How Many Reddit Users are there in 2023? Reddit Users Statistics

Reddit was established in 2005 as a unified community surrounded by interests. 

It began with $100,000 in seed subsidizing from Y Combinator. As of August 2021, the organization is esteemed at $10 billion, following a new funding round of $410 million. 

With more than 430 million month-to-month dynamic users and more than 100,000 dynamic networks, it's positioned among the most well-known informal communities worldwide.

Let us indulge in knowing more about Reddit Users worldwide.

Reddit Users Statistics

Reddit users have been spread worldwide. Seeing the precise numbers always helps you in planning your marketing campaigns. Time to get started with the numbers. 

How Many People Use Reddit?

Reddit has around 52 million users. It is the 15th most popular social network globally. 

Reddit App was installed 122.5 multiple times this year. Users can cooperate with 2.6 million subreddits on the stage, including 130,000 dynamic networks. In 2020, the enlisted milestones will be added to Reddit. 

  • 303.4 million posts per year 
  • 2 billion remarks per year 
  • 49.2 billion upvotes a year 
  • 50+ billion month to month sees 
  • 1.4 billion month to month local recordings 
  • 5 million minutes of video watching each day 

In addition, Reddit's notoriety simply continues to develop. In June 2021 alone, 85,000+ new subreddits were made.

Source: Reddit, Statista

26.4 Million Americans Use Reddit Monthly – eMarketer

In the United States, 26.4 million individuals utilize Reddit month to month. Since they were established in 2005, Reddit has continued developing its client base. eMarketer characterizes somebody as a client if they have a record and sign on one time per month. Nonetheless, note that the site isn't restricted to those that have signed on. 

Anyone can peruse the news, watch recordings and find subreddits, so the scope can be much higher than expected!

Reddit has 430 Million Active Users Monthly – Business Insider

The quantity of individuals utilizing Reddit has developed, and it's presently revealing however many users as Twitter! Reddit's own information shows that month-to-month dynamic users have developed from 250 million out of 2017 to 330 million out of 2018. In 2020, around 430 million active Reddit users in a month. 

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How Many Users Download Reddit App?

Reddit achieved its most significant number of monthly downloads to date in January 2021. The 6.6 million global downloads were up 2x from the previous year.

Reddit had an anticipated 122.5 million installs among iOS and Android users by the end of 2020. The United States is responsible for 46% of all global installations.

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Average Age and Gender Stats of Reddit Users 

As per the study of U.S. adults by Statista in 2021, 36 percent of respondents who showed utilizing Reddit fall into the age group between 18 and 29 years of age. 

Reddit usage will, in general, be influenced by users’ age, with more seasoned users detailing lower levels of commitment. The Reddit app has also become popular among Reddit users between 20 and 29, representing 28% of the app’s user base. 

Reddit Engagement in numbers 

In August 2020, just about 480 thousand individuals were engaged with Reddit content in the range of a web minute. Reddit is one of the most famous sites in the gathering community, allowing users to interact with networks coordinated in sub-strings and isolated by points.

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Between July 2020 and March 2021, enrolled a normal of 1.6 billion month-to-month visits from the work area and portable consolidated. Reddit users are generally situated in North America, with the United States representing the most significant portion of traffic worldwide by a long shot.

Source: Statista

Reddit Users By Country

As mentioned above, the U.S has increased Reddit users with 48.9 percent traffic. The United Kingdom was positioned second, representing 7.73 percent of web visits. 

How Many Reddit Users are there in 2023? Reddit Users Statistics 1

Source: Statista

As per the image, you can see that after U.S and UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany occupies the next positions respectively. 

23% of U.S. Reddit Users are Male – Statista 

How Many Reddit Users are there in 2023? Reddit Users Statistics 2

As of February 2021, 23% of male respondents expressed that they utilized Reddit. Though just 12% of females said they use the site. Moreover, most would agree that Reddit is famous with males both in the U.S. and other countries.

Reddit User Behaviour

Reddit may not be the most well-known social platform, yet it positions #3 in the average session time. 

How Many Reddit Users are there in 2023? Reddit Users Statistics 3

Source: Statista

At 4.96 minutes per session in-app, it has probably the most meaningful engagement. This is particularly striking, considering that 70% of Reddit videos are seen on mobile instead of desktops. 

Added, the users spent around 10 minutes and 23 seconds for each visit on the Reddit site. 

52% of users access Reddit daily, 82% access it week by week, and 95% access it month to month.

6 Minutes is the Duration of a Reddit Visit 

Reddit can be a connecting with stage. When users show up on the site, they spend a normal 16 minutes devouring substance before logging off. As Reddit continues to advance, the apparatuses and choices accessible will just further draw in and connect new crowds. 

Source: Statista

Final Takeaway

Reddit continues to impress with its consistent and great performance. Reddit is expected to increase even more next year by boosting its ad revenue. By 2023, the number of new Reddit members is expected to be significant – will this site continue to grow in popularity?

We're definitely going to keep an eye on Reddit.