Originality AI Review – All You Need To Know

Presenting my comprehensive Originality AI review.

Within this Originality AI review, you will find:

  • The strengths of Originality AI
  • Areas where Originality AI falls short
  • My assessment of Originality AI functionalities
  • Determining the value of Originality AI subscription
  • And much more.

Let's commence our exploration.

Define Originality AI

Originality AI is an impressive AI detection tool that is especially useful if you are an online content creator or publisher. 

It helps you ensure your content is plagiarism free, not written by AI tools like ChatGPT, human-written, and unique.  

To be clear, if a writer or student sends you content generated by an AI tool, you can quickly identify it using Originality. 

Originality AI Review - All You Need To Know 1

The remarkable thing about Originality AI is that it is easy to use and has no Non-Sense design.  A big thumbs up for this!

One of the significant advantages is that the AI detection tool highlights the text generated by AI and gives you the AI score for your content. 

Furthermore, Originality AI is the only tool that gives you about 94 percent accuracy while detecting AI in content. 

They also state that the AI-detecting platform can even detect GPT 3.5 content. As stated on its homepage, the Originality AI tool is designed by GPT 3 experts and with the help of A.I. 

What I found more interesting is Originality AI also comes with a plagiarism checker eliminating the need to search for a dedicated plagiarism checker online.

Originality AI Review - All You Need To Know 2

How Originality AI Works? 

AI detection platforms like Originality AI generally analyze the given content's structure, syntax, and language. 

Then it uses Language Analysis Techniques and Machine Learning Algorithms to determine whether Artificial Intelligence or humans have written the content. 

Next, Originality AI scans the content and checks for similarities to other online content. 

To be clear and straightforward, it compares the given content with millions of web pages and online content. 

When it notices plagiarism or AI-generated content, it will come up with a report indicating the percentage of AI content and the percentage written by humans. 

Along with the scores, Originality AI will also depict the source from which the text is copied. 

Pricing Of Originality AI

Originality AI comes with a simple credit system, where you must buy credits for using AI and plagiarism detectors. 

One credit is used to check 100 words of AI, and one is for checking 100 words of plagiarism. 

For instance, if you wish to check both plagiarism and AI for content with 100 words, you have to buy 2 credits. And the cost of 1 credit is $0.01. 

Originality AI Review - All You Need To Know 3

Below are the options showing the price you must pay for such credits. 

Number Of Words

Moreover, using any pricing plan, you can add unlimited websites to the platform and check for AI. 

As well you can add unlimited team members to your account. 

Is There A Free Trial?

Unfortunately, Originality AI does not offer you a free trial currently. However, you can use the affordable price plans according to your needs.  

Cutting-Edge Features Of Originality AI

Detecting AI content

The most significant benefit of Originality AI is its AI detection mechanism. 

The feature is more critical as it becomes challenging to determine whether a text is human-written or AI-generated nowadays. 

As per the studies, the tool can identify content generated using GPT 4, GPT 3, GPT 3.5, and ChatGPT. 

Above that, the tool’s learning algorithms help to provide more accuracy, thus making your content more reliable! 

Originality AI Review - All You Need To Know 4

Originality AI also tends to showcase the lines generated by an AI tool and the percentage of AI in your content. 

In detail, the text written by AI is highlighted in red, and the estimated human written content is highlighted in green.  

Browser Extension 

The Originality AI launched a new feature called Chrome browser extension which helps you pin the application on the tabs. 

Originality AI Review - All You Need To Know 5

Such that you can access it instantly whenever you need. 

  • Also, by using the Chrome extension feature, you can scan for AI content from any website. 
  • Then, you can integrate Originality AI with Google Docs to quickly scan your documents. 

Checking Plagiarism 

One of our favorite features of Originality AI is plagiarism detection. This helps me scan my content for plagiarism and AI detection simultaneously. 

Similarly, it eliminates the need to search for a separate plagiarism checker online. 

The prettiest thing here is Originality tool highlights the plagiarism content along with the source content side by side. Hence it becomes easy to figure out the errors. 

Besides, the plagiarism detection feature of the Originality tool uses web pages indexed by Google and search engines on its database. 

Hence the results you get while checking plagiarism are not so different from other free tools available online. 

Managing Your Team

Are you struggling as a team leader who has to take care of several departments and needs to check everyone’s work?

Don't worry; Originality AI has an excellent feature for you! You can add several team members to an account with the Originality AI tool. 

Thus the team members can scan the content themselves before publishing, and you can check it once (if needed). 

In this way, you can save more time than scanning the content yourself each time. 

Apart from this, you can also assign specific roles to your team members. You have three options like content editor, website manager, and admin. 

Originality AI Review - All You Need To Know 6
  • A content editor is a person who can scan the content and also view the scan results. 
  • A website manager is a person who can remove or add new websites. He can also run full website scans and use content editor features. 
  • An admin is a person who can control everything like payments, adding new members, or removing the team account. 

Scanning The Website

One such helpful feature of Originality AI is website scanning, which lets you scan the whole website for plagiarism and AI-generated content. 

Originality AI Review - All You Need To Know 7

Although if you are a content creator, this feature is ultimately beneficial for investors who regularly buy and sell many websites. 

Since they regularly have to check whether a website consists of human-written or machine-generated content. 

Originality AI Review - All You Need To Know 8

The website scan feature helps you save a lot of hours and includes a simple interface. 

Beyond everything, the feature has no limitations regarding website numbers, the number of words, and pages on a website. 


This is something interesting; Originality AI provides a feature called API key. With this API key, you can integrate third-party tools or AI detection into your work process seamlessly. 

Originality AI Review - All You Need To Know 9

Thus you can enhance your content creation process without getting compromised on quality. 

Plus, on the Originality AI platform, you can look at various scores (like percentage of AI and plagiarism) in one place. 

Who Can Use Originality AI?

Many people can benefit from implementing Originality AI into their businesses and workflows. 

Now let us see some of the industries which I come across in real life are; 


A blogger needs to produce unique, helpful, and engaging content. In such a way that can attract their audience and build authority on the niche. 

So in this scenario, bloggers can use the Originality AI tool to check for any traces of AI content in their blogs. 

Also, by doing so, they can ensure they are not violating Google’s blogging policies. 

Website Flippers

If you are into buying and flipping websites, Originality AI is an ideal choice. 

As mentioned above, the “Website Scan” feature helps you detect if there are any AI-generated contents on the website you plan to buy. 

Moreover, by doing so, you can double-check that you are investing in the right website, which is free from plagiarism and has organic content. 


If you do not write the content but frequently edit it, then Originality AI will help you save tons of time and headaches. 

You can run a quick quality assurance scan on the content and validate it without getting a backache using Originality. 

Website Designers 

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing do not like spam and poor-quality content. Hence scanning through Originality AI will ensure that you have high-quality and human-written content.


Students need to write authentic and unique content for their academic works. 

But due to the availability of online tools and technologies, it becomes easy to get plagiarized when generating content. 

And the funny part is they are not even aware that they are submitting plagiarized content for their assignment works. 

In such cases, Originality AI is a valuable tool that lets you verify the assignments for AI detection and plagiarism before submitting them to your school or college. 

In turn, this saves unwanted stress and time, thus helping the students to shine in their studies. 


As a teacher or lecturer, it is crucial to maintain academic ethics in a classroom. 

On the other hand, with the development of technologies and modern tools, students can use online tools to write essays and assignments. 

Further, finding if a student has written an AI-generated essay becomes difficult. 

It would be unfair if a student who uses AI-generated assignments gets good marks and a student who writes on his own gets low marks.  

Originality AI is a perfect friend in this situation that lets you check whether an essay is AI-generated quickly. 

Similarly, you can check for plagiarism in the same essay without using another online tool. Thus by using Originality AI, you can practice honesty and fairness inside your classroom. 

Also, you can educate students to practice ethical behaviors. 

Pros Of Originality AI

  • Originality AI is much easier to use
  • You can check AI detection for multiple websites 
  • The accuracy level is high compared to other AI detection platforms
  • It is cost-effective
  • Availability of Chrome browser extension
  • Built-in plagiarism checker is highly advantageous 
  • You can add unlimited members to your team account

Cons Of Originality AI

  • Originality AI only supports the English language as of now
  • There is no free trial 
  • Sometimes the tool identifies human content as AI has written

Discovering Ways To Get Better

Originality AI functions at its best, and that is something we have to appreciate. 

Since Originality AI is in its early stages of development, you can even neglect if there are any bugs or errors if you notice them once in a while. 

In my personal opinion, it would be better and more precious if Originality AI supported multiple languages. (as of now, it supports only English). 

Originality AI Review - All You Need To Know 10

Let us see what all are the things that Originality AI is going to roll out within the upcoming days! 

Exploring Alternatives to Originality AI 

According to today’s scenario, Originality AI is a leader in the AI detection field. However, if you are unhappy with Originality AI, there are still a few other options. 

But honestly, I will not promise that you will get an accurate tool to check plagiarism and detect AI in the same place as Originality AI. 

Content At scale

Content at scale is one of the best options, but when you do not require a plagiarism checker. It has a user-friendly interface and is free to use. 

We also tested this tool a week ago and found it works well to detect Ai-generated content. 

What we consider as a drawback of this tool is you can check upto 400 words only. 


Copyeaks is a fine tool combining plagiarism detection and AI detection. And the best part is you can add it as an extension on your Chrome browser. 

Since Copyleaks is a free tool, we are unsure about the accuracy while checking the content. Also, there is no word count limit here. 


It is a standard option if you are looking for a plagiarism detection tool online. 

You must pay $0.03 for checking 200 words on Copyscape and an extra  $0.01 for the next 100 words. 

Concluding The Originality AI Review

In general, when you have modern technologies and tools by your side, you can use them, especially when it comes to the Originality AI tool available today. 

Above all, when you know your content is generated using AI tools like ChatGPT or Conch AI, but if you want it to look human-written, your best bet would be Originality AI. 

Hence we recommend trying Originality AI at least once so that you can decide if it is suitable for your work.  

However, honestly, it is better not to rely on a single tool when checking for AI on content.