Social Signals SEO: Ranking Factor in 2019?

Social Signals SEO is one of the least talked factors a few years back, but now one can't deny the ranking factor of Social Signals.

Whenever you're getting backlinks to your blog posts, just send social signals before it, you can actually feel the difference how the blog post ranks later with or without social signals.

If you're serious about better rankings for your sites, always do Social Signals.

Though Matt declares Social Signals Seo is not taken into account, Many People haven't agreed with his statement.

Social Signals SEO

social signals seo

Social Signals for SEO is nothing but Google crawls Your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus Pages links. ( including All Social sites but these three are important).

In Twitter,It looks for your links which got re-tweets and Favorites.

In Facebook, Google Looks at How Many shares, likes did you got to your links.

In Google +, It looks How Many +1s did you to your link.

So My Personal Experience is Social Signals are important for ranking on Google SERP. I have some live examples

Look at the screenshot below

Nothing more to explain. The screenshot shows all. I have searched Social Signals on and Got the below results. You can check on right side slightly below corner, when you hover over it, it displays like Currently showing private results and Yeah Google Makes Default show Private results.

So Popular guys like Moz, Quicksprout occupies Top places and at the end, you can check Matthew Woodward's Google + Link is shown. Since I follow him on Google+, I got his link in search results. Trust Me I haven't put +1 to any of his post at Google +, and still, I got his links.

Alternatively, you can check the next screenshot

social signals Google Search

I changed My default results to Hiding Private results and the following result occurs. Matthew Woodward's Google+ link is gone. You can also note one thing. In the previous result, Quick Sprout is on #3 and Forbes site #4.

While Hiding my Private results, Forbes moves to #3 and Quick Sprout is on #4. I have never visited Forbes in my lifetime and yeah I do regularly visit Neil's Blog.

social signals hiding private results Google Search

So is this kind of Social Signals?

I'm following Neil Patel on Facebook, Twitter and Google +. I will regularly +1 his post on Google + and on Facebook. So Here I conclude Social Signals Plays a Vital Role in improving your Site Ranking.

Still, we need some inputs to choose whether Social Signals are important or not? Please add some comments to spice up the discussion.

How to get Social Signals?

History is Enough. So What's your Plan Now? Planning to Improve your social signals right? Here comes a Handy post which Shows How to Sky Rocket your Social signals across all Social Media Sites.

Google + Plus optimization for Social Signals

#1 Connect with Pro Bloggers for Social signals

Add Pro Bloggers to your Circles.Write some awesome contents. Mention them in your Google + Status if you mentioned them in your blog post. Pro Bloggers can help you a lot, and they can bring a lot of reputation to you and your site.

#2 Join Niche Communities on Google Plus

Find your Niche related communities in Google plus. Solve their problems, help them and Don't treat them like subscribers and engage with them as friends. More people you add more traffic will come.Don't worry Even if they don't visit your blog regularly, they can still see your Google Plus links on Google Page 1.

#3 Pro Tip


Create a New Community group on Google Plus based on your Niche and Drive more people to your communities. These will give you some authority. Write awesome post than your competitor and wait Google will take care of your Traffic.

Share your Blog Post with all communities.Don't Spam with repeated Links. Post Something Unique and Note Quality Matters, not Quantity.


#4 Write Perfect Status on Google +

Write a Perfectly Optimized Status Post on Google Plus.


Share Your link in your Status Update and Wait till your site's Meta Description loads completely. At TO field add as many circles as possible. You can also [ Tick ] Also send email from you to your circles.

#5 Branding at Google Plus

Branding is also an important factor for Social Signals. Be unique on Google plus even Logo is Important.

 #6 Use Hashtags properly

Hashtags have become the massive hit on Facebook and always use a Hashtag both in your Status Update and Your Page Status Updates. While Facebook is keen on reducing promotional posts on the news feed, Hash Tag plays an important role in social signals.

#7 Keep Engaging

Most of the Facebook Pages have no engagement with its users. It occurs due to inconsistency in posting and posting boring contents. There are many live examples of How to make Facebook Page viral

Chennai Memes stats: 75000 likes · 59004 talking about this.

A Facebook page based on Chennai.At the time of writing, they had 75000 fans that too with a span of 1 year. Most of the posts keep engaging with people. If you want to have some live case-studies, you can follow their Facebook page.

#8 Categorize your Circle in Google Plus

Google Plus is highly recommended for SEO.But it is not user-friendly in some cases.Things are complicated while adding people to your circles. Here I share my Personal Google + Circles category.

Google + HOme page

To clear things, I have created various circles.

Work Bloggers – I added Blogging Bloggers in this circle

Blog Websites –  I added Blogging Blogs here.

So when I write a blog post, I share it with Work Bloggers circle and not to Blog Websites.It will bring more traffic to your blog.

#9 Claim Clean Page Google Plus Page URL

Most of the Bloggers won't use these tricks. Usually, Google + Profile or Page URL will be UGLY Like But You can optimize your URL like this – People may forget your blog link, and if you use customized URL Like me, the People will never forget, and they can easily find your blog.

#10 Conduct Google+ Events

Google + Events is like Facebook events. if you have great followers, then you can conduct Succesful events. This will bring new followers to your profile, and you will get more visitors back to your site

#11 Conduct Google Hangout

Though Google Hangout Nothing to do with Social Signals, it can be useful both to you and Your subscribers. you can improve your communications Skills. Kulwant Nagi of blogging cage will conduct Google Hangouts Regularly. Take a look at his blog and take good inputs from him.

#12 Add all Links to your Google Plus Profile

Google plus links

Try to add your all your sites for Maximum Exposure.

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      I will write detailed Guide of How to optimize twitter and Facebook for social signal in near future. Twittter / Facebook / Google + are the crucial sites for Social Signals. They don’t harm adsense in your site 🙂

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    It is somewhat tricky to say out loud that social signals does help or not. But for me, I think it helped me, I published a post on my wordpress blog in February, and gave it a backup with some over 1100 social signals I got from agency, and in just 4 days, the page bumped to the 9th position of the first page, and has been in the 7th since the past 5 weeks. I will be using it for my site directly come April and I think the result be also be good too.

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      Social signals for SEO is purely a white hat technique but it can be achieved by grey hat or black hat techniques too. The thing is White hat gives you good ranking and black hat things doesn’t so much value.

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