How to Speed Up SiteGround For India Visitors in 2022

How to Speed Up SiteGround For India Visitors in 2022 1

If you are a SiteGround user with a site focused on the Indian audience, you are reading the right post at the moment.

In this post, I am going to tell you how to optimize SiteGround Sites for Indian visitors. Most of us are pretty much aware of the importance of hosting a website from the closest data center location to your target audience.

SiteGround have a large number of customer base in India where most website owners choose their Singapore DC to serve Indian audience.

You might know, running your website from an Indian data center location great reduces Time to First Byte (TTFB) in SiteGround, thus delivering fast loading pages. Sadly, SiteGround doesn’t have an Indian data center location as yet.

Does it mean it’s time that you switch over to a better host? Wait a while and you still have a way to go about it without having to leave SiteGround. 

Speed Up SiteGround with CDN

You can Speed up SiteGround Sites for Indian visitors by using a Content Delivery Network or CDN. You will easily get Indian locations from a CDN to improve your site’s load time. Let's look at some of the best CDN options for SiteGround

Cloudflare CDN

I am sure you have already heard of Cloudflare. It does have a free plan but that would not serve your purpose since it doesn’t always deliver your content from India CDN POP locations because the bandwidth charges are pretty high in India.

How to Speed Up SiteGround For India Visitors in 2022 2
Cloudflare Datacenter Map

Instead, the CDN service would route the traffic through the Singapore location but that would cause further delay and your purpose remains unserved. 

There are more than 50 threads related to this issues and here are few

SiteGround also has a special Cloudflare CDN plan for $12.95 per month and if you upgrade to this plan, you can have your content served by Cloudflare from the India POP Mumbai location to optimize SiteGround Sites for Indian visitors.

However, the fact is even on $20 plan, Cloudflare doesn't guarantee your sites will be always served from India POP location. You need to pick their $200 per month business plan to get an guaranteed delivery which is not affordable at all.


BunnyCDN is yet another great CDN option with over 70000 websites using it. The CDN comes with two Indian locations; Mumbai and Bangalore. BunnyCDN also has the most cost-effective pricing with just $1 per month.

Most Importantly, it can largely help users visiting SiteGround hosted Sites for Indian visitors by minimizing latency. Here is our site hosted on SiteGround Singapore DC and BunnyCDN deliver the content from their Indian POP CDN locations.

How to Speed Up SiteGround For India Visitors in 2022 3
How to Speed Up SiteGround For India Visitors in 2022 4
90% of delivery from Mumbai and Bangalore

Just as it claims, it can be reached in 30 milliseconds from any part of the world and all servers are based on NVMe and SSD technology. 

Other features include Easy Let's Encrypt SSL, HTTP/2 and Brotli Ready for improved performance and security, Bunny Optimizer for image optimization, Real-Time Monitoring for insight relating to traffic, Edge Rules for setting up custom rules, Block IPs or Whole Countries to protect your content.


You may also try using KeyCDN to optimize SiteGround Sites for Indian visitors and it is really cheap. However, the only downside is that it offers just one CDN Indian location and that is Bangalore.

The features include Optimized hardware, HTTP/2, Brotli, and TLS 1.3, and leading latency based routing technology. Integrating your site with this CDN is pretty simple.


I am sure you have carefully read this post on how you can speedup SiteGround Sites for Indian visitors and it has opened new doors for site optimization to you.

You can certainly consider the first option of upgrading to the SiteGround Cloudflare CDN plan. However, in case you don’t want to do that, I suggest you choose BunnyCDN since it’s really cheap and offers two Indian CDN locations. 

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