WP Engine Black Friday : Best Deals Save Up to $872

WP Engine Black Friday deals are live. WP Engine Black Friday Cyber Weekend sales can helps you to save up to $872 based on the hosting plans.

If you are fond of using WordPress CMS and if you are looking for a reliable managed WordPress hosting, WP Engine is probably the best option to go with. I say it not just by words, but from using their platform.

WP Engine offers the most dedicated and reliable hosting for a WordPress site which is why it is believed to be the best web hosting for WordPress.

If you haven’t purchased a WP Engine hosting as of yet, WP Engine Black Friday is the perfect time to have one as it offers incredible discount and other benefits on the purchase of every hosting. So, don’t wait to capitalize on this excellent chance of saving money as well as getting a powerful hosting for your WordPress website.

I was their paying customer since ages and yes I completely recommend them.

WP Engine Black Friday Deals

How to Get WP Engine Black Friday offer?

If you are wondering as to how you can avail the offer, the steps are really simple and here is what you need to do:

  • Click here to activate the offer
  • Look for the coupon code at the top of the page
  • After you reach the checkout page, enter the code to avail the offer
  • Save up to $872 with this coupon code. When you get an annual package, you will be entitled for free hosting for extra three months.

$872 can be saved on Business plan, $347 can be saved on Professional plan and $102 can be saved on personal plans.

If you're planning to choose Enterprise plan, you can save over $1000 on your first billing.

Why choose WP Engine Black Friday?

#1 Complete WP Hosting solution:

WP Engine offers complete hosting solution with all inclusive features, one need to host their WordPress websites. The pricing mentioned below is regular prices and through this WP Engine Black Friday, you can get FLAT 35% OFF through which you can save up to $872.

#2 Super fast loading time

The faster the page loads, the better is the engagement of traffic and on the contrary, a page with a slow loading may get the visitors really frustrated and chances are that they would never visit the website again. WP Engine offers an exceptionally fast loading time.

Our site hosted on WP Engine loads incredibly faster with 140.45ms avg which is way faster than most hosting companies.

#3 Free Daily Backups

No upsells like the one on other companies. WP Engine offers free daily backups and you can make easier restore in case of any issues. Here is my backup copies list.

WP Engine black friday is the right time to get an account with this hosting company.

#4 WP Engine Applications Rocks

WP Engine has an special page performance applications. I completely love it to the core. The application automatically tracks the performance of each URL of your site. If something wrong with the URL and takes time to load than usual, the tool comes up with suggestions.

Through this WP Engine Black Friday post, I bet WP Engine is the only company to have such an application to analyze the performances. WP Engine is just beyond an hosting company.

#5 Free CDN With network in 136 countries

This is not the free CDN coming with shared hosting plans. WP Engine offers premium CDN which has locations in 136 countries over the world. Now you can understand how WP Engine offers fast loading sites, right?

WP Engine Black Friday deals & its plans comes with this premium CDN access.

#6 The Most Knowledgeable WP customer support

Since WP Engine is WordPress exclusive, their customer support folks are well trained with all the core stuffs and they can solve any type of server issues.

Live Chat will be always live at WP Engine.

WP Engine customer support works 24/7/365 through live chat, tickets and phone calls.


There are many things to speak about WP Engine. But experience matters a lot. WP Engine Black Friday plans for 2017 comes with 60 days money back guarantee, so you can actually get an account and enjoy the true managed WordPress hosting.

WP Engine Reviews – Best (Uptime + Performance)

When I hear the word WP Engine, the first thing comes to my mind, “Why I need to pay $29/month to WP Engine when some other company offers the same managed hosting for $2.95/month?”

I was wrong, completely wrong.

My WordPress fanatic client asked to go with managed WordPress hosting to host his websites. I was skeptical since I never worked on another platform apart from cPanel & WHM. I took the challenge and choose WP Engine to host the sites since they claim “WordPress Hosting, Perfected.”  and moreover they are first few companies to come up with managed hosting solutions for WordPress.

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A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals 2017

A2 Hosting Black Friday offers the fastest web hosting solutions for the price of shared hosting. You can get all the necessary kinds of stuff like SSD, free SSL, 24×7 customer support etc.

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals 2017

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals 2017

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals – Enjoy up to 67% off

Hosting a website isn’t a child’s play and it certainly needs a lot of attention on the various important aspects of a web hosting before choosing a hosting plan. A2 Hosting has been able to prove itself to a massive extent in terms of reliability and effectiveness. Hosting a website with A2 hosting can be fruitful in a lot of ways.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting started way back in 2003 and since then, it worked persistently towards giving its customers increasingly advanced hosting experience every time and that too at a really competitive price. The concept soon attracted many users and since then, it needs no further introduction and everyone’s pretty familiar with this name.

What’s so impressive about A2 Hosting?

  • A2 hosting has up to 20X faster servers to provide you with the fastest hosting experience. For everyone who cares about the optimization of their websites would really know as to what an important role page loading plays in the optimization. Even SEO would fall flat on its face if the page loading is slow.
  • With A2 web hosting, you have an outstanding customer care in terms of technical competence and consistent support.
  • It offers domain transfer absolutely free of cost.
  • Unlike any other hosting provider, this provider has “anytime money back guarantee” which actually proves its confidence to a large extent. People who tried this service were absolutely stunned by the quality and let alone money back claim.
  • This provider offers 99.9% uptime because of its ultra-reliable servers.  There’s nothing as frustrating as downtime but interestingly, users have experienced an exceptional uptime with A2 hosting so far.
  • It offers free SSD which gives it an extra speed as well as free SSL certificates to keep visitors secure.
  • It consistently increases the exposure of your website with its global data center options.
  • Besides, it offers timely backups with every change in the database and that way, your data is always highly protected.

What‘s A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals all about?

A2 Hosting Black Friday deal is a perfect time to purchase hosting plans from A2 Hosting at a really cheap price and enjoy a great deal of discount.  You can possibly purchase an A2 Hosting plan at a much cheaper price than its actual value. So capitalize on this excellent opportunity and the grab the offer before it’s too late. Get 67% Off on Web Hosting Packages, 50% Off on Dynamic VPS hosting and 50% Off on Managed VPS hosting.

Steps to avail the offer

The way to avail this offer is ridiculously simple. Here is how you can go about it:

  • Click here to activate the offer
  • After you reach the page, Choose the most suitable plan for your purpose
  • The coupon code will be automatically applied
  • Now, complete the check out process
  • Enjoy up to 67% off on the purchase of hosting plans from A2 Hosting
  • Offer is valid till 27th November 2017

FastComet Black Friday : Craziest 2017 Hosting Deal {Live}

The Most awaited FastComet Black Friday Deals are live. Get 30% OFF on Web Hosting, Cloud and Dedicated Hosting Plans.

Every company comes up with its own Black Friday Deal and here I explain why you need to get an account especially with FastComet during this FastComet Black Friday sales.

Bloggingio is hosted on FastComet since 2015 and I never looked back. FastComet never gave me a reason to move out from them. 

Through this FastComet Black Friday, you can enjoy maximum benefits on shared hosting and Cloud VPS hosting.

What’s so special about FastComet Hosting?

FastComet has a leading edge over the other hosting providers and that's why I love them and recommend the same FastComet Black Friday to my visitors.

Fast Loading Sites:

Thanks to SSD, HTTP/2, NGNIX and five layers of caching mechanism, FastComet sites loads faster than most of its competitors. All the accounts comes preconfigured with all optimization techniques, so you just need to load your contents to enjoy faster load times.

Site gets loading in 0.144secs i.e 144 milliseconds (loads in less than a second)

Free Daily & Weekly Backups

Every hosting company upsells backups as addon and charges you extra. FastComet offers free daily & weekly backups upto 30 days and why not you can even restore your site for free of cost.

My backups are stored in remote locations and likewise you can get access to last 30 days backup copies.

24/7/365 The Perfect Customer Support People

How do I mean, Perfect? Take a look at this image. Whatever may be the issues, you can reach the concern department directly where the staffs are well trained on those technology.

Your ticket reach right person at right time. So your tickets will be solved on time and the average response time is below 10 minutes.

You got the fast loading sites, powered by daily backups and supported by awesome customer support folks, that's why I recommend you the FastComet Black Friday Deals to enjoy hassle free hosting experience.

This is not the end. FastComet offers much more things which you can resist.

Same Renewal Price Forever

Bought a hosting account for $3.95/mo? You can enjoy the same pricing for your lifetime. I bet FastComet is the only company to offer same renewal price for lifetime.

You can take a look at other companies & its renewal pricing

  • HostGator - $5.95/month - $8.95/mo (renewals)
  • BlueHost - $4.95/month - $8.99 (renewals)
  • GoDaddy - $2.42/month - $7.99/mo (renewals)
  • FastComet - $3.95/month - $3.95/mo (renewals)

Now you can understand, why I ask you to go with FastComet Black Friday Deals, right?

Free Domain Forever

Another FastComet exclusive. Host your website with them, they will renew your domains for free cost, till you have an account with them. Say you hold the account for 10 years, FastComet renews your domain for those ten years for free of cost which usually costs $13.95/year on GoDaddy.

Seven Datacenter locations & a new Datacenter location is on the way

Every top hosting companies like HostGator, BlueHost, DreamHost, InMotion Hosting, GoDaddy etc comes with less than 3 datacenter locations while FastComet comes with seven datacenter locations across three continents USA, EU and Asia pacific.

Whatever part of the world, you can get an account during this FastComet Black Friday and host your website to a location closer to your visitors which delivers fast loading sites.

Recently, FastComet did a survey and asked members to choose a datacenter location which will be there eight datacenter location and soon it will be live.

FastComet Black Friday Deals available on web hosting and cloud VPS hosting plans.


What else you would like to have from a hosting company? FastComet comes like an all in one hosting solutions with no up sells like security,backups etc. 

Now you can understand, why I staying on FastComet. If I would have stayed out, I paid higher renewal charges, no free SSLs, poor customer support, poor uptime & load time etc. I saved a lot of money since the day I started using FastComet.

I started with a single FastComet account and now holding three separate accounts hosting more sites of mine.

Few more things I would like to show you in this FastComet Black Friday post.

What’s exactly is the FastComet Black Friday Deal?

The FastComet Black Friday promo starts on November and ends on of November. Perhaps, this is a huge opportunity to have a real powerful hosting and you can’t afford to miss this one. Here is how you can avail the offer:

  • Click here to visit the FastComet Black Friday sale page
  • Select the plan of your choice
  • After you reach the checkout page, pay via CC/ PayPal
  • Enjoy up to 30% off on your purchase of FastComet hosting
  • Offer is valid on November, 2017
If you're getting hosting for the first time?

Enjoy hassle free domain & hosting registration and start your blog in less than 5 mins. You can follow this guide for further helps.

If you're moving from somewhere else?

Get an account during this FastComet Black Friday & enjoy free site transfer with zero downtime and your site will load faster with FastComet once the transfer is complete.

Also, you can transfer your domain & enjoy free domain hosting for lifetime.

Concluding ~ 

This is one of the best deal you can enjoy during this year. Though you can see many companies offering 85% OFF, the renewal charges hurts you and moreover such companies fails to satisfy the need of customers.

On the other hand, FastComet a fine tuned new age hosting company offers everything your old hosting company failed to provide.

*With a 45 days money back guarantee. 

SiteGround Black Friday Deals 2017

SiteGround was founded in 2004 and officially recommended by WordPress team. SiteGround won't offer such higher deals most time, so its the best time to get the hosting account with them.

SiteGround Black Friday 70% OFF 70% OFF

SiteGround Black Friday 70% OFF

Think about passive income and what comes first into your mind these days? Probably, running a blog but is it really that simple especially when it comes to choosing the most reliable hosting for your website or blog?  With SiteGround web hosting, you would have no reason to worry at all. SiteGround hosting is secure and super fast. If you have wanted to purchase a SiteGround hosting, SiteGround Black Friday sale is the right time for you to have one.

SiteGround Black Friday Sale

Here are the stunning features of SiteGround web hosting:

  • SiteGround offers managed WordPress hosting on all plans with one click installer, free transfer, managed auto-updates, WP-CLI for easy command line management, Supercacher for accentuated speed, etc.
  • It offers different hosting platforms to suit every need. Every platform has its own unique features and a buyer may purchase a hosting plan in accordance with one’s purpose.
  • The SiteGround Customer support probably has the fastest response time with a high level of expertise to help you out with your every query or issue. It has an incredible track record of being the customer support with 100% satisfied customers.
  • It offers high firewall security and they have their own firewall rules to ensure maximum security all the time.
  • All the plans come with SSD Drives.
  • It incorporates latest speed technologies like NGINX, HTTP/2, PHP7 and free CDN
  • It provides you the most stable web hosting platform by its constant automated monitoring and daily backup.
  • It provides free SSL certificate with every plan for better encryption.
  • It offers its plans at a real competitive price.
  • Most importantly, have excellent uptime with SiteGround web hosting plans.

What exactly is a SiteGround black Friday deal?

SiteGround Black Friday sale 2017 starts on 24th November, 017 and ends on 27th November, 2017. It offers you an unimaginable chance to save up to 70% on the purchase of hosting plans from SiteGround. Isn’t that amazing? So, hurry up and grab the offer before it’s over.

How does one avail the offer?

The process isn’t really that complex and you can avail the offer by following these simple steps:

  • Click here to activate the offer
  • After you reach the page, the offers will be automatically applied
  • Choose a suitable plan for your purpose
  • After you reach the checkout page, pay through CC/ PayPal
  • Enjoy up to 70% on purchase of hosting plans from SiteGround
  • Offer is valid till 27th November, 2017

Final Piece of advice

If you are planning to run a website, hosting is something you must always pay utmost importance to as it is the essential storage for all your web data. Even the slightest negligence may lead to a complete breakdown of the website. So, don’t let your years of effort be crumbled down in to pieces. It’s time to choose the best web hosting for your website and that too at the lowest possible price.

Best WordPress Themes Providers 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

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I analyzed each of my sites with the following parameters.

  1. Clean coding for better search engine crawl
  2. Regular updates
  3. Theme support
  4. Value for the money
  5. Essential Theme features*

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