The Perfect Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin Settings(v1.0.16)

I'm pretty sure, at least once you heard the term “Rank Math” in forums or SEO Facebook groups.

When I got beta access to Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin back in Aug 2018, I never cared about it considering Yoast is enough.

But things changed recently and here is my post on official Rank Math Facebook group

While I tried Rank Math on my niches sites first, later I started 99% of my sites to Rank Math, thanks to the awesome features which you don't find on Yoast, honestly, I simply can't use Yoast anymore.

In this post, I write on how to properly configure Rank Math SEO Plugin for maximum SEO results and then I'll let you know how good Rank Math ahead of Yoast for SEO.

Rank Math Settings

Head over to Plugins -> Add New -> search as Rank Math and install the plugin.

Getting Started

To get started, you need to create a free MyThemeShop account and signup with the user name and password. You can also get started without MyThemeShop account but few features won't work.

I hardly recommend to sign up a free account since I found those missing features are essentially important for better results.

There are five settings pages for Rank Math and the first step, the WordPress SEO Plugin ensures whether the server configurations are perfect for the plugin

I use FastComet since they offer the fastest hosting with the latest server configuration readily available.

Since I already use Yoast, Rank Math detects it and will import all the settings, click Start Wizard.

You can choose whatever the data from Yoast SEO needs to be imported, select start import and once import completed, click continue.

Your Site

Choose the option relevant to your business. If you're creating an affiliate or Adsense blog, choose Community Blog/News Site

Under Business type, choose Organization else if you find your local business option listed, choose it.

Give a company name, add Logo and add a default social share image

Search Console

Once you set this, you can view the Search Console data directly from your dashboard just like below


You can check the Overview performance and also the following data

  • Overview
  • Search Analytics
  • Sitemaps
  • Crawl Errors
  • Keyword Tracker (Yes, a real keyword SERP tracker, coming soon)

Coming to the search console settings, Click Get Authorization Code and sign up with Gmail, copy the generated code, paste it in Rank Math and then click Authorize.

Now select your search console profile and go ahead “save and continue”


Rank Math will automatically select the best option like enabling ON for the sitemap, include images, public post types and public taxonomies.

Note: I recently stopped indexing category post in Google since I don't consider it as much use for SEO. I just pick Post and Pages alone leaving both categories and Tags.

However, if you follow any specific Silo structure, I suggest you check Categories.


Again Rank Math enables the perfect SEO Tweaks option. I follow the same ideal settings.

  • Noindex Empty Category and Tag Archives – ON
  • Nofollow Image File Links – ON
  • Nofollow External Links – OFF
  • Open External Links in New Tab/Window – ON
  • Strip Category Base – OFF

Click “save and continue” and you just completed the fastest WordPress SEO settings. Now click on Setup Advanced Options.

404 Monitor

If you don't use any separate plugins, the choose ON for both 404 Monitor and Redirections.


Some important WordPress SEO settings are present here. Choose the below ideal options.

Honestly, most people will confuse what to choose and my suggestion is to go with the default settings.

Once you're editing individual posts, you can change the rich snippets when needed.

If you completed all the above steps, welcome to Rank Math.

Turn ON for your required options and enjoy using Rank Math.

Rank Math SEO Settings

Now, its time to configure the additional SEO settings for your blog.

Click Rank Math ->General Settings and follow the below ideal options.


Strip Category Base – OFF

Redirect Attachments  – ON

Redirect Orphan Media – Enter your Homepage URL

Remove Stopwords from Permalinks  – OFF

Nofollow External Links – OFF

Nofollow Image File Links – ON

Nofollow Domains – If you want give nofollow outgoing link for a particular domain, enter the domains here.

Nofollow Exclude Domains – If you choose all outgoing link should be nofollow but want a particular domain to have dofollow links, choose this option.

Open External Links in New Tab/Window – ON


Click ON for both Add missing ALT attributes and Add missing TITLE attributes

Some say its useful while others oppose it, I mostly enable Breadcrumbs including this site BloggingIO

Webmaster Tools

The master option to verify all your webmaster accounts including

  • Google Search Console
  • Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Baidu Webmaster Tools
  • Alexa Verification ID
  • Yandex Verification ID
  • Pinterest Verification ID

Edit robots.txt & .htaccess

Instead of going through cPanel, you can add/edit robots.txt and .htaccess here itself

404 Monitor

You can get started with Simple Mode and then follow the ideal options as shown here.


The redirections options are a little bit tricky and there are no common settings. For example, I redirect all the 404 pages to Homepage through 301 redirects.

While most won't support this, you can simply set up a 404 monitor and use redirect settings as shown below.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Review

Apart from it, there are more common settings like Titles & Meta, Sitemap settings, 404 Monitor and  Redirections which can be customized as per your needs.

Confused at some part? Need a more detailed tutorial on Rank Math? drop your comments!

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