 email providers and 10 types of forms.

OptinMonster Vs Thrive Leads: Which is good for WordPress? 1

However, the major difference is the fact that while in OptinMonster, some of the most advanced features come with an additional charge, in Thrive Leads you can rest assured of getting every single feature without having to any extra charge.

OptinMonster Vs Thrive Leads: Which is good for WordPress? 2

OptinMonster Vs Thrive Leads: Pros and Cons

The advantages pros of Thrive Leads over OptinMonster is

  • Unlimited page views and campaigns
  • A/B testing on the basic plan
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 15 More Optin Type Forms
  • Unlimited Customer Support
  • Lifetime free updates
  • No limit on email integration

The disadvantages of Thrive Leads, when compared to OptinMonster, are

  • No campaign scheduling
  • No Dynamic text-based welcome messages
  • Targeting by referral source is missing
  • No real-time behavior automation
  • No Adblock detection.
OptinMonster Vs Thrive Leads: Which is good for WordPress? 3


If you are one of those OptinMonster users who is looking for a comparison between Thrive Leads Vs OptinMonster because of you don't feel good with any of the two companies,  this post will help you to decide between the best of two.

The very clear conclusion will be

Thrive Leads offer the most affordable list building solution lacking at some features while OptinMonster offers most features but comes with huge pricing.

If your preferred options are missing from Thrive Leads, then go with OptinMonster as there is no better plugin.

But if you're expecting a product powered by balanced pricing, performance, and features, close your eyes, choose Thrive Leads over any other plugins in the market.

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